Syria’s 2000 Year Old Jobar Synagogue Destroyed By Muslims; Burnt To The Ground & Looted

Syria’s 2000 Year Old Jobar Synagogue Destroyed; Burn To The Ground & Looted

I’ve tried to help out this situation with the Syrian Civil war for TWO years now.  Me, QV and David Ben Moshe. I’m a JEW.  My husband is a JEW.  QV is a spiritual JEW.  And what happens to the JEWS for trying to help this SNAFU??  The Muslims burn our holy places. (They’d really like to burn all Jews)

I agree with “Israel survival updates,”..Kenny, a fellow Jew..  Muslims killing each-other.  Go ahead, knock yourselves out.   Look to me no more.  I have nothing more to say.  Deal with the animal, Obama yourselves.   (Except for the small Jewish population and Christians in Syria, I am not interested–Only IF I’m asked by QV, will I say something on behalf of the Syrians.)  I have nothing more to say on this subject.

I’ve had it with this. 

CLICK: Jobar Synagogue Destroyed.


SRI LANKA: Even Buddhists Can’t Take Anymore From The “Religion Of Peace”. Leftists Are Just Like Jihadists

SRI LANKA: Even Buddhists Can’t Take Anymore From The “Religion Of Peace”. Leftists Are Just Like Jihadists

NO HALAL! (I dont like to ramble on and on about Piss-lam, the LEFT is the problem in O’MeriKa)

BUT:  Buddhists very smart. Unlike stupid AmeriKa who embraces this insanity just as they embrace anal-sex and left-wing, paganistic-fascism. *Puke*

GO Buddhists!! Good 4 U!!  Now, watch out for the REAL cancer: LEFT WINGERS who enable this crap. Jihadis and leftists….bed buddies, add Neo-Nazis and you have a purrrr-fect love affair.  

Hat tip JDL UK

“Look around the world – Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others, they were all Buddhist countries – but the Muslims destroyed the culture and then took over the country. We worry they’re planning it here too.”

Sri Lanka’s hardline Buddhist group Bodhu Bala Sena members wear T- shirts urging boycott of consumer goods with Halal certification during a protest rally in Maharagama on the outskirts of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013

Sri Lanka's Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse (R) stands near Buddhist monks at the opening of a Buddhist Education and Cultural Centre in the southern district of Galle March 9, 2013. The centre is linked to the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS)

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said monks are there to protect country, religion and race

Jew Beaten By Muslim/Arab NAZI Rat-Bastards In France At A Film Fest (Yariv Horowitz)

Jew Beaten By Muslim/Arab NAZI Rat-Bastards In France At A Film Fest (Yariv Horowitz)

Last week, a left wing wacko called ME a Nazi for hating on the Muslims.  Where’s that BITCH now to stick up for these fascist m’fkers?

Now you should ask why I believe there are many Arab/Muslim NAZI slugs that should be given the worst punishment.  They should.  With both barrels.  Where are the sicko, Leftist assholes for ‘tolerance’ now?  As usual, they are eviscerating Pamela Geller, B.N.I. or Debbie Schlussel-defaming their characters… as they (left- wing LOSERS) stick up for these Muzzie skunks.

I wish it was me they were beating on.  I would have kicked these Muslim creeps in the nuts, spit in their face and would have been screaming DEATH TO MOHAMMED the Pedo-‘prophet.’

F’ these Muslim slime.

Hat tip, RL: Report: Israeli Filmmaker Yariv Horowitz Beaten by Arabs While in France Attending Film Festival

Yariv Horowitz:


France Then & Now: Muslims Destroy France. I’m Telling Ya, It’s Commie Politicians & Leftists That DESTROY Countries

Click this link first, Islamo-nuts rioted in FR on Dec 31, 2012-Just insane Muslims acting as they act BECAUSE of the leftists who kiss their asses: The Evil Stench of islam Floats Through France on The Smoke of Burning Cars Destroyed by The mooslim Vermin

I don’t feel well at all, I am really sick with the Obama-mandated Flu-but I could not pass this up.  This Islamo-INSANITY made me pissed off.  Why do western nations keep voting in these treasonous, open-border psychopath-maniacs?  I am telling you, we need to send the leftist cancer to hell.  America is SO finished because of leftists/progressives.  They are destroyers. They need to just go die. May God put them out of their misery before we are forced to do so. You can blame the Muslims all day long, but it is the LEFT who completely enables these rat-bastards. The LEFT is to blame.

Look at France now:




France – below, long ago, before leftist moonbat SLOBS murdered their country. The French were all about Love, La More, Je ‘t Aime, fashion, Ala Mode.  Now, it’s ugly, hatred, fire, death, ruination & MUSLIMS wrecking everything. The ‘liberals’ favorite past-time is destroy, murder, steal.. Like Satan, the devil…They call us ‘haters?’  Puhlease.. Look at the HATRED, searing, seething hatred in those photos above. Gimme a break with the “You’re a hater” CRAP, you sicko, loser, leftist FREAKS!

France, then ~ (Something that Conservative & Christian people appreciate –Beauty & Love:  the finer things in life):

beauty, lady, france, vintage, hat

Makes me want to vomit, looking at how beautiful they were compared to the insane, sick, left wing slimes who killed France…

The Nouveau France.  


Happy YET, Leftists??

JE ‘T AIME the insanity yet, French people?  France lacks because they are Israel-haters.  So, they are cursed with the curse that God brings upon those that hate HIM and HIS land.  God chooses who and what he desires, its not up to Jew-haters to decide who God likes or what land he loves above other lands. Tough sh*t.

“Feminist” Marie Claire Magazine War On Women; HUGE SPREAD/Pictures Promoting Women Under Sharia

Sometimes I hope that America falls to Islam & women that are ‘feminists’ are forced to bow to allah, the moon devil..

The radical, far-left is in charge and they stop at nothing to brainwash your young girls/women.  I was at the YMCA today, and I opened up Mullah-friendly Marie Claire Mag…And here it is.  A HUGE 2 pg spread showing women that are ‘praying’ in their Burka’s.

Now, please understand…It is none of my business what these people do in their own countries.  However, when it inflicts itself all over magazines that young women read, in my country– then I have a serious issue.  It is totally evident that Marie Claire does not know a friggin thing about what women go through in these Muslim countries.  And, even more ludicrous, is that Marie Claire prides itself on being ‘feminist’.   *Puke, barf, vomit.*

Imagine thousands of Christians praying…Just how would the left-wing react to that? Or thousands of Jews praying?  

The left HATES God.  Which is why they LOVE Islam, because Islam is God LESS.



If you use this post:


“Palestinian” Comes To My Blog & Says: “We’re Gonna Kill You All”, Typical MUSLIM

Bla bla bla, same ol’ MuZZie rhetoric…I kill you, I kill you..yada yada.. I dont even know why the jackass came here.  I’ve never been to her/his website..

Probably wants to murder me because I is a Jooooooo 😀


Here is the post of the FUCKestinian moron.


This is his/her website:

UPDATE VID FOUND RAGHEADS In LA Refuse To Serve Fully Dressed Soldier At Gas Station, “APOLOGY” Gone From YouTube



The rest of the videos are gone with the wind..

RAGHEAD-Muslims In Louisiana Refuse To Serve A Fully Dressed Soldier At A Gas Station…Right across the street from the American Legion hall.  F’k these ragheads.  “We refuse to serve your kind“, they said.  Where is the ACLU? The SLPC? Huh?  I know where they are.. They are busy helping TERRORISTS hurt Americans.  The ACLU is busy helping some illegal murder or rape some little 6 year old girl.  The SPLC is busy looking for white on black murders (that rarely even happen)  This is DISGUSTING.  WHY send our men anywhere?  To fight for a nation full of moonbat-allah worshipping Muzzie retards, leftists that hate them, illegals that live off of citizens, queers and feminist bitches from hell.  What a ‘country.’

BRING THE MEN HOME, 12 years ago. America needs to be like Reagan after the Moslems bombed the barracks in Lebanon: To hell with the Muslims.  Then, he brought our troops home.  Where are the ‘moderate’ Muslims to stop the insanity? Huh?  Oh, btw….F’ck you CAIR.   Where is FAUX news to report this SHIT?

GO HOME, IF YOU ARE A  WICKED MUZLOID, (that agrees with this gas station attendant) and take the leftists/liberals with ya.

Don’t forget to drop Obama, the Muslim bastard off in Kenya as you get the f’k out of here.

UP DATE From Youtuber in Louisiana:
Crisis Ended With A Simple Apology

Well it has ended, the manager and owner have given a personal public apology.
posted on:


Thank you for your support. God Bless America


AN “APOLOGY” is nowhere to be found.

See above vids that are NOT there.
NO apology, the RAGHEADS never apologized, OR if they did, they just took their vid down–probably for fear of retribution from the Jihados.  Muslims are not to apologize to us peon infidels.. Kinda the same way some stuck up “Jews” are, and even many Christians that think they are holier than thou.

IF they even ‘apologized’ it was probably b/c they were fearing a boycott

An Email I Received From “BARE NAKED ISLAM”~They’ll Be Baaccckkk.


Hi BNI Friends:

The main problem with getting my site back up is the old Server ‘DREAMHOST.’ Every since they were hacked they have been totally unresponsive to
emails and phone calls and as a result, my webmaster is unable to get my database off their server which is needed to put my entire site up on the new host server.

We are going to try putting up the database from WordPress so at least all BNI content up to my last day (January 10) from WordPress will be up on the new site
and then I can repost stories from the past 2 months at Dreamhost on the new site.

This whole situation is unbelievable. I don’t know whether or not CAIR had a hand in this but I wouldn’t put it past the bastards. One way or another
I will be up and running again soon. I hope.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding.

With warmest regards,


Meanwhile, their TWITTER:

This is BNI’s Twitter address: @barenakedislam

America Spear-heading NO Free-Speech Zone On Behalf Of Islam With UN~Do We Deserve To Die?!

ISLAM in Sweden:

“Blowback” for America…


Muslim “Americans” Declare WAR Against Democrats & Democracy

You know, you Democrats had better wake the hell up.  You are all for ‘democracy’.  We all know that America is a REPUBLIC.  But, now, your buddies, the MUSLIMS are declaring WAR against YOU.
You better wake up, instead of trying to bury our nation.
H/T; Ruth:
  Translated from the website of Dr. Salah al-Sawy, the secretary-general of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), 28 March 2011: