#Jordan & #Lebanon Want To Fight #Israel For “#Palestinians”? Why Do They Treat Their OWN Palis Like Crap?

Jordan & Lebanon Want To Fight For “Palestinians”? Why Do They Treat Their OWN Palis Like Shit?

Wanting to ‘join in’ to attack Israel is just Jew hatred. The Jordanians, the Lebanese, the Syrians also care nothing for their own “Palestinians”.

EXCERPT from Human Rights Watch:

More than half of the 6.3 million population of Jordan is of Palestinian origin-that is, from areas west of the River Jordan, including the West Bank, today’s Israel, and Gaza. With the exception of persons from Gaza, the vast majority of those persons of Palestinian origin have Jordanian citizenship. However, since 1988, and especially over the past few years, the Jordanian government has been arbitrarily and without notice withdrawing Jordanian nationality from its citizens of Palestinian origin, making them stateless. For many of them this means they are again stateless Palestinians as they were before 1950. Palestinian-Origin Jordanians Deprived of their nationality.

There are even books about this: Stateless Again: Palestinian-Origin Jordanians Deprived of nationality (HRW)

Then, there is LEBANON who treats their Palestinians FAR worse:

Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘It’s like living in a prison’ Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘It’s like living in a prison” …

Lebanon’s Apartheid Laws :: Gatestone Institute

Hassan Salem, 12, works at a mechanic's shop seven days a week, 10 hours a day, to help his family survive [Lisa Khoury/Al Jazeera]
  • At least 300,000 Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon in what Human Rights Watch calls “appalling social and economic conditions.” They’re blocked from working in a variety of professions, and the Lebanese government has largely resisted granting them broader property rights.

Then there is SYRIA. They starve the Palis to death:

See this little boy? He is a Pali in Syria Palestinian refugees in Syria starving to death, report

Starving to death in Syria’s Yarmouk camp | Israel | Al .Jazeera.

Starving to death in Syria's Yarmouk camp | Israel | Al ...

HOWEVER: In Israel, Palis are FAT. Battle of the Bulge: Obesity in the Gaza Strip on the rise …

One can go take a weekend in GAZA: Hotels in Gaza City

OR, Maybe go watch a horse race in GAZA where Pali’s are ‘suffering’

Gaza horse race takes place on destroyed airport runway - YouTube

So, what’s going on with the nations enraged with Israel?



You can fool all the other dumbshits… But, I will not be fooled.


#NOWARWITHSYRIA-U.S. F-22 Raptor Jet Crashed Above The Sky Of Northern Jordan?

#NOWARWITHSYRIA-U.S. F-22 Raptor Jet Crashed Above The Sky Of Northern Jordan?

It is rumored that an F 22 Raptor crashed.  I do not know if this is truth.  So, tweet with discretion.



According to the Oklahoman newspaper Post, citing U.S. military sources that the F-22 Raptor crashed in the north of Jordan, sources tell about the possibility of shoot down the F-22 Raptor aircraft by a Syrian missile Syrian everything and happened near the Syrian border, while a military expert John Blu Reed told the newspaper that the shoot down of the F-22 Raptor confirmation that Syria has a defense system updated the S-300, S 400 missiles or rockets, l ‘U.S. expert also stated that U.S. relations – Russia will be even more strained if it is confirmed that Russia has provided to Syria missiles S 400.

Something Is Very, Very Wrong Here


Contributed by GoldBugGal

The dominoes are falling. The ME is going down just as I’ve predicted, and yes, Jordan, Lebanon, and the big daddy of them all, Saudi Arabia, are also on the chopping block. But, they have been our loyal friends! Yeah, right. $10/gallon gasoline anyone? Cha-ching, cha-ching.
So, why is Beck confused? Hasn’t he always said the globalists progress their agenda by creating CHAOS? Didn’t he believe his own preaching? Yup, the hard working American taxpayers are arming and supporting the M.B. and al Qaeda. Isn’t that a crock? You haven’t heard either of the POTUS candidates talking about that, have you? Well, here it is, and our rotten CIA and war mongering government bear the responsibility for the resulting blowback, which is coming soon to Amerika.

US Leads 19 countries in Major War Drill in Jordan~WHAT IS GOING ON!?

US Leads 19 countries in Major War Drill in Jordan~WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Obama could enforce Martial Law, here at home..


War-Mongering Tyrant-Dictator, OBAMA & NATO Are Now On Border Of Syria & Jordan

The dictator-psychpath, lunatic, CIC occupying the White house, fraudulently… now has US troops on the border of Syria and Jordan.  Schizo Obama wishes to start WWIII and engage China and Russia. I thought this SOB went on vacation??