GOD IS MAD AT THE COMMIE CABAL: 27 Volcanoes Are Erupting In The World: 14 More Are Ready To Erupt At Any Time

GOD IS MAD AT THE COMMIE CABAL: 27 Volcanoes Are Erupting In The World: 14 More Are Ready To Erupt At Any Time

God is angry with the evil leaders. He is righteously indignant & very angry with the wicked — every single day. Soon, the elite Communist cabal will be running to hide in the caves. It is coming. This is NOT ‘global warming’.




Isaiah 2:19
Men will flee to caves in the rocks and holes in the ground, away from the terror of the LORD and from the splendor of His majesty, when He rises to shake the earth.

New King James Version, Revelation 6

15 Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 And they said to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. 17 For the great day of Their wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?”

The website volcanodiscovery.com has published a list of volcanoes in the world that are currently erupting. In total, according to their data, 28 volcanoes are now actively erupting:

1. Dukono, Halmahera Island, Indonesia

2. Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

3. Ibu, Halmahera Island, Indonesia

4. Great Sitkin, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA

5. Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

6. Karymsky, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

7. Lewotolok, Lembata Island, Indonesia

8. Masaya, Nicaragua

9. Merapi, Java island, Indonesia

10. Nevados de Chillán, Chile

11. Nyiragongo, DR Congo

12. Popocatepetl, Mexico

13. Reventador, Ecuador

14. Sabankaya, Peru

15. Sangay, Ecuador

16. Santiagito, Guatemala

17. Semeru, Java Island, Indonesia

18. Semisopochny, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA

19. Stromboli, Lipari Islands, Italy

20. Suvanosejima, Tokara Islands, Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan

21. Fuego, Guatemala

22. Shiveluch, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

23. Ebeko, Paramushir Island, Northern Kuriles, Russia

24. Erebus, Antarctica

25. Erta Ale, Ethiopia

26. Etna, Sicily Island, Italy

27. Yasur, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

28. Aso, Kyushu Island, Japan

Another 13 volcanoes are showing signs of activity and are ready to erupt at any moment: 1. Fagradalsfjall, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland 2. Bagana, Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea 3. Villarrica, Chile 4. Kadovar, Papua New Guinea 5. Kerinchi, Sumatra Island, Indonesia 6. Langila, New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea 7. Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia 8. Nishinoshima, Ogasawara Islands, Japan 9. Nyamlagira, DR Congo 10. Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania 11. Pavlov, Alaska, USA 12. Sakurajima, Kyushu Island, Japan 13. Telica, Nicaragua

Tribulation Times-MASSIVE 7.1 Earthquake In Japan. PLUS A Volcano As Well! Etc!

Tribulation Times-MASSIVE Earthquake In Japan, 7.1. PLUS A Volcano As Well! Etc!

I can’t write a lot because of my thumb but here are the links:

Videos: Major M7.1 earthquake strikes Japan off Fukushima near the site of the Great East Japan Earthquake that killed thousands and caused meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant

AND: Sakurajima volcano in Japan erupts powerfully sending ash plume 7000 feet high

Australia also!! Tsunami confirmed in Australia after major swarm of big earthquakes (M6.0, M6.1, M7.7, M6.1, M6.1, M6.4) and their aftershocks hit the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

And, look at this! Giant ice volcano erupts in Kazakhstan (video)

Indonesia! Enhanced volcanic activity in Indonesia after Sinabung and Raung volcanoes send plumes of ash and gas 18,000 feet in the air

Here in USA, too: 2021 in a landslide: Deadliest week of avalanches in more than a century in the US

Even ITALY-You think you have loads of snow near you? Italian has to wade through FIVE-FEET high snow to leave his house (video)

Let us ALL repent, world. Turn to the LORD.

Book of Revelation – Read Chapters and Study Meaning

Jesus warned of the times of the END:

“And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”  Luke 21:11

Hagel Warns China (OUR CREDITOR) To Bla Bla Bla With Japan

Hagel Warns China (OUR CREDITOR) To Bla Bla Bla With Japan

So many Americans refuse to see the precarious position we are in.  The US Government has absolutely NO humility.  We are robbing from Peter to pay Paul and now Chuck Hagel is warning China to stop fighting over some disputed land with Japan?  We have no standing.  How much do we OWE China??  Over a trillion?

Let me tell you something about debtors (I was a debt collector in the 1990’s), Debtors never have any intention of paying bills.  If they do not make an effort to pay a bill, they ‘ain’t never gonna pay that bill.’  That’s the facts.  The ONLY thing we should be telling China is:  “How much will you settle this debt out for?”   The reason I say ‘settle’ is because the US Govt will NEVER pay the bill to China in full.

I can’t take the stupidity anymore, its making me want to blow a gasket.  A little less conversation…

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


Dec 3, 2012: Japan “Deplores Israeli Settlements” Receives ANOTHER Earthquake (7.3) From GOD On Dec. 7, 2012

The Japanese government, like the American government is going to be the ultimate destruction of it’s people.  Thank goodness, there was not a massive amount of fatalities within the Japanese people as there was the last time they did the same exact thing.   God is not mocked.  Understand this.  His word is FOREVER.  Just because you fraud “Christians” and fake Erav Rav Jews think so, does not make it that way.  God will protect Israel.  Why, you ask?  “Their government is evil!!”  Yes, I know.  But, understand that majority of its people are NOT evil.  They are also outnumbered by the Muslim nations, 100-1.  So, God will protect Israel.  

Sorry about that Israel haters.  Too bad so sad… Boo hoo.



Zechariah 12: 2 & 3:

Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of staggering unto all the peoples round about, and upon Judah also shall it fall to be in the siege against Jerusalem.   And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all the peoples; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded; and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered together against it.


Pray for the Fukushima Workers

Read at Daily Mail

The workers at the Fuskushima plant in Japan are showing us all what heroic courage is. They are tirelessly working around the clock, and appear to be fully aware of the tragic consequences of their actions. Read it all here.

Pray for them, as well as their families.