PRO-ILLEGAL, FAKE “Rabbi” Morris Allen: A Jew With NO Clue

This JACKASS, stupid, ENEMY to America is pro-ILLEGAL, Pro-LAW BREAKER. 

  He calls us Jews the ‘First Migrant Workers’- This is insanity beyond belief. The Hebrews had it so bad in Egypt, that they had no other choice but to turn to God. God performed mighty acts for the Hebrews.

  The ILLEGALS do NOT have it ‘bad’ here–at all, WE ARE THE VICTIMS of their murderous ways, their gangs out of control, and their leftist allied oppressors of mankind=LIBERAL MIND F*CKERS.

 If this dipshit, “Rabbi” Morris ASSHOLE wonders why good God fearing American Christians do not like us Jews anymore, he can look to his own damned self.