@SenJohnMcCain & Pals Make Video Appearance At “Friends of #ISIL” Conference In France

@SenJohnMcCain Makes Video Appearance At “Friends of #ISIL” Conference


We can ALWAYS count on John McCain to show up on behalf of extreme terrorists, can’t we?  More than 600 political figures from NATO member countries turned up for the this meeting. 

This list included:

International meeting for ISIL in France

  • Gen. Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;
  • Gen. George William Casey, former commanding general for Operation Iraqi Freedom;
  • Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives;
  • Senator Joseph Lieberman (his friend Senator John McCain was unable to make the trip, but addressed the gathering via video);
  • Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York;
  • José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former Socialist Prime Minister of Spain;
  • Michèle Alliot-Marie, former French Defense Minister;
  • Bernard Kouchner, former French Foreign Affairs Minister;
  • Rama Yade, vice president of the conservative Radical Party of France.

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#ISIS Commander Abu Omar Photographed in Tent Marked ‘U.S. Agency of International Development’ (USAID)

#ISIS Commander Abu Omar Photographed in Tent Marked ‘U.S. Agency of International Development’ (USAID)

Click to read: #ISIS Commander Abu Omar Photographed in Tent Marked ‘U.S. Agency of International Development’

American Power Blog researched this photograph today.

His research will show you that the Obama administration is possibly funding these terrorists in Iraq.

-David Ben Moshe

Russia/Putin To The Rescue In Iraq Against ISIS?

Russia/Putin To The Rescue In Iraq Against ISIS?


God willing.  I hope that Russia can help the Iraqi Christians, making good on his word:  Vladimir Putin Vows to Defend Christianity Worldwide.

People wonder why I admire the ‘tyrant’, Putin.  He is a nationalist. A patriot of his country.  It’s easy to admire a leader who cares about his nation–unlike the current piece of crap who occupies the White house.  Meanwhile, many ‘conservative’ Americans will put Putin down as he helps Iraq–no doubt.  Hypocrites and morons, stuck in 1980.


Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has told the BBC that he hopes jets from Russia and Belarus will turn the tide against rebels in the coming days.  “God willing within one week this force will be effective and will destroy the terrorists’ dens,” he said.

U.S. Trained ISIS At Secret Jordan Base In 2012?

U.S. Trained ISIS At Secret Jordan Base In 2012?

This link below is for you to determine. But, since Obama has been the King, we have seen:

Obama  arming the terrorists in Syria:  Obama to move forward with plan to arm Syrian rebel terrorists CNN

Obama has also aided the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt:  Muslim Brotherhood inherits US war gear – Washington Times

Obama authorized aid for the Libyan Muslim rebels:  President Obama Authorizes Covert Help for Libyan Rebels ABC

Obama sending a billion dollars to Ukraine–Which will enable fascism:  Why Is the US Sending $1 Billion to Ukraine? – ABC News

So, it makes sense that he would train and aid the worst of humanity.. Oh, by the way..This is all Putin’s fault..

Newsweek was never so right:

Just As I Predicted: “ISIS” Moving ‘Siezed’ US Tanks/Humvees To Syria. I Bet @SenJohnMcCain Is SO HAPPY

Just As I Predicted: “ISIS” Moving ‘Siezed’ US Tanks/Humvees To Syria. I Bet @SenJohnMcCain Is SO HAPPY


ISIS forces now better armed for battles against Assad forces and rival rebels

I predicted this type of scenario on most of my posts last year regarding the chaos in the Middle east.    If John McCain & Obama couldn’t take out Assad with the rebels they were/are already arming there, don’t worry.. Because “ISIS/ISIL” is on the way to Syria.    If you don’t know what a world war looks like..Take a good look at the news.   This is WWIII unfolding.   People always look for ‘declarations.’ .. REAL wars do not happen that way, kiddies.   Remember how England fought off Germany for 2 years before the ‘official’ declaration of WW in 1941.  One good thing happened today from Russia:  Putin Advisor Proposes “Anti-Dollar Alliance” To Halt US Aggression Abroad.  (Hopefully, the Russians will do just that.)

hummers iraq

Picture from: Gateway

I bet the war-mongering lunatic, John McCain is SO happy his terrorists buddies could possibly take over Syria……….

The US Senator who brought down the world.  May God severely judge his rotten soul, expeditiously.


YOUR Tax $: B.O. Admin Delivers 65,000 MREs To Syrian ‘Rebels?’ Now “ISIS” Will Have Plenty Of Help

YOUR Tax $: B.O. Admin Delivers 65,000 MREs To Syrian ‘Rebels?’ Now “ISIS” Will Have Plenty Of Help

Toyota trucks sent to Iraq, courtesy some of your tax dollars and possibly 65,000 MREs sent to Syrian terrorists.. Just in time to help Aleppo Jihadists defeat Assad to bring down the M.E. into a Caliphate.

Well, ironic is the New Yorker… Remember when they put out this cover? They claimed it was satirical:

This illustration provided by The New Yorker magazine, the cover of the July 21, 2008 issue by artist Barry Blitt, shows Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim and his wife as a terrorist. The magazine says the cover is meant to satirize the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the presidential election to derail Obamas campaign, but Obama's campaign called it "tasteless and offensive."

Newsweek also put out their ‘satire piece’

For always being SO wrong…they were SO right…!

Video Hat tip: Gateway

I Find It Amazing That “ISIS” Terrorists In Iraq All Have The Same Toyota Trucks

I Find It Amazing That “ISIS” Terrorists In Iraq All Have The Same Toyota Trucks


So….why do they all have the same trucks?  Where do these Arab terrorists get all of this money?  Who funded this?  Where did they even get all of these flags?  Well? 


Ask questions.  Come out of the box.  Think.

So much corruption…


Looks Like USA Just Doesn’t Want To Stay Out Of War. Even Though We’re 17 Tril In Debt

Looks Like USA Just Doesn’t Want To Stay Out Of War. Even Though We’re 17 Tril In Debt

First of all.. I take note that so many things are happening at a breathtaking speed.  It’s never been like this before.  Much of the news is hyped to give us a feeling of helplessness.  The news that we should be paying attention do, we don’t.  A lot of the propaganda put out by the White House is engineered to divert attention off of Obama’s many scandals.  I believe the news in Iraq is also part of this nefarious scheme to avoid Benghazi, Bergdahl, IRS scandals, etc.

But, I digress… American people are itching to get us involved in Iraq.  If Iraqis want their own freedom from these terrorists, they are going to have to fight for it the same way we will have to fight for our rights here.  If we go and help them, we will only be aiding them again, again and again.   Even a mother knows that she must let her baby walk on it’s own.  

But, here we have Feinstein and Insane McCain, the war mongering lunatic demanding our involvement in Iraq…there is money to be made for these greedy bastards….obviously… OR, they are losing money.

California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein is calling for the U.S. military to attack ISIS in Iraq. She has also said the besieged country’s current leader, Nouri al-Maliki, needs to step down.

(Needs to step down) the ONLY ‘leader’ that needs to step down is OBAMA.

Arizona Senator John McCain also demanded on Tuesday al-Maliki step down. McCain said Obama needs to send emissaries to Baghdad to “work with Maliki and tell him he’s got to step down and have a coalition government.”

McCain says that the Iraqi leader: “Needs to step down”  McCain needs to go to Pilgrim state hospital and stuffed with 300 mg Thorazine, 3x a day.

These freaks are always demanding that leaders step down.  Don’t you all ever wonder just WTF that is all about??  At any rate:  America:


The Fall Of Baghdad Is Coming, Thanks To Our Jihad-Enabling Jerk-Off, King Obama

The Fall Of Baghdad Is Coming, Thanks To Our Jihad-Enabling Jerk-Off, King Obama

Take a good look at what is coming to Baghdad:


..My husband is going to write about what is happening now in Iraq, probably tomorrow…I confess that I am very rusty on Islam, Jihad, ISIS, the Taliban, etc….Probably because Obama and his regime of crazy has been fomenting revolutions all over the map and I try to research where John McCain has visited because if McCain has been to a country, that same country starts revolting against the leadership.     

I have to be up front with you all:  I get up in the morning and don’t know what the hell to post because everywhere I look – Obama, his regime and the GOP, blood-craving, mass murdering war-mongers are like an octopus around the earth and I feel overwhelmed.    These last few weeks, I have sat here and wondered just what the hell I can do to try to stop this madness.   I plant myself at the computer in a state of absolute shock.   Shock that US Politicians lust for so much blood, non-stop.  Like vampires.  Leeches.   It baffles me so badly that I shut down the pc and go pray or read my Psalms to get calm.

  • It is reported that 4 cities in Iraq have been over-taken by a group that is so radical that the Islamic militants in the Middle East want nothing to do with them..Of course, this radical, Islamic-Jihad group feels enabled, emboldened..Why shouldn’t they?  King Obama released a Taliban sympathizer and the ransom was freedom for 5 Islamic militants that look like something out of Sinbad. See:  This news here…
    @BarackObama’s #epicfail: Al-Qaeda seizes Iraq’s third-largest city as terrified residents flee – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/#sthash.NbKmAkVO.dpufThis news here
  • A piece of good news from the windbag, Pill O’Reilly:  He finally admits that Assad is fighting Islamic militants after 3 years of demanding Obama rid Syria of President Assad.  (We here told you all along that Assad was fighting militants.  We get paid nothing to report everything.  O’Reilly gets paid 10 million a year to report nothing)