Michael Savage: NO Ban on ANY Guns- We Are Living Under A FASCIST/TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT

I am not going to dump on Savage because he is a passionate and emotional person and patriotic, but he is just WRONG.  

   … Savage, you are really letting this get to you with the CO Shooter.  You know that we are living under fascists.  Come on.. this show you did below is terrible.  I live in N. AZ and the more guns, the more powerful the guns, the LESS crime.  NOBODY possessed one firearm in that theater, which is WHY that happened. There was NO defense!!!!!!!!!!  THINK for heavens sakes. THINK.  The Repub/Commies are all for gun control.  If they take one, then its another gun, and another, etc… Until you have NO gun and are dead at the hands of evil tyrants.

Get a grip, man.

Noting that he is a gun owner, Savage went on to say that “the country has no right to allow any single individual, who is not a member of a police force, to buy a drum magazine.” Note use of the word “allow” – suggestive of privilege and not the right written into the Second Amendment.

We wrote to Savage last time (April 2009) he railed on “assault weapons” – trying to educate him but here he goes again, hardly championing gun rights. Our interim Communications manager Adam Taxin interviewed both L. Neil Smith (JPFO contributor and author) and Alan Korwin (Author, published and JPFO advisor) on this very subject. To listen to the sound files visit our Talkin’ to America page and listen to the measured responses.