The Mad Jewess Is Taking Over The World With Prince Zion From Planet ‘ZOG’


We (friend and I) made the above ‘pop-art’ for parody reasons.. and a little sarcasm…for myself to have a bitter laugh.

I have made a decision to join Price Zion from Planet ZOG.  A few days ago, I was given a ‘heads up’ about the asteroid that is going to hit earth.. As usual, one of my beloved, (sarc) Jew-hating jerks said that I, personally am responsible for this asteroid hitting earth.. (Its the Zionists fault this is happening, doncha know..) Just as I am responsible for the plague that hit EU in the middle ages.. Hey.. I can’t help it if I’ve been ‘chosen’ to wreak havoc on the earth, several hundred years before I was born, but what the hell.. I may as well take responsibility for it–keeps my enemies at arms length better than my underarm B.O.

After these accusations of lunacy occurred, I was told I eat gentile babies in my Matzah (That’s odd, considering I HATE the taste of Matzah and avoid it as much as possible.)  If it were potato salad from Chompies deli.. I might have fessed up to eating children for breakfast… Who can resist creamy tater-salad from a wonderful Kosher deli…Yum..!

THEN.. I was told that I am oppressing the palestinians.  You see how powerful my intel chip is?  I live in Arizona and I am able to oppress the Arabs in Israel from 6K miles away–its that Jew-Doo, Voo-Doo…  Don’t underestimate my mouse and his pad.  It’s sheer power is formidable..

To top everything off.. I killed Jesus, too.  Yep, I was there!!  Just as Patton was  present for the Roman crusades, c. 300  A.D. or so during WW2, 1942…….SO-You see what a busy week this is for me? Is there any doubt that I need a strong prince to help me?  I’ve decided to join Prince Zion from planet ZOG.       ..Because a gal just can’t do all of this alone…!

A more semi-sorta-serious note… Jew hatred is:

Thank you for the ping, Maggie 😉  Have a nice Passover, Easter, etc..

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