UPDATE- #ItalyGate – Obama Is The 1 Who Set Up The Nov Election Fraud

Obama Is The 1 Who Set Up The Nov. Election Fraud. I Told Ya So:

UPDATE: This Is Not Real: Reported Italian Intervention in the 2020 Election Falls Apart with Scrutiny

HOWEVER: I do 100% believe that Obama AND Holder were the ‘organizers’ of the 2020 Election steal. I wrote months ago that B.O. was involved in all of the swing states to fraud the voters in those said states. I had found this website that belongs to Obama and Holder called: “All On The Line”

And, now: Barack Obama is in the ‘center’ of an investigation involving Italy & the 2020 voter fraud election scandal. Click: Italygate and Click: Obama Did It? (Click and listen to the audio:On Vocaroo.)