Its Kiev In DC, Its NOT About #GeorgeFloyd. #Soros & The Left Are Trying To Overthrow The Govt

Its Kiev In DC, Its NOT About #GeorgeFloyd. #Soros & The Left Are Trying To Overthrow The Govt

White House during Obama.


I wrote about the violent overthrow of  President Yanukovych for 2 years on this blog. Americans called me a ‘Russian troll’, ‘Paid by Moscow’.  I warned it would come here. Its here.  
FIFTY Secret Service agents have been injured, and they are fearing possible car bombs in the area.

Obama’s secret service shot and killed people that even drive an inch to close the the white house..

This is what Soros did in Kiev in 2014.  It is very possible that the Soros ‘army’ will not stop until they have overthrown the Pres.  They overthrew Mubarrak, Gaddafi, they attempted to overthrow Assad. They overthrew Yanukovych.

The hyped Coronavirus was preparation for the possible overthrow.  

Trump has really not fought the Left since he has been in power. It is very possible that these people could murder him.  Or: the military surrounding him could fly him out.


Fox News is now reporting- A senior official in the direct chain of command for defending Washington D.C. told Fox News that more than 50 Secret Service officers have been injured Sunday night so far, and that some rioters are throwing bottles and Molotov cocktails.

As observed in New York City and elsewhere, groups in D.C. are planting cars filled with incendiary materials for future use, Fox News is told.

Molotov Cocktails were the number one weapon in Kiev in 2014.

*I dont know whats going to happen. Your guess is as good as mine.  If this happens, prepare for the country to break out in mass chaos.  Pray and hope this does not happen.
Flashback, 2014:

  • America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco.  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search News for Victoria Nuland ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.