My Take On The Colorado Shooting

Authored by Goldbug

Okay, here’s my take:
1. There were two (2) shooters, as reported by witnesses. They wore masks and body armor, so nobody could identify either individual .. nor could anyone swear that James Holmes was the shooter.
2. The shooters sustained no injuries inside the theater, since guns were not allowed.
3. When they exited the theater through the security door, their “handler’s” assassins were waiting for them.
4. Shooter #1 was shot and killed; shooter #2 was injured.
5. Shooter #2 tried to run away, leaving the trail of blood spurting from his wound (as shown in video taken behind the theater and outside the security door).
5. Shooter #2 was then shot and killed.
6 The assassins then moved the bodies of Shooters #1 and #2 back inside the theater and placed them among the dead, accounting for the blood evidence that showed a return to the door.
7. Then they “placed” the drugged-out, carrot-top, bozo, a.k.a. James Homes, in the parking lot, where he was arrested without incidence.
8. James Holmes was never inside the theater and had no clue what had happened.
9. The second gas mask was discarded in the parking lot, because the assassins had to get the hell outta’ dodge before the Aurora cops became aware of their cover-up activities.
10. The official story is so full of lies, a second grader could refute each of them. It’s black ops, mind control, all about a tyrannical government attempting to rid these pesky American citizens of their guns.
Now, we know why they first reported 14 DEAD .. and then downgraded to 12 DEAD. They could never have explained who these two extra victims were IF James Holmes were, as they claimed, the “lone wolf gunman.” He, indeed, has become the Sirhan-Sirhan, James Earl Ray, and Lee Harvey Oswald of 2012.
Whaddya’ think?

Why Is The MSM Trying To Convince The Public That There Was Only ONE Shooter In CO Killing?

Listen to the evidence and decide for yourself.  They showed 2 pictures, remember?  Actually, I saw 5, all together.   They did the same exact thing with Milik Hasan Nidal. There were TWO shooters in that catastrophe as well.


1 shooter dead, 2 in custody at Fort Hood mass shooting  

Fort Hood – She heard there were two shooters; then five | WHAT  << 2 SHOOTERS!!!

2 shooters at Ft Hood – 2CoolFishing TWO SHOOTERS!!!

Army: One shooter killed, two in custody in deadly Fort Hood shooting

Typical Feminist From Care2: Wants To Ban Assault Rifles Because Of One Man: Holmes.

Women in American never cease to amaze me.  This is one gasbag-bitch, below. If this hag was being raped and had NO gun…I can guarantee you, 100% that she would would love to have one to DEFEND herself..  I’m sorry, but ever since women got the right to vote, we have had nothing but insane policy for 100 years.  

When Obama the Insane comes to get dipshitz like this.. I won’t shed a tear. Ditto what I feel for O’Reilly right now.  Both moron complete.

Tell the U.S. to reinstate the assault rifle ban today. »

Thanks for taking action!


We Can’t Have Another Aurora. Ban Assault Weapons in the U.S.
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Photo Of James Holmes Arrested @ #OWS San Diego?! Fact: Holmes Registered Dem, W/ Occupy “Black Bloc”, OBAMA Supporter?!

Please see this: I Want To Apologize For A Link/Photo I Had Up linked below @ “Revolution Roads”

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive?  Below photo from Revolution Road who thinks he has a pic of Holmes @ an #OWS protest.

3rd link down below is from a PI Investigator that is featured on “Cheaters”, a TV show.

EXCERPT from below links:

The FACTS are: James Holmes is a registered Democrat. James Holmes is affiliated with Occupy Black Bloc. His associates say he is an avid Obama supporter.

From Pat Dollard~Report: Batman Shooter Is Black Bloc #Occupier…

CLICK: The “TOOL” of a Massacre, Will the REAL James Holmes Please Stand UP? See Revolution Roads photo is in this link.  Who can figure out what is what. The red-headed man they brought into court looks like Howdy Doody and nothing like the first picture released.


CO Killer: How Can That Redhead Be James Holmes?