This Vid COMPLETELY Debunks The Commie, Jan 6 Propaganda Abt “Insurrection”

This Vid COMPLETELY Debunks The Commie, Jan 6 Propaganda

Communist Democrats are filthy, dirty, rotten liars, imprisoning innocent men. I never saw this video.

Get that video and send it to every single person you know. Imprisoning innocent men is disgusting.

#Russia Is Looking Out For The Violation Of Rights Re. The Jan 6th Group

Russia Is Looking Out For The Violation Of Rights Re. The Jan 6th Group

I have heard and read of many violations of human rights regarding this group of people that were at the capital on Jan 6, 2021. The FBI has been just ‘showing up’ at different American’s homes and arresting them–simply for taking part in a protest against our Stasi government.

Lavrov sarcastically adopted the language and tone of US officials when they frequently lecture foreign adversaries around the world from Russia to Syria to China to Venezuela to Iran, or to any country the US doesn’t like. This included Lavrov talking about the US “opposition” and their “rights” while referencing the prior pro-Trump protests and unrest inundating the Capitol. 

Lavrov continued:

“A lot of interesting things are happening there,” he said, adding that Russia wanted to discuss “protection of opposition rights” in the United States.

Fine thing when America HATING Leftists have gone to the capital to ‘protest’ for anus suckers, baby murder OR even burning cities–NOTHING happens to them. But, an American patriot, disgusted with his country’s government is castigated, intimidated or arrested by the FBI.

The Left is getting so horrible and totalitarian that patriotic people just may have to look to the ‘Bear’ for protection and Liberty. OY OY OY VEY.

#Putin The Great Re. USA Jan 6, 2021: “Some People Took A STROLL”.

Putin The Great Re. Jan 6,2021: “Some People Took A STROLL”.

He’s great. I have a couple of Russian friends who just love Vladimir Putin. They say he is the greatest leader Russia has ever had. I believe it. I would love it if we had a great leader. Jo’Bama is embarrassing to say the least.

Yahoo news reports: The stroll

Of course, this has Leftists crying all over the net and nothing is better than Lefty tears. 😀 The Anti American Left call Jan 6th an ‘insurrection’ and a ‘coup’. LMAOFF. Putin says it was a STROLL. HAHAHA



If the riots and looting of the summer 2020 were ‘mostly peaceful’, then this is COMPLETELY peaceful.

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