Jennifer Rubin Is A VERY Unstable Journo & 1 Of The Reasons Us Jewish People Get A “Bad Rap”

Jennifer Rubin Is An Unstable Journo & 1 Of The Reasons Us Jewish People Get A “Bad Rap”

Grilling Jennifer Rubin for Faith-Based Excuse - The Atlantic

I was reading Fox news, it came up in my feed. It was a story Jennifer Rubin wrote. Last I remember (before Trump), Rubin was a Conservative. Now, she’s a Leftist. What will she be next week or next election? Who knows? She turns on a dime and this is why us Jewish people are constantly in a mess: Because people like Rubin change like the wind…WHO can trust them? And, of course, this is a comment I come across all the time: “Ya can’t trust the Jews!”. Well, I would have to agree when it comes to Jewish folk like Rubin. She cant make up her mind. So, she is not a trusted person on the right or the left and the middle certainly will not trust her after her blowing like a dust devil in any ol direction.

Its not just Rubin, either. Look at Mike Bloomberg. First he was a Democrat, then he switched to Republican to win the Mayors seat in NYC. Now, he’s a hard-core Leftist lunatic and aggressive anti 2nd Amendment traitor. Then there is Mike Cohen, Trumps ‘trusted’ Lawyer who turned on Trump and then wrote a negative book about Trump. Isn’t he in jail? What about Eric Cantor? The only “Conservative” Jew in office. He was voted out for being a weak simp and siding with Obama. Some “Conservative”. Even Ben Shapiro, a supposed hard core Conservative made a fool of himself mocking Trump during his campaign.. Now, Shapiro is a serious pro Trumper. Senator Arlen Specter was a Democrat from 1951 to 1965, then a Republican from 1965 until 2009, when he switched back to the Democratic Party. ETC!

George S. Patton quote: Say what you mean and mean what you say.

OR, just shut the hell up!!!

“Thursday marked the end of an era for The Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who finally dropped her “conservative” label from her Twitter bio.