How Would #MikeyWeinstein Like It If Christians Started Calling ‘Jews’, (JINOs) Monsters? IDIOT!

How Would #MikeyWeinstein Like It If Christians Started Calling Jews, Monsters? IDIOT!

This impossible, moronic, jackass lives in America.  Mikey has inhabited this land his whole life. Lived in safety from anti-Jewish oppression..He knows that America is supposed to be Christian.  Mikey is probably a Bolshevik, atheist, Jewish-born ass-hat. Think about it…A nasty, fat, jabba-the-hut looking fiend is telling Christians to ditch scriptures just because of a little inscription on a gun in the US military – that has no-doubt: given countless Christian soldiers, comfort…  

True Jews do NOT ‘preach’ to Christians. Period!

Now…300 supposed Marines are just soooo put off by some scriptures on the rifles.  And, Mikey the bastard is going to correct this for these ‘un Christian’ soldiers.  The gall. The audacity. It’s amazing.  Just watching Commie-Jews tell Christians what’s what. They don’t even believe in God to begin with, but they are going to dictate to Christians that they are ‘un Christian’.


Back to the question… I can hear the Commie-Jews screaming bloody murder when the nation decides to go postal on their dumb asses.. I think Christians SHOULD start calling Obama-voting Jews what THEY are: 


Need proof…………?


‘Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces. Oh my, my, my, how “Papa’s got a brand new bag.”‘

-Mikey the “Jew”

There Are Fake Jews In Sects Of Judaism Just As Their Are Fake Christians in Ranks Of Christians

Today, I had the very unpleasant experience of visiting the blog of a very nice man.   Unfortunately, he has a very judgemental person on his website that seems to want to judge all Jews by some.  This Jew-hater also calls himself “Christian”.   He tells The Mad Jewess she has a heart as black as coal, is a deceiver, and is going to hell.  The Mad Jewess has rejected God, this Jew hater knows ALL about me!! Even more than my own self!

Sadly, on some “Jewish” blogs, they talk the same about Christians-only in reverse.  Christians are ‘evil, cross-wearing fascists that will all die for putting Jews through horrors’. They hate that America is supposed to be a Christian country.. They call themselves “Jews”.     

So, you see what a pickle I can get myself in?  I am caught in the middle of both groups  –all the time.   Sticking up for one, chastising the other, vs versa.. etc..

Because my Mom is a Jew, I am a Jew.  My Dad is a Christian..Therefore, by ‘ethnicity’ standards, I am also Christian.  I embrace both sides of myself to the dismay of BOTH groups… What I believe, personally, is really none of anyone’s damned  business. Unless I choose to converse about it..  I don’t ‘pick and choose’.  I am who I am.   I find that not sharing ‘too’ much, I am at peace with Christians AND Jews.  

My husband is 100% Jewish and he is a semi-observant Jew.  I would not want him to be any other way.  I love my husband to the depths of my soul.  You all know my husband is David Ben Moshe.  Those of you who know me, and have spoken to me, know that there ARE 2 of us..  Many people think The Mad Jewess is a man 😀  I wish.  You really think that if I was a man, I would not have killed every last one of these dirty, rotten, filthy, Commu-NAZI traitors??

……Anyhooo… You can’t be a ‘born again, spirit-filled’ Christian and hate the Jewish people.  You cannot, either, be a Torah-abiding Jew, or a spiritual Jew (like myself) and hate Christian people.  You cannot be a Jew and hate the people of Israel (as the left-wing Jews and Neutari Karta do) OR the alien among you who does RIGHT. (I am not talking about rocket-throwing palis, I am talking about Chinese, etc. who ASSIMILATE to JEWISH Israel)   You cannot be a Christian and hate anyone, either.   By hatred, I mean murderous feelings.  Of course, hating evil is an entirely different thing..I abhor evil..

On the case of “Zionism:”  If one is a Jew, one KNOWS that Zion is mentioned in the Bible, (Torah and Tanakh) well over 200X.  Christians believe that Jesus is the ‘cornerstone of Zion’.   So, both people/s cannot have murderous feelings toward Zion.   I get sick and tired of “Zionist this and Zionist that” – when we all know fully well that it is COMMUNISTS/BOLSHEVIKS/MARXISTS (Jew AND non Jew)   who have hijacked both America AND Israel. NOT Zionists.

At any rate:  Zion is Elohim/GOD’s favorite place on earth, (spiritually, physically, whatever you want).    Jews AND Christians should think seriously hard when they say they are ‘anti-Zion-ist’.  Are you saying you are “anti- Elohim/God??” Jews? Or “Anti-Christ?” Christians?? Both are oxy-morons in my opinion.. True patriotic Zionists in Israel who love H’Shem just want to worship their God.  I am not talking about idiot Bolshevik/Socialist moonbat Jews.

So.. Selah….

We, here, do NOT like the government of Israel.  It’s people, however (IF SANE, aka patriotic, right wing, religious Jews) have 100% of our moral support.  

Here endeth the lesson for today.

Are THESE The Zionists You Are Talking About Helen Thomas?

Go to fullsize imageHelen Thomas, you are just flat-out wrong..

  In 2005, GW Bush and Ariel Sharon made a bogus peace deal. The ‘deal’ was if Sharon evac’d over 8,000 Israeli pioneers and indigenous Israeli’s, Israel would have ‘peace’… No more rockets, no more terror, etc. 

  What you are about to see, in photos, with your own eyes, are REAL, TRUE Zionists. Zionists are patriots of Israel. These Zionists are not owners of anything now. They were forced out of their homes by their government, which is hell bent on making the world happy, while undermining its citizens.  You will see for yourself how Thomas is wrong.  Rich, atheistic “Jews” that are bankers don’t give a rats ass about the people of Israel. 

  The White House and NON-Jews IN the White House (Rahm Emmanuel no longer on O’s staff, so, no mas Jews) do not give a damn about Israel.  Thats the facts.  A True Zionist would never demand that Israeli Jews that don’t bother anybody- leave their homes and become refugees.  Helen Thomas ranks in American, left wing “Jews” in name only with these people below and frankly, I am sick of it.  I could not even sleep until I put this up.  I’ve never been to Israel. I dont even plan on going. But, I am sick and tired of people saying that ALL Jews are “Zionists” when that is BS. After you see this, perhaps, Helen, can you get your DAMNED JEWS straight, you old bitch?? 

 How come you were not happy when THESE Zionists got the ‘hell out of ‘palestine?’ 

 The UNTOLD Story of Gush Katif, The facts about the REAL Zionists:

Photos & Story from:

Click on the picture above for more information on many little states in the east.

Young Jewish Israeli beaten by “palestinians” -Aug 2005 are when these pictures were all taken.

Israeli woman weeps while surrounded by IDF & forced out of her home.

Anti-govt Israelis were only allowed to wear orange to express their dissent of becoming refugees.  Below is a woman trying to shame the IDF, and to possibly leave her and her family alone to live in her home.


Young woman being taken by the IDF from her home.

A distressed woman clutches on to a railing.
Jewish settlers shout at Israeli policemen from a hole in the roof of their home before being forcibly evacuated.
An Israeli girl receives medical treatment.Hurt by ‘palis’
Palestinian Fatah members celebrate the Israeli pullout.
Palis w/ victory flags over Netzarim synagogue.

IDF, at least 50 of them forcing this woman off her land:

So, are these the ZIONISTS you are referring to, you old, disgusting, hypocritical, leftist, NAZI, slimebag female?


Love a Pro-ZION enemy of yours, forever..