Jan Brewer’s Finger At Obama Was “Racist” Says MSNBC. Bull Crap. See Other Pictures Of SUCK-UP Jan/Obama

Jan Brewer’s Finger At Obama Was “Racist” Says MSNBC. Bull Crap. See Other Pictures Of SUCK-UP Jan/Obama

These left-wing, race-hustling freaks are so retarded, its amazing.  Do they really think that people listen to this bullshit anymore with the phoney race-baiting?  NOBODY takes you idiots serious.  You are full of mularky.

Anyone that reads this site KNOWS who the real racists are: OBAMA’s SONS & DAUGHTERS

This is the problem with left wingers: They are projecting their own racism at patriotic people who are white.  They are, in fact, Cauc-hating pigs.  They HATE white-skinned people–but that’s not racism to these lying frauds...

Let’s see how ‘racist’ the new Obama suck up, Brewer is:

Picture 1: (Oooo, kissy, kissy)

Picture 2: (She licks Obama’s tuchus moocho)

“Racist??” Please. SHUT UP.

Jan Brewer: Obama’s-Bitch For Communist-Care. Communists Want AZ To Be Cali-WHY Leave Calif?

Jan Brewer: Obama’s-Bitch For Communist-Care. Communists Want AZ To Be Cali-WHY Leave Calif?

4 yrs ago, My husband and I came to AZ to escape the insanity of NYC (high, COMMUNIST taxes) and the Monterey Peninsula (Cali, sanctuary state for illegal occupiers).  But, so did Communist/liberals.  Why are they leaving their mess? Why? Isn’t this shit what they wanted?  A state of illegal-occupiers? A state of Marxist/brainwashing? A state of bankruptcy? You see.. Communists are never happy.  Never.  The eternal malcontents. 

Why is Brewer with this Obama/Socialist-care?  Shes an old hag.  If she were a poor, old, hag – Obama would Throw Granny-Brewer Off The Cliff, as Cancer Clinics Turning Away Thousands Of Medicare Patients

Read what she is doing to patriotic people in AZ:

Click: Governor Jan Brewer Overreacted In Firing of Joey Strickland

Click: Brewerthug calls LD15 PCs liars over opposing OBrewercare

Click: LD15 – Governor disrespectful to hard working PCs

Click: O-Brewer-Care : Surrendering Arizona to Obama

‘Brewer’s ascent into the national limelight, with the passage of SB1070, is forever tainted by her rapid descent due to the surrendering of the state of Arizona to Obamacare.’

Nice picture, and accurate “Sonoran Alliance” 



More on what is happening in AZ:

Arizona group launches ad campaign against O’Brewercare on Drudge Report. #Medicaid #AZRight http://fb.me/1DvmGEqeF 



&  this:

SB 1439 of Arizona for Legal Gold & Silver Passes Rules Committee 7-2 After Senate Win

By the way:  Jan, Barack’s-BITCH endorsed Obama:

AZ Sheriff, Larry Dever, Who Exposed Obama Administration On Border Arrests Is Dead

AZ Sheriff, Larry Dever, Who Exposed Obama Administration On Border Arrests Is Dead

Riiiiight, he is just dead…Just like that.  Sure.  And I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.  I have no doubt that this is a message to Sheriff Joe to SHUT UP because the COMMUNISTS do not want to hear about Obama being a FOREIGN USURPER.

God be with this family.  My God. My God.  Help.



YES! Executive Order from Governor Jan Brewer blocks IDs, benefits for illegals

NO ID’s FOR YOU! HAHAHA…Watch Obama the bastard come to sue her, again.  The SOB should be forced to live in Nogales.

Keep saying that ‘this is “Aztlan”, you disgusting, little moochers.


Way to go, Jan Brewer.  I am so happy I live in AZ.

NO ID's For You, & Take Your Kids & Get OUT Of AZ


After the order was issued, supporters of the program and the DREAM Act took to the streets of Phoenix in protest. Video from Air15 showed the protesters carrying signs and walking down Central Avenue toward the State Capitol.

Read more: here

S.O.S. Of AZ Says “Obama Birth Cert” Is OK & Receives A BIG FAT Veto From Brewer

I have gotten a LOT of email regarding Jan Brewers ‘veto’ of the new AZ ‘birther’ bill… And there is always a reason for madness.  Brewer probably has veto’d this bill, because there are too many loop-holes. The S.O.S. said that O’s FRAUD Birth Cert. is OK…Which it is not.

See this:

From “Newsvine:”

In a Phoenix NBC affiliate interview, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett examined a copy of President Obama’s published Certification of Live Birth and said that its contents meet the requirements of the Arizona birther bill, HB2177, which was passed by the Arizona house last Thursday and is headed to the governor for signature. 

Newsvine – Arizona Secretary of State accepts Obama certificate


Original source, a left-wing rag site who believes everything the Manchurian says like the GOP or bust crowd believed everything Bush said….Arizona Secretary of State accepts Obama certificate 

Jerry Brown Calls Meg Whitman A “Whore” & Receives N.O.W. Endorsement-FEMINISTS SUCK

 Cowgirl  Cowgirl I have written that feminists suck for 2 years and most of you know it’s the truth, but this latest Jerry Brown attack; “Whitman is a whore”, takes the cake…NOW did ZERO on behalf of Whitman to come in and bat for her, after this vicious rhetoric….Then, the National Organization “FOR” Women adds insult to injury, proving once and for all- ‘feminism’ was/is a SHAM, by endorsing Brown, the sexist slime.           The biggest SCAM imposed on the American male & American conservative patriots IS feminism.  Why would anyone take these girly-fluff-snatch-groups seriously? If you are a woman and are still a feminist after this, you are the biggest asshole in the planet.

   When Carrie Prejean, 22 years old- was getting landblasted by the media, where was N.O.W.? When the MSM unleashed horrible, verbal assaults on Palin, where was N.O.W.? Where are they for Christine McDonald? Jan Brewer?

FEMINISM IS A SCAM. There is NO legitimate ‘feminist’ movement in America. They lied to America. It was only about left wing politics, radical Marxism and that’s all. Anyone that buys into ‘femi-NAZI-ism’ now, is a fool and a tool.  These phonies only help women if they are left wing, anti-American scum—thats the facts.

I am not alone in this:  Feminism Sucks Masculinity Out of Men – Associated Content ..

SEE: Fem-nazism: a new breed of oppression

SEE: Feminism Sucks


Much Beloved Slain AZ Ranchers Wife In Critical Condition After Being Hit By Drunken Slime


 Crying 1  SEE Steves Website: Wife of Slain Arizona Rancher in Critical Condition After Being Run Down Leaving Church by Alleged Drunk Driver

  I am sitting here weeping my gutts out.  G’DAMNED FUCKING ILLEGALS and their G’DAMNED FUCKING ALLIES.  Steve, from the Conservative Monster, above- does not believe this is an accident. Why are they singling out this couple?  That is what I want to know now.  

Throw ALL these MURDERERS OUT and CLOSE the borders: Family of slain rancher: Put troops on border – Army News | News


Mexico To America: “Stop Deporting OUR Criminals Back To Mexico!” WTF!!!

Go to fullsize imageIn a flabbergasting request, a coalition of Mexican lawmakers has asked the United States to stop deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes in American courts.

Report from by Judicial Watch, Inc.

 Shut Up SEE this absolute unbelieveable shit:  http://tinyurl.com/297ukm7 

I cannot believe this.  I am sickened today with the illegal activity.

Napolitano: Proof FEMINIST/Leftist-Women In Office FAIL During Americas 2nd Alamo


 She-devil America is in the middle of our 2nd Alamo. We have villages and towns devastated by the illegals, just like town  of San Anton’.. America, bloodied from battle all across the S.W. from invasion ~ We have enemies, domestic, inside of our government that are enabling this agressive, Marxist-“Hispanic”, militant invasion:  Namely, Janet Napolitano. This is more proof that leftist/feminist women absolutely fail during invasion, and war–they are not protecting this nation against illegal occupiers that rape, behead, pillage, plunder and murder. Feminist/Left wing females are weak. They are appeasing and prove over and over that they cannot and should not EVER be in charge. 

  Napolitano, who looks like a very ugly, little man, wishes to possess a penis.  Yet this carpet~munching, butch-woman does not even try to have any testosterone. She must be the feminina/submissive in her relationship.. This pathetic, wuss-girl is as fluffy as a female can get with her cowardice, snivelling, & sucking up to the illegal occupiers.  Which brings me to this point: Is this how she ‘protects’ her own home, backyard, acreage? 

This is precisely why I am 100% against women in high office, almost all women.

   Yes, I respect Jan Brewer. Yes, I believe that some women can hold congressional seats, but the security of a nation? NO.  Jan Brewer is the only woman that is tough enough to stand up to this invasion and SAM-Bama why? She is older, experienced, she has MEN with her, leading her. Real men, like Arpaio- she needs our heartfelt prayers, because the leftists are soul assassins, and she is, after all:  woman.

Coopting Feminism for theSpeaking of Jan Brewer, she is our “Colonel Travis” right now-referencing the Alamo. Our Sam Houston is Obama, but Obama is not with Americans, he is with the domestic invading enemy, Mexican-Marxist Militants.  Sheriff Joe is our Jim Bowie, and our Davy Crocketts are the volunteers.

We need to ditch the CIC of this nation. We have war on the borders:  Bring in Sheriff Arpaio and Sheriff Paul Babeau to stop this madness. NOW is the time for MEN, I am SICK of women. MEN fight wars- NOT women, they do not possess the cohones to kill the enemy and send them packing. WHAT war has a woman EVER won?  It is what it is. (Sorry, ladies that blog here, I cannot, and will NOT change my mind on this.)

SEE this: Senators say DHS, Napolitano, the WEAK, feminist, lesbo, feminina allows backdoor amnesty –  Washington Times


#NOAMNESTY NBC DELETES American Opinion Poll THEY Ran On The AZ SB 1070 LAW

#NOAMNESTY NBC DELETES American Opinion Poll THEY Ran On The AZ SB 1070 LAW

The MAD Jewess, 3 years ago 27 September, 2010 @ 16:55:55

File:Thumbs up by Wakalani.jpg



July 2010:  MSNBC ran this poll in 2010. Over 3 million agreed with AZ LAW: SB 1070.  The facts are:  Americans do not want amnesty. Americans are tired of the illegal occupation of Hispanics & other law-breaking criminals.

UPDATE: SURVEY GONE AND LINK DELETED BY MSNBC.  This article was deleted by the author of the poll.

NBC Link Below, Deleted BY NBC SEE: http://tinyurl.com/3az2ovw