AZ Sheriff, Larry Dever, Who Exposed Obama Administration On Border Arrests Is Dead

AZ Sheriff, Larry Dever, Who Exposed Obama Administration On Border Arrests Is Dead

Riiiiight, he is just dead…Just like that.  Sure.  And I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.  I have no doubt that this is a message to Sheriff Joe to SHUT UP because the COMMUNISTS do not want to hear about Obama being a FOREIGN USURPER.

God be with this family.  My God. My God.  Help.



Dept Of Justice Silences Daniel Mahru With His Freedom?

This is a serious issue.  Those who are ‘in the know,’ know that this is serious.  I am not ‘in the know’, but I know this is serious…

Brenda J Elliot at recently posted an article suggesting how important Mahru’s silence is to the DoJ.

SEE: DoJ silences Obama associate Daniel S. Mahru with his freedom


IP2P is also investigating the circumstances surrounding meetings that took place where Daniel T Frawley and Daniel S Mahru (both convicted felons) met with author Jerome Corsi in Chicago to discuss secret meetings between Barack Obama, Nadhmi Auchi, Tony Rezko, (now Governor) Pat Quinn, and others.

Obama Could Cancel Elections With Chaos? State Secession? What a MESS We Are In

We are in a mess. Huge mess.  Youtube below: I really don’t like Alex Jones, but this is an excellent interview with Jerome Corsi.  Let me make myself clear:  All of the “Occupy Wall St” protests are just a diversion to keep eyes off of what Obama is doing to wreck the nation more.

Listen to this video, it is excellent.  Put your bias aside and hear this video.

Jerome Corsi, Author Of “Swift Boat..” Says Obama Took Bait-Open Season BIRTHERGATE

In 2004, Corsi wrote a critical biography of then Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry called Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry

Wikipedia says that Corsi is a “Conspiracy theorist”. That is what people get called when they tell the truth anymore in America, about evil people in politics..

I dont even like Alex Jones, but you must listen to what is going to happen:

Smoking Gun: Obama took the bait says Author Corsi (Swift Boat Americans Speak Out Again John Kerry) By Alex Jones

Obama is also tied to S.S.# Fraud. IS there ANYTHING this idiot is truthful about??


Jerome Corsi To File Criminal Complaint Against White House Re. Obamas Fraudulent L.F.B.C.

Corsi: White House commits fraud, challenges O’Reilly Breaking News
‘I don’t care if Fox never has me to their Christmas party’

RINO US Congressman: “Myth That A Prez Must Be Natural Born.” WTF!

Go to fullsize imageThis Congressman should be hung, and in a sane world, he would be…. This site is not for ANTI-Birthers.  Your comments get thrown in the ash can…just an FYI.  (It really IS amazing, that in the 2nd vid here, a young lady, maybe not even 18, is questioning BHO…AND, guess what?! Shes BLACK-She must be a RACIST! LOL)

   So, writing, copying and pasting is a waste of time. I look at things this way; If you left wing NAZIS/Marxists/Commies and stupid Liberals think you can just bully us around, pushing us to pay to wipe your ass because you can’t take care of your own DR bills, then you get the shaft here on The Mad Jewess.  I have you assholes ALL figured out.  Nothing will ‘change’ with YA ALL.  Your insane drivel, your moonbattery is all I can bear before I really want to take your IP address and blow your computer up… But.. I’m just a little better than that.  You are just not allowed to post here 😀

  For all of you that know what I know;

  Where is the LONG FORM birth certificate, and WHY IN GODS NAME DO WE HAVE A DUAL CITIZEN AS A PREZ without any records in a time where we NEED leadership so desperately?