Joe’Bama: 42 Exec Orders, Even Though House/Senate Is Dem.

Joe’Bama: 42 Exec Orders, Even Tho House/Senate Is Dem.

O’Biden has a Democrat house and senate. What is the reason for ruling by executive order?

So far, Joe’Bama, I mean election thief, Prez Biden has signed 42 executive orders. Imagine Trump the ‘dictator/fascist’ signing this many in barely 7 days with a GOP house/senate? The press would be screaming if Trump signed 42 executive orders in the first week. See, its only OK with a Democrat dictator but not a Republican dictator.

You see what pretentious LIARS the Democrats are? You also see how the Republican party is ho-hum about all of these exec orders?? When are ALL Americans going to wake the hell up and get rid of these animals? I’m sure you have all observed that the capital has fences and massive military security? They use the excuse that 50 or so “Q’Anons” might come and foist them all out. We should all be so lucky.

America never needed this massive amount of military and security at the capital. The representatives are scared to death of the people. Why? Because they are criminal bastards. That’s why. A government that is following OUR LAW would not need all of this security. THIEVES AND LIARS, ALL!!!

Biden has signed 42 executive actions since taking office ...

So, who is really in charge?