Napolitano Should Be Tried For TREASON; MURDERING AZ 4 Border-Jumping WETBACK Democrat-Bastards

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says ‘the influx of immigrants into Arizona will put this conservative stronghold into the hands of the Democratic Party.’  This is the only way that the Demo-TRAITORS can get AZ.  Its time for WAR.

Make a change, (phone #’s below) Demand this BITCH “Change it back” and shut her fking MOUTH. She should be tried for treason and brought before a firing squad.  This witch would *NEVER* live in a sanctuary city, but expects US here in AZ to.  She wants to change my conservative state to a state of Democrat voting rapists & murderers; illegal occupiers

Huge DHS Military Equipment Movement on Train in AZ 3/2013-They’re Comin 4 The Mad Jewess

Huge DHS Military Equipment Movement on Train in AZ 3/2013-They’re Comin 4The Mad Jewess


I’m waitin.  It may not be ‘me’ per se who they are comin for.. But, if it is.. All 10K rounds will be pumped into DHS (traitors) with vigor, animosity and my voice screaming;



PS:  Dont bother telling me to ‘control my language.  We are in a war, not a damned garden party.

Bolshevik-NAZI NAPOLITANO’s D.H.S. Monitoring Christian Website: He Is Pro-Family, Pro-God

  Yes We Can, Can, Can…
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The YES WE CAN PATROL is at it again….
  Welcome to our new Bolshevik-Nazi AmeriKa.  This is where we make sure that you will not follow God, or allow family values. This is “Progressive” AmeriKa. Land of greed, home of the slave.  This is the place that even follows people in Brazil.  Because…
 “Today AmeriKa, tomorrow the world!”
See the left wing lunacy at its best, below. This makes me so damned angry, I want to puke. This is NOT my America. This is a pagan state that needs to be destroyed by GOD.

Man-Hating Janet Napolitano Met With Muslim Brotherhood In secret?!

View ImageThere is NO shortage for treachery with the left-wing Marxist/Nazis. NONE.

  First of all, Mubarak is indeed a bad and evil man- but Islam is a bad and evil ‘religion’.  So, Mubarak knows that the only way to keep these savage people in line is to dictate. Sorry, its the truth.  Does Janet know that the Muslim people do NOT like her lesbianism?  They HANG these type people?  I may not like homosexuality at all, but I am certainly not going to persecute or HANG them. I dont like their militant ways, and truthfully, the USA was a better place without this militant ‘gay’ crap.

  But, could this be true?  Canada Free Press reports some things that are questionable, but in the end, it is usually accurate in many degrees.  Think about it- The link is below the FABULOUS artwork-link found by Donna.




82ND Airborne Deployed Against Citizens?!

Stop-Obama » Nazi Media,What if Obama is planning some type




…..during Election time??


Think it over:


Leftist group advising
Homeland Security ops



Napolitano: Proof FEMINIST/Leftist-Women In Office FAIL During Americas 2nd Alamo


 She-devil America is in the middle of our 2nd Alamo. We have villages and towns devastated by the illegals, just like town  of San Anton’.. America, bloodied from battle all across the S.W. from invasion ~ We have enemies, domestic, inside of our government that are enabling this agressive, Marxist-“Hispanic”, militant invasion:  Namely, Janet Napolitano. This is more proof that leftist/feminist women absolutely fail during invasion, and war–they are not protecting this nation against illegal occupiers that rape, behead, pillage, plunder and murder. Feminist/Left wing females are weak. They are appeasing and prove over and over that they cannot and should not EVER be in charge. 

  Napolitano, who looks like a very ugly, little man, wishes to possess a penis.  Yet this carpet~munching, butch-woman does not even try to have any testosterone. She must be the feminina/submissive in her relationship.. This pathetic, wuss-girl is as fluffy as a female can get with her cowardice, snivelling, & sucking up to the illegal occupiers.  Which brings me to this point: Is this how she ‘protects’ her own home, backyard, acreage? 

This is precisely why I am 100% against women in high office, almost all women.

   Yes, I respect Jan Brewer. Yes, I believe that some women can hold congressional seats, but the security of a nation? NO.  Jan Brewer is the only woman that is tough enough to stand up to this invasion and SAM-Bama why? She is older, experienced, she has MEN with her, leading her. Real men, like Arpaio- she needs our heartfelt prayers, because the leftists are soul assassins, and she is, after all:  woman.

Coopting Feminism for theSpeaking of Jan Brewer, she is our “Colonel Travis” right now-referencing the Alamo. Our Sam Houston is Obama, but Obama is not with Americans, he is with the domestic invading enemy, Mexican-Marxist Militants.  Sheriff Joe is our Jim Bowie, and our Davy Crocketts are the volunteers.

We need to ditch the CIC of this nation. We have war on the borders:  Bring in Sheriff Arpaio and Sheriff Paul Babeau to stop this madness. NOW is the time for MEN, I am SICK of women. MEN fight wars- NOT women, they do not possess the cohones to kill the enemy and send them packing. WHAT war has a woman EVER won?  It is what it is. (Sorry, ladies that blog here, I cannot, and will NOT change my mind on this.)

SEE this: Senators say DHS, Napolitano, the WEAK, feminist, lesbo, feminina allows backdoor amnesty –  Washington Times


The 4 Weakest People In USA: LIBERAL WOMEN & Obama

 Yes We Can have the weakest women in the planet that absolutely take no stance against terror, tyrants, and illegals.  Hillary Clinton the bitch went to Mexico AFTER we suffered the murders of white Americans in Mexico. Did she say anything to the Moslem-Hitler, Obama to CLOSE THE BORDERS? No. She is El numero Quatro for weak females. This article here says that Obama, our dear leader was ‘mourning’ their deaths.  Ha Ha Ha..Sure, that is why he closed the borders, pronto: Clinton, Obama mourn U.S. employees murdered in MexicoHillary

Janet Napolitano is Numero Tres’. This ugly, abominable, butch, creep~ names us normal right wingers “homeland terrorists”- She is the f-cking terror-monger. “THE SYSTEM WORKED” AFTER the terror attempt, (Christmas Bomber) This heathen, alley-cat loves terror.  Did Napalm-i-tano close the borders after a much-loved rancher was murdered in Southern AZ? NO! She is a traitorous weak~ass- punk-bitch.  This slime also has done nothing to close our borders, even after yesterday, one of our consolates in Mexico was bombed. Here is information on the rancher and Napalm-i-tano, who is a stupid creepy witch. She will probably thank Mexico for bombing the consolate.. Arizona rancher murdered by illegal immigrant who flees to Mexico … & Bomb Thrown At US Consulate In Mexico – Congoo 

Numero D’os goes to Pelosi. This is the dumbest hag in the planet. For Christians, you must know that even Jesus hates Pelosi.  This tavern-wench botoxed-dragon uses tax payers dollars to fly OUR jet all over, get drunk and have parties.  She has to “PASS THE HEALTH CARE BILL TO SEE WHAT IS IN THE BILL!”  What a total bimbo.  This is a serial- poisonous, rat-bastard-snake that should go back to the kitchen, but I doubt the skank can cook.  Here is her dumb quotePelosi: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is …


Weak on Nukes, weak on terror, appeasing monster who kisses the ass of Moslem nations-figuratively. Horrible statesmen, isolationist, tin-pot dictator that makes REAL dictators look bad. Weak on borders, Weak on Defense, Weak on healthcare, weak on abortion, weak ass SOB gets the prize. He is an embarassment to Kenyans. He is a terrible foreigner that makes an AWFUL U.S. President: 

See: H/T, ScorpioRose-Obama going off the deep end

Post dedicated to:

American Women Demand And Get Private Place To Pump Out Titty Milk At Work. I want A Special Place To Jerk Off!


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano plans to freeze funding for the ‘virtual fence’ along the U.S./Mexico border.

***********This bitch has already put this nation in massive danger.

She needs to be..

Fire 2 - Click image to download.FIRED.Fire 2 - Click image to download.

“Don’t Tread on Me” Bumper Sticker is “EXTREMIST” according to HSA JANET NERO-TANO

   Here we go AGAIN with the YES WE CAN Patrols. 

Janet  NERO-TANO, HSA- is targeting our FIRST flag: “DONT TREAD ON ME” 

What a paraniod FREAK

This is an EVIL rotten NO good SOB. 

This govt. is SCARED TO DEATH of us, GOOD!

 I want them shaking in their britches and chomping at the BIT.  I am TIRED of these so called ‘laws.’

  Here…for YOU Janet Nero-tano:

WND reported this right here:   You can go and support the VISION Blog:  and give them SUPPORT.