Judeans & Samaritans Ousted From King Obama’s Visit To Israel. Barack HUSSEIN Obama=JEW HATER.

Judeans & Samaritans Ousted From King Obama’s Visit. Barack HUSSEIN Obama=JEW HATER.

I’ve been telling people for FOUR years now that Obama is a Jew-hating piece of SHIT.  Nobody listens.  Well, he is.  I’ve also been telling folks that it is the USA that holds Israel captive (Israel does whatever AMERICA tells them to do.) Gush Katif ring a bell????

Any person insane enough to still think that “Zionists” are in charge ought to have their collective head examined.  Rocket-throwing bastardized Arabs who occupy Israeli towns, Judea and Samaria are probably allowed to go to King Obama’s meet-up in Israel, but right-wing, patriotic Israelis are not allowed:

The Times of Israel SEE: IMRA

“Following the decision not to invite students from Ariel to the US President’s speech in Israel, I demand that the Student Union inform President Obama that they will not attend his lecture on Thursday,” Shai wrote on his Facebook wall.

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Israel…You should tell Obama to go to HELL.