Can’t Make This Up: #Zalensky The Kapo Jew Wearing German Iron Cross On his Tee-Shirt

Can’t Make This Up: #Zalensky The Kapo Jew Wearing German Iron Cross On his Tee Shirt

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

Why is a Ukrainian wearing a German cross?

Did he get a ‘come to Jesus moment’ or what? Me-thinks he is just a Kapo “Jew”. (Maybe he’s just nuts)

Check it out: At Gab TV

Here he is seen with his Nazi Tee in 2020:

not photoshopped.

SCOTUS: Justice Kagan Foaming At The Mouth Over Christians Praying. Real Killjoy

SCOTUS Kagan Foaming At The Mouth Over Christians Praying. Real Killjoy

Christians will have a right to pray in government buildings in Greece, NY.

Not only Kagan, but Ginsberg and Breyer.  Three Communist “Jews.”  Larry, Moe and Curly…  When have Christians stopped Jews from praying here in the states?  Christians support Jews but many (not all) Jews don’t support Christians.  How does that make sense and what kind of Mitzvah is that??   Kagan is using the argument that prayer is being insensitive to Secularism.  Excuse me, but the secularists have zero tolerance with the Christians not the vs versa.  That’s a fact. 

Go eat crow, old bat.  You Commies days are numbered.  People are sick and tired of being pushed around by ungodly, pro-homo-fascist, baby-killing freaks.  It’s OK that Kagan is openly gay, but not OK for Christians to pray.   Get a grip, totalitarians.  Go back to the days of “Live and let live.”  Ugly Lesbian rant here..

Sons Of Obama & Others Knock Out Another JEW In NYC? NY Post Censors RACES!! WHY!!

Sons Of Obama Knock Out Another JEW In NYC. NY Post Censors RACE!!! WHY!!!

Update, they say an Indian was also involved.

NY Post reported this news, yet fail to mention who & what races they are.  Just ‘thugs.’  WE ALL KNOW WHO IS DOING THIS, for the most part.   Keep kissing these peoples asses you dumb putz’s.  What the hell are these fellow Jews censoring the race for??????  Afraid to be called racists as they kick your ass and push you around?  Stupid….!!  Every time you censor races, you leave more innocent people open for slaughter.  They sure as hell don’t censor whites…Why this ass kissing of black people & others?  Why do you not treat them as equal??  Is it because you give them special privileges because you DON’T think they’re equal, you phony hypocrites?

I’m going to bed.  Fellow Jews hiding their faces in videos & pictures.  I can’t take the cowardice, it makes me feel like shit.  


City Angel….

An art collage from June 2013

I manipulated this one about 3 mos ago, I think. 

Anyway.. I don’t like the city all that much, but I love the contrast here.  Digital art is fun and not messy.. Therefore, it is easier as you practice.  I hope you all are well and I hope Obama croaks. 

Ya all have a good day now 😀

I sure miss nice songs like this:

Love, the Mad Jew bitch

Zimmerman Can Be Called “Vigilante, & WannaBe Cop” In Court. Can Defense Call Trayvon @No_Limit_Nigga?

Zimmerman Can Be Called “Vigilante, & WannaBe Cop” At Ct. Can Defense Call Trayvon “No_Limit_Nigga?”

This is what Trayvon Martin called himself: “No_Limit_Nigga”  Did he not have limits?  The MSM had America believing that Martin was a 12 year old boy.


The media would not show this picture of Zimmerman:

Today, Trayvon Martin is a much better citizen, due to George Zimmerman.

Ugly, Angry, Insane, Satanic Muslims In San Fransicko: “F’ck You Jew” While Being Arrested For Violence

Hurry up, Muslims and leftists…Hurry, call the ACLU and tell them to stop bloggers from showing these pathetic morons.  Stick up for them.  Come to their aid against us ‘aggressors’..   This is what we get for not kicking out the sickass Muslim piece of shit out of the White House.  A country with mongrels who hate Jews AND Christians. 

Enjoy your new AmeriKa.

BTW: Everyone is a Jew to a person that is just a Jew hater.  So, if you like Israel, get used to the love.

Also, to this little pussy-Muzzie who said “F’ck you Jews”:

Palwatch: “Israel Is A Monster That Stabs & Eats Children” Palestinian art on PA TV

The same way we ate Christian children in our Matzoh?? And I don’t even like kids.  If this were true, there would be no more Pali monsters in the larva stage.

-David Ben Moshe

Published July 23rd 7:30 AM PST