The Obama-Nation Anthem For Inauguration Day

Can’t say we told ya so, but we told ya so.

The Mad Jewess paying tribute to the HNIC.


Video: Obama Supporters Humiliate And Abuse Little Girls

OnlineHat Tip: Chaim Ben Pesach

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The REAL Reason Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Isn’t it obvious?


H/T:Chaim Ben Pesach


Cleopatra Jefferson…

Cleopatra Jefferson…  IF you want to laugh your ass off, this vid is funny…my husband is on the left. This is probably a 7 yr old video.   David Ben Moshe was formerly of the cable TV show in NYC…Hurry and watch it, they take these down ASAP…We dont want to hurt the sweet lib-blacks in AmeriKa…

The Mad Jewess Response Video Re. “The Flotilla-Terror Trap”

GO ISRAEL, We are all sick of the illegals. Illegals in AZ, Illegals in ISRAEL calling themselves “palestinians” that are SOOOOOOOOOOO hungry.. Sure..

Picture from: God Help The USA and Israel



Excellent interview with AsheDina, formerly from – We also discussed the radical Muslim threat that the USA and Israel is facing and how the liberals are united with our enemies:  

Interview with The Mad Jewess on Obama eligibility

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Me in show biz:  My Pretty Wife | The Mad Jewess

These songs here, below listed- are for the patriots of Israel, that are fighting off their TYRANNICAL government:

(And some Youtubes that have not been banned)


These below are Youtubes on Obama’s fascism against the USA:



WHAT did we friggin tell you MORONS??,35168.0.html

Barack Obama in Saudi Arabia

HE IS A MUZZIE, and you demo-FASCISTS are IDIOTIC, Traitorous SOBS.

YOU WILL ROT in hell for ALL of eternity for your EVIL treachery against Americans.

The BASTARD, Hussein was also given this below…nice, ALL HAIL KING AND EMPEROR CZAR, Hussein Obama.


We told people FROM THE BEGINNING, that Obama IS a MUSLIM.
Chaim Ben Pesach & David Ben Moshe from the , &  me- WARNED America and Israel –people questioned it, and were NUTS and didnt believe us.

We WARNED America over and over that Hussein is a MUZZIE, and they REFUSED to believe it.  Others that were not here, just an FYI: Chaim Ben Pesach and David Ben Moshe from the said he was a MUSLIM 2 YEARS ago.

Indeed, this is a truth: This world would NOT have known this, if Chaim Ben Pesach had not done MAJOR research. Continue reading