And, The OSCAR Goes To….. Jay Carney.

And, The OSCAR Goes To….. Jay Carney.

I am sure you all watched Jay Carney LIE yesterday regarding Benghazi, the emails, the cover-up.  The deal is…it’s not enough to be a good liar…You have to be so conniving that people will believe you.

An art collage from November 2013

I can almost guarantee that the 40% who still think that Obama is a great President believed every word that Carney said yesterday.  And, because of this, I have given him the Oscar.  Lawrence Olivier has nothing on Carney.  The Oscar statue should have Carney’s head on it.  

#IMPEACH: Hey J. Carney: So What If GOP “Leaked Emails” Of DEM Dirty Deeds. You CREEPS Work For Us

Hey Jay Carney: So What If GOP “Leaked Emails” Of Obama’s Dirty Deeds. You CREEPS Work For Us

Who do these aholes think they are?  THEY WORK FOR US, not the vc versa.  I’m sick of these elite snots.  Commies need to be shown the door. Promptly.  Send em to Venezuela, the place they love soooo much.   What do they think this is? A Democracy?  This is a REPUBLIC. We get privy on the government info.  You bastards are OUR employees. And, you’re  baaadddd employees at that.  You should be tried for treason…every last one of ya (except a couple we might leave around for target practice..)



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Video-Jay Carney: ‘Drone Strikes Are Legal, Ethical & Wise’. We Should Drop Some On Carney & Co.

Did Carney ask the little children who were murdered by his drones in Yemen what they thought of his drone strikes?  Would Jay Carney have thought during the Bush years that drone strikes are OK?  The amazing hypocrisy of the ‘liberals’ is astounding to me.  Well, we have been warned that drones would be used to murder us.  So, let God see you fighting Obama’s drone war in other lands, perhaps you will be spared. Yemenese were murdered by Obama. Pakis. People in Mali, etc.  Drones are good for thee, bad for me.