Get This American Lib-Jews: Israel~”Israeli’s Won’t Capitulate Before Obama, Whose Leadership Has Hurt Us”

State of Israel Will Not Capitulate Before President Obama, Whose ‘Naive” Leadership Has Hurt US

They call you “Israel-firsters”.  What a damned riot.  You put nothing first, not America (which you should have before anything) and certainly NOT Israel.  Israel is surrounded by nations that are totally hostile because of YOUR ‘g’od, Hussein Obama. Obama put radical Islamists in charge of Egypt, and broke the semi-peace deal with Mubarak, a person who may have hated Israel, but didnt cause problems.  Now the Egyptians want to murder tiny Israel because of YOU LEFT WING JEWISH SCUMBAGS. That would be YOU, “Cici” & “Frum” Yid plus other kikes.  Not only Egypt, but also Libya, ditto what the bastard in chief wants to do in Syria.


Get used to this because it WILL come, not now, but eventually, it will, HA HA HA LOL:

And from me to you slime:

NO comments, I am in NO mood to talk.  I am disgusted and angry.. AND, Those who will be destroyed, God first makes angry..  

I am working on super anger so that God will destroy this place PRONTO with its EVIL sodomite and baby murdering ways that you leftist “Jews” LOVE.

Stalinists In Bed W/ Neo-Nazi Group @ Media Matters (Dershowitz Interview)

What have  I been saying about the Left and the Nazis? This scenerio is the same exact thing that happened with Germany/Hitler & Stalin/Russia in 1939-1941.  The 2 made a pact and it finally drove Americans ‘liberal’ Jews insane.  Which is what is happening now.

I regret nothing in my life. I have always done my level best to keep on the righteous path….Sure, I mess up like other people, but definitely not when it comes to my country. I have ALWAYS voted for who I have seen as the most pro-American, period.

BUT: You ‘liberal’ Jews had better wake your asses up.  X-COMMUNICATE yourselves from ALL ‘liberal’, left wing, Bolshevik, Marxist, Progressives and get the hell out of politics for awhile.

DO NOT TELL ME “Never again” and associate with these enemies of freedom, life, liberty, spiritual freedom and happiness.  It is time to CHANGE your ways. Break up your fallow ground. Turn back to GOD.   The term “Israel-firster” is directly from NEO NAZIS, Muslims and WHITE SUPREMACISTS, period.

Dershowitz reveals in this interview that a site called ‘’ sends him harassing emails every day and the emails are Neo-Nazis.    This Jew hating groupis sending Media Matters all sorts of anti Israel and anti Jewish propaganda.  And, that, my friends, comes directly from Muslims.    What a happy bunch: Stalinists,  Neo-Nazis and Muslims….Shows they all have something in common; Hatred for Christians, Jews and America.  Who could find a nicer crowd of scumbags?


Dershowitz: I Won’t Vote For Obama If Associated With ‘Stalinist Bigots,’ Media Matters who work with neo-Nazi groups.