Yuck! Pro-Islam Ads On My Site!

Gross. If you want to know the true Islam, see the below pic-this ad here we DO NOT endorse!!Ads by Google


(And dont tell me the Jews from Israel did it.  They cant even stop giving land away, and their government does ZERO while their people are MURDERED by bloody savages from the “Religion of Peace”)

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Brave American Man BURNS Qu’ran @ Ground Zero On 9/11/2010

 Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny 

Meanwhile, the Christian-hating, Jew hating, White Hating, America-hating CIC is asking Americans to have “tolerence”. 

Shove it up your ass Obama.

See my friend, Pamela Gellers (Atlas Shrugs) site-40,000 Americans say HELL NO to G. Zero Mosque:

America Speaks! Historic 911 Rally Draws 40,000

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Ground Zero Mosque- “Cartoon”

What really hurts me is, that there are actually people that think ‘we did this to ourselves’.  I believe that, yes, we should have been more ‘isolational’ a long time ago, but to blame America for Islam, is beyond my comprehension-totally. Leftists blame America first. And I am sick of fake Americans saying “ITS AMERICAS FAULT”….Do they mean the same way it was Americas fault when Jefferson sent the Marines to the Barbary Coast?  Get a grip, people. Yes, this nation is falling apart, but only uncivilized people start looking for all avenues to blame for evil, when evil is evil in itself.

See this mans website. Sad…Pain