Why The Shock Over #NBC ‘Nurses’ Jew Hating Scene? Leftists Are Jew Haters.

Why The Shock Over #NBC ‘Nurses’ Jew Hating Scene? Leftists Are Jew Haters.

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I saw the scene the other day of the Orthodox Jewish young man laying in his bed not wanting to receive a ‘body part’ from a ‘goy’ or an Arab…

1st of all, the scene is a complete fabrication of Jewish laws regarding surgeries, etc and Alison Josephs wrote about that here in her blog post calling on NBC to apologize for its Nurses scene. (I don’t blame Allison for asking for an apology regarding this).


2. We live in a godless atmosphere. We should expect the godless to pull stunts like this. After all, Christian hatred is an everyday occurrence in America. The Jewish people, (especially Orthodox) need to expect Jew hatred in a political atmosphere where God is of ‘no concern’ to congress according to fat, poo-pants, secular, Jerry Nadler, who happens to be a Jew, in name only.. An atmosphere that lacks God will have the evil spirit of hating Gods people IN it. This should be a no-brainer.

This brings me to:

3. Not only do the leftists absolutely hate Christianity, they hate Israel and most Christians are Zionists and support Israel as a Jewish state. The Leftists hate Israel with a passion but they excuse that hatred as ‘valid criticism of Israel’s foreign policy against the pali’s’. Which is garbage. The Left does not care about the pali’s. The Leftists only care about Leftist causes not people. But, they especially hate Israel and who lives in Israel? JEWS. See how that works? Why many Jewish people, (about 70%) even vote for Leftists is beyond my comprehension. I’m too stupid to figure it out. We need a seriously brilliant psychiatrist to assess this situation.

4. Leftists hate white people. It is an everyday assault against white’s here in America. Every. Single. Day. They are complete bigots against them. Even demanding that white people be  ‘less white’ in the workplace. You know… “Diversity training” stupidity.. There is no training for blacks, Mexicans, or secular Jews to be less white hating, there is only diversity training for white people. THAT’S not racist, though. I fully believe in my heart that the Leftists would love to murder every, single white Christian person in America and Jews also. Absolutely.

5. The shock over the hatred of Leftists against the Jewish people leaves me shaking my head. We should observe this godless atmosphere and call on the nation to repent to God. Only by repenting to God will we be saved from white, Christian and Jewish genocide if this continues.