If The Jew Killers Were White Supremacists..

If The Jew Killers Were White Supremacists..



  1. He/She/They would not be ‘mentally ill’. 
  2. He would be inherently evil.
  3. He/she/they would be front page news with Marxist reporters rambling on and on about how ‘white males are evil‘.
  4. We would hear never-ending rants about gun-control and hashtags on twitter demanding to take all of Americans arms to DEFEND ourselves against attacks such as these.
  5. The SPLC would be all over every white supremacist group in the country, investigating.  I GUARANTEE they are NOT doing the same thing with the Black Nazi filth  in NYC.
  6. They would claim there are white “Nazis everywhere” & release supposed white supremacist propaganda.
  7. If it was a white killer, he would NOT be let out of jail!!! They let a FEW of these attackers just ‘go’! SEE for yourself!!!   https://shorturl.me/RzlyF 
  8. Twitter would shut down & ban any person expressing any type dissent against the Left saying:  “These are white nazis”.
  9. Ditto Facebook.

I could go on…you follow my drift..

For years on this blog and my other blog, I posted endlessly about black on white crimes. Because they were CRIMES being perp’d by one racial group against another, but it wasnt the RIGHT COLOR!! BS!!   I was scorned by many Jewish people for doing so.  The world has moved on since the 1960’s.  There are no Jim Crow laws anymore.  Black people get great jobs in this nation, are in numerous modeling mags, sports, TV, movies, music, art, one of them became the Pres for cryin’out loud, another Secretary of State and (Rice) and (Powell) as well, (Clarence Thomas), SCOTUS…ETC.  

The Lefto-Communists love to live in the 1960’s when whites were supposedly ‘evil’.  They want to live forever with the modus operandi; ‘white people are inherently evil‘.  Leftists are full of shit.  Whites have been beaten, robbed, raped and murdered by black people for decades now.  It should not have to take a string of Jew hating attacks for this to start getting national coverage.

The Left just CANNOT have equality in crime.

NEVER, EVER mention that the killer is BLACK!!!!……..



The new face of anti-Semitism is black;’



Bullshit.  Blacks have been doing this to Jews in NYC for decades.  #YankelRosenbaum   (Look it up.)   #RabbiMarvAntleman, Massachusetts. (Look his book up and read it!!)

May God avenge the recent murders.

Twitter Inquisition: WHY Are “Christians” Harassing Right-Minded Jewish People On Twitter?



Twitter Inquisition: WHY Are “Christians” Harassing Right-Minded Jewish People On Twitter?  Of course this post is not meant for Christians that love me and follow me and I follow them in cyber space.


This is an example of an American religious moron with his 15K Twitter followers, changing the world on Twitter where nobody knows anybody, spiritually speaking…This is an example of how to make friends and influence people on first meeting…

Now, here are my questions:

#1.  If a person says; “Yes, I believe!”  On Twitter.. How do you know if this person is an axe murderer in real life? A wife beater? A Feminist crazy who undermines men? A slut? A drug user? A Pimp? Etc.. Answer: You don’t know because Twitter is not a place where you can determine a persons character in real life.   Doesn’t even the New Testament say in James 2:19  “You believe in God, that’s good.  Even the demons believe and tremble”  So, what does this tell you?  Even if you DO believe in God, you could be a demon from the pit of hell.

#2.  Is this how “Christians” are taught to talk to the Jews, let alone non-Jews in their Twit-Churches in cyber space?

#3.  Is this not what we call judgmental?  What if I am a ‘political’ Zionist?  What if I am or not an Orthodox Jew? As Hillary says:  “At this point, what difference does it make?”  Why is this YOUR business?  As long as I am a patriot, love God and have loved my country, why is this YOUR affair since you do not know me?  And, probably will never know me in ‘real time’?

#4.  NO Jew should have to be confronted in such a fashion.  And, not just a Jew for that matter, but anyone.

Lastly, it is THE RELIGIOUS JEWISH PEOPLE who know God, understand God, keep his laws, do not worship idols or celebrate pagan holidays.  They understand how to WORSHIP God.  True, there are evil, Leftist Jews who are not close to God, etc.. BUT- It is the JEWISH PEOPLE who even Jesus proclaimed:

You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.  John 4:22

A Samaritan was a non Jew/gentile.  Non-Jews do not know God.  Even many Christians know nothing about God, Elohim, Jehovah, HaShem, El Shaddhi because they do not know the Torah/Tanakh at all.   Many Christians in America read the New Testament and don’t even know IT very well.  You CANNOT know God’s word without knowing the Torah/Tanakh.  Its impossible.  The Torah/Tanakh is the character OF God.

So, I end with this:  Leave the Jewish people alone on twitter. And,

1 Corinthians 13:2

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.

You, sir- your words & inquisitive attitude means nothing.


I am probably myself so standoffish because I am a Crypto-Sephardic, Portugee-Jew.  My family suffered forceful indoctrinations, but how would this mishugunah know this? ITS TWITTER!

#KnockOut – Young Sons Of Obama Attack Jewish Children In Brooklyn

#KnockOut Young Sons Of Obama Attacking Jewish Children In Brooklyn


The only commonality is that basically all the victims were Jewish.

When are these Jews in Crown Heights going to learn they need guns?? Jews should be fighting day and night for white Christians, since they fight the same battle: 

A group of black thugs aged 10-14 went on a rampage attacking Jewish children in Brooklyn. Three black males aged 10 and eleven and a black female aged 14 attacked at least three victims. One of the victims was smashed in the head with a rock.

NYPD Deputy Inspector George Fitzgibbon said that the thugs targeted victims in Orthodox Jewish dress, but said they don’t count as hate crime. Fitzgibbon says that the perps have to explicitly tell the victim their are motivated by racial hatred for the attack to count as a hate crime.   From DNAInfo.com…

Read what C of C. C says: Pre-teens go on hate crime mob attack rampage in New York City


“Every Jew a 22”  -Rabbi Meir Kahane

Watch & learn how many blacks can be Jew haters:

David Ben Moshe

Religious, Right Minded Jews Paying the Price For “Liberal” (Commie) “Jew” Multi-Culture Insanity

Religious, Right Minded Jews Paying the Price For “Liberal” (Commie) “Jew” Multi-Culture Insanity (Pardon my writing, its the dragon software that is not working)

Daven and prayers for our fellow Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for these unjust attacks.

I always predicted that right-minded or religious Jews would be the ones to pay the price for the left-wing ‘Jewish’ creeps and I am right.  Sadly, I have been vindicated.  Where is Mark Potok?  Probably concentrating on some fake white-supremacist.  Where is Abe Foxman?  Probably up Obama’s ass.  Multi-culture does NOT work if you teach ‘minorities’ to be savages. OBVIOUSLY.

 In Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Obama’s hate-filled sons are beating up Jews just for being Jewish: More racially motivated mob attacks in Brooklyn.  People who believe that Jews are ‘taking over the world’ are on this thread: NYPD probes black teens playing ‘knock out the Jew, saying “They deserve it”, “Good, Karma.”  “Paybacks a bitch” etc and so on.

NO, they do not deserve this. At all. Hasidic are not rich and are usually very well read in the word of God.  And, this is always what happens:  Every 70 years or so.  Evil, Commie, immoral ‘Jews’ like George Soros get away with murder and their religious counterparts pay the price for their sin.

The men and women in these attacks are Hasidic Jews who are being beaten just for being Jews.  These Jews (for the most part,) are A-political.  And, if they are involved in politics, it is almost always conservative. Some aren’t.  But, for the most part, Orthodox Jews are patriotic like Savage and Levin.  Maybe not your idea of patriotism, but they ARE patriotic, nonetheless. Maybe they are not YOUR idea of religious, but that’s just opinion. These Hasidics should go upstate and buy guns and learn to shoot and don’t be afraid to shoot. F’k these savage blacks.

I hope you “Liberal” (Commie) anti-Judaism ‘Jews’ are happy, this is what YOU have done to your fellow Jews just for multi-culture, Communism failure.  Yimach Shemo. Go rot in hell forever,  you evil pigs – who LOVE abortion, ‘gay’ marriage, worship BAD blacks and every filthy thing under the sun. Me & mine lift a finger to help you–EVER.

We will continue to post and help our fellow American whites in their oppression at the hands of Obama’s evil sons & pray that patriotic bloggers would start doing the same. Crimes against whites or those who ‘look’ white should be shouted from the rooftops whenever it is a black perp.  It is RACISM. It is HATE.

Racial/Hate Crime: FAT Son Of Obama Beats Up JEW In St Louis, MO In “Knockout Fight”

Racial/Hate Crime-FAT Son Of Obama Beats Up A JEW In St Louis, MO

We pray/Daven for this young man.

Here is a convenient fact that stupid liberal Jews casually forget: In 1970’s Massachusetts, the blacks murdered and bombed their neighborhoods.  Over 230 Jews were MURDERED just for being JEWS-BY blacks (In MA).  Same way Obama’s sons murder white non Jews.  You can read the details of these horrific crimes in these volume/books of Rabbi Marv Antelman:  TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE, VOL.1 VOL.2

Another inconvenient fact: Liberal Jews in America never let anyone forget the Holocaust.  In my opinion, they forget the Holocaust of Jews in Massachusetts for ‘the greater good.’ “The greater good”: Which has been bad for America.

Something that Jews should stop doing: Marching into neighborhoods that hate them for people that hate them.

Police are searching for a suspect after a 21-year-old man was beaten while walking to a bus stop Thursday afternoon. view full article

Leonard, A Lib-“Jew” Is Going To Sue The Mad Jewess & David Ben Moshe For “Crimes Against The People Of Israel” LOL

Leonard, A Lib-“Jew” Is Going To Sue The Mad Jewess For “Crimes Against The People Of Israel” LOL  

I am not even going to justify my love for Gods land, Israel to this piece of shit, “Leonard”  Who is actually “Frum Yid.” He does this every year or so.. Frum?? MY ASS.

This liberal schmedrick came by and is offended that we call liberal-Jews “Monsters”  As if Diane Feinstein is not a Monster. Cass Sunstein is not a monster. Axelrod is not a monster. Schmuck Schumer is not a monster…Only the Mad Jewess & David Ben Moshe are wrong and these “Jews”above are ok and  cool.  Jews that hate America & Israel…work toward its destruction–we are not supposed to criticize.  We must be ‘careful’ says Lenny.  Don’t call these destroyers, “Monsters.”  They ARE monsters.  Pro-abortion, anti Christian, America-hating DEMONS from HELL. 

See, it is NOT OK to criticize these bastards.  We are supposed to sit and take their shit.  We are NOT supposed to point out the FACT that these above aforementioned “Jews” CLAIM Judaism and act the direct opposite of the BASIC tenets OF Judaism.  Loving God, Loving your NEIGHBOR. Praying for the peace of the city which we dwell.

Lenny; Come back here again and I turn YOU in for harassment against our 1st Amendment right of free speech.   This type behavior is becoming more and more frowned upon as you well know. You anti-American devil. Probably  Neturei Karta who WANT the destruction OF Israel!!!! AND America.



You all tell me that these are not MONSTER Jews:


If this is not Jew-hatred, I don’t know WHAT is.  My husband, David Ben Moshe is the BEST of the Jewish people. The BEST.  The most honest, patriotic wonderful man alive.  He has even thought that if America keeps going down, he will run for a seat in the Knesset and change the Bolshevik politics in Israel to try to save the West and he CAN do it.

Jew Beaten By Muslim/Arab NAZI Rat-Bastards In France At A Film Fest (Yariv Horowitz)

Jew Beaten By Muslim/Arab NAZI Rat-Bastards In France At A Film Fest (Yariv Horowitz)

Last week, a left wing wacko called ME a Nazi for hating on the Muslims.  Where’s that BITCH now to stick up for these fascist m’fkers?

Now you should ask why I believe there are many Arab/Muslim NAZI slugs that should be given the worst punishment.  They should.  With both barrels.  Where are the sicko, Leftist assholes for ‘tolerance’ now?  As usual, they are eviscerating Pamela Geller, B.N.I. or Debbie Schlussel-defaming their characters… as they (left- wing LOSERS) stick up for these Muzzie skunks.

I wish it was me they were beating on.  I would have kicked these Muslim creeps in the nuts, spit in their face and would have been screaming DEATH TO MOHAMMED the Pedo-‘prophet.’

F’ these Muslim slime.

Hat tip, RL: Report: Israeli Filmmaker Yariv Horowitz Beaten by Arabs While in France Attending Film Festival

Yariv Horowitz:


‘The Jewish Question’~Another Jew-Hating Article In The NY Slimes, Written By A “Jew”..Too Predictable.

This is very predictable from many American Leftist ‘Jews’. They chomp at the bit to throw their own people under the bus–all over the world, not just Israel. A traitor like this can never be trusted. If he throws his own under the bus, he will stop at nothing to back-stab you, too..

 Whaah, booh hoo, please don’t call me a Jew-hater even though he is one… Joe Levine.. pathetic pig.. Boo hoo, whahh, whahh, cry, nag, whine.  Pweez don’t call me an anti-semite.  I won’t, you schmuck.  You’re a NAZI, Jew-hating, ERAV RAV, piece of SHIT.  

Your article PROVES that your Marxist crap is first.  Marxist-Firster.  You’re in good company, moron.. David Duke agrees with you. Yeah, now you had your free speech.. Happy yet?  Nope.  Leftists and their allies, neo-Nazis are NEVER happy.  This animal does not live in Israel, but wants to dictate it’s policies. The Arabs can have ALL of the land around Israel, but the JEWS are not allowed to have ONE damned state.. It’s really unbelievable.  300 mil Arabs-Muslims, YES.  7 mil Jews: NO!

 Why doesn’t the jerk-off go die. “Chutzpah?”  No. Treachery? Yes.

He even named the article:

‘On Questioning the Jewish State….’

(the f*cking gall of this bastard.)

I conclude, then, that the very idea of a Jewish state is undemocratic, a violation of the self-determination rights of its non-Jewish citizens, and therefore morally problematic. But the harm doesn’t stop with the inherently undemocratic character of the state.

Question this, Levine, you asshole:

Psalms 129:5  Let them be ashamed and turned backward, all they that hate Zion.

Foreign Aid To Israel &…………

I am up meditating and thinking….Why do people only seem to care that we give Israel foreign aid? They only bring up Israel when they mention foreign aid.  They do not bring up Egypt, Paki, Jordan, Kenya, etc.  Why? 

Bottom line: Jew hatred.

(Add more of Obama’s billions to this insanity, below.)  This is only a small synopsis.  We give many more nations tons of USD and then wonder why we’re broke. But, ‘anti-foreign aid’ people only bring up Israel

We are against ANY foreign aid on this website, It makes nations and states rely on America as “God”.   We are sick of the one-sided, anti Israel insanity. I dont GET why people believe Israel is our ‘enemy.’  When a nation turns on it’s Jews (I mean religious, right minded, right-wing Jews, one must separate the ‘wheat from the tares’ so to speak..), that nation goes to the dogs.  Enjoy.  America will soon become like Jew-hating, Islamo-infected EU.

1. Israel $2.4 billion Virtually all of this money is used to buy weapons (up to 75% made in the U.S.). Beginning in 2009, the U.S. plans to give $30 billion over 10 years.
2. Egypt $1.7 billion $1.3 billion to buy weapons; $103 million for education; $74 million for health care; $45 million to promote civic participation and human rights.
3. Pakistan $798 million $330 million for security efforts, including military-equipment upgrades and border security; $20 million for infrastructure.
4. Jordan $688 million $326 million to fight terrorism and promote regional stability through equipment upgrades and training; $163 million cash payment to the Jordanian government.
5. Kenya $586 million $501 million to fight HIV/AIDS through drug treatment and abstinence education and to combat malaria; $15 million for agricultural development; $5.4 million for programs that promote government accountability.
6. South Africa $574 million $557 million to fight TB and HIV/AIDS; $3 million for education.
7. Mexico $551 million Click here for details.
8. Colombia $541 million Click here for details.
9. Nigeria $491 million Click here for details.
10. Sudan $479 million

‘Death To Israel’, ‘F’ck Israel’ Say Leftist-NAZIs At U.C. Davis, California To Jewish Students: More Obama Change


I wonder how many lib-Jews at this university voted for the madman in the White House. I also wonder how the White Supremacists feel, knowing they have SO much in common with Bolshevik-“Jews”.  People who support Israel are not wanted or allowed at this university. Only Nazis and Bolsheviks may apply.  NO talk in positive tones about Israel.  Its been like this for YEARS at the universities in America.  

Basically, if you are with the Arabs who occupy Israel, you are a bully. G’head and knock your socks off dissing GODS land.. Israel has given up over 70% of its land because the American government forces them to give up ‘land for peace’.. They are the minority in the Muslim world.  You ask why we are cursed so bad with illegals all over America??Take a GOOD look at our love-fest for the “Palestinian” invader…THATS WHY. Karma’s a bitch, baby.

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”  Genesis 12:3

God does NOT Change.

Ya’all don’t have to worry, though.. You White Supremacists and Left Wing, Boshevik ‘Jews’ are in the bag together and Obama will lead your sorry asses into the ultimate destruction of America.  God is not mocked. He chooses what land is HIS land on earth.  Jew haters and Christian haters do not get to decide on this subject.. TOO BAD.

Hat tip: Loopy-Lou

 At about 2:30pm the rally leader said, “I just want everyone to know that there are Zionists filming everything we’re saying, and I think we should ask them to leave.” Several protesters demanded that the Jewish students leave the public building, loudly chanting “Leave our space” and “Shame on you” repeatedly, and accusing the Jewish students of “hate speech” because of their support for Israel.

Click to read the WHOLE story: Brownshirts in Action at UC Davis

YOU deal with what Israel deals with on a DAILY basis and then have to listen to a world that says, DONT FIRE BACK, ISRAEL!!! AND, if they DO fire back, the whole world cries and bitches for the Jihadist Hamas like the SICKO, demented, twits they are.