Dear Weak Liberal Jewish people; Look At One Of Our Own: A ‘Product of Society’

While creating a ‘tolerant & fair’ society for your children, you also taught them how to take an ass-beating and to be a SUCKER.

I want you to take a GOOD HARD LOOK at the hell you have not only created for our own, but for Americans. This young Jewish kid is crying his guts out.. Why?  I will tell you why… Because, in your sicko, Marxist, P.C. speak, you told them that if they acted ‘right’, that all people would act right. Well, that aint the way the world is.

THIS IS NOW OUR REALITY, THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED FOR OUR CHILDREN, and this is WHY you must REPENT to this nation, and tell this country how WRONG you ARE.


Leviticus talks about homos, does God change his mind lib-Jews??  In Jeremiah, from the Tanach, it is written that God will lift the skirts of the blood of the poor innocents, did God change his mind, lib-Jews?? Think about this when you go to the Synagogue, when you open the Torah or the Tanach, and ask God what he thinks about this. 

What does the Torah say about the 10 commandments???  “Thou shalt not murder”  Killing is self-defense, which is why guns are a necessity.  Especially for Jews and Christians when the world talks like this ‘typical liberal’ below.  Jews are suppose to represent God and Law.  Christians are suppose to represent the teachings of Jesus, and also Judaism, O.T.. 
The Democrat party with liberal Jews that hate Christians and fraud Christians that have failed America.  The Democrat party allow the criminals to walk the streets and the innocent gets locked up.  The Democrats write laws to bring in more illegals, and deny rights and services to Americans.  Is this the party that a person with the ‘heart’ of a liberal really wants representing them???
“It’s a womans choice”
They lock people up in the psych ward if they try to commit suicide, Dr Kovorkian got locked up for assisting patients with suicide. What happened with: “You have a choice to do whatever you want with your body??”  Why does this apply to pregnant women, and not everyone else??   Why do babies get a back burner?? And sent to their deaths, only to be called parasites by the left.  The Democrat party is a party of death and destruction, making the GOP at this point look like saints, (if that were possible)
You keep quoting the Constitution, yet the people that you are with say it is 200 years old, outdated.  The Constitution has been hijacked by the left, and they interpret it, instead of taking it at face value.  As far as it being ‘outdated’, isn’t it written in Ecclesiastes, in the Tanach, that nothing is new under the sun??  Rome and Greece fell because of moral decay, an army spread too thin, and too many non-Romans and non-Greeks, which is what is happening now, Obama will only solidify our destruction, being a foreign usurper that cares nothing for America, proving that with his pro-Muslim speech in Cairo.  You care SO much for the Constitution, yet NO questions where the imposter, Obama is from., just passing casually as fellow Americans are TORN, because he FAILS to produce a real B.C., spending million of OUR money to hide the truth.
Face the facts like we had to:  Obama is a bigger loser than even Bush.
See below the “typical” O bama supporter.
08:05 PMJun 13 2009
Typical Right Wing A$$holes they only care about the G.A.G Factors, Gays, Abortion and guns. I think it’s effen cool what Obama did, he is a great guy, a Great President and overall the best thing what could happen to America right now. So guess what, Abortion should be a women’s right, Guns should be controlled, the constitution is 200 yrs. old,. it was a diffrent time then, and gays and lesbian should be allowed to get married, like the rest of the first world countries. It will happen.  So stick your Cross where the sun is not shining. 😦