New Israeli Govt.’s Disastrous Agenda & Farrakhan Supporter Eric Adams Frontrunner For NYC Mayor

New Israeli Govt.’s Disastrous Agenda & Farrakhan Supporter Eric Adams Frontrunner For NYC Mayor

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If you want to know exactly what is really happening in Israel, listen to this video: HERE with Chaim Ben Pesach, former Chairman of the JDL

Farrakhan supporter, Jew hater probably will win in NYC: here

Chaim Ben Pesach really is a political genius. Much more brilliant than Benny Shapiro. Here he is in 2004, predicting Obama becoming Prez:

(He is with my husband, who is on the left.)

Barack: “Israel Has Right To Defend Itself” That’s Because Obama WANTS Muslim Bro’Hood In Syrian Govt

Barack: “Israel Has Right To Defend Itself” That’s Because Obama WANTS Muslim Bro’Hood In Syrian Govt

If you truly support Israel, you would help to advise Netanyahu that this was not a brightest decision to attack Syria right now-they’re in the middle of a Civil war..  Israel trusts in this idiot, Obama? Are they insane? This is my opinion because I believe that Obama is in the mix. He has been for 2 years.

 Unless they (ISRAEL) use major nukes, TODAY-Israel will have ended up helping Obama and the Jihadist-Muslim brohood get in charge and that’s my point.

Chaim ben Pesach  should be drafted and take over the Israeli government.  He would not trust this Muslim #Commie dirt-bag with this situation.

How does all of this work out for Israel? How?  Egypt was never a ‘friend’ with Israel, but they kept a semi-peace with her for 30 years with Mubarrak in charge.  Now, Egypt has Morsi-an Islamic, Muslim bro’hood radical who says Jews are ‘apes and pigs.’  And that is exactly what Obama wants in charge of Syria. 

This will not work out good.  Hope I am wrong…Israel can survive with a righteous, Torah-abiding government,  not one that trusts in Barack Hussein Osama.


You may not ‘like’ Chaim, but he would be the best for Israel.

Chaim Ben Pesach: Gaza “Ceasefire” = Victory For Islamic Terrorism.

When you have an enemy, you destroy it. You don’t make ‘deals’ with it.  But, what can we expect with a leadership full of American Woody Allens??  If Israel truly wants to survive, it would immediately install the leadership of Chaim Ben Pesach who would cut off ALL foreign aid from America to Israel & they would fight for themselves without America butting in to issues that are none of America’s business.

Contributed video:

Online Chaim Ben Pesach

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Proof it will not work:

See At least 12 rockets were fired into Israel Wednesday night in the hour after the cease-fire understanding between Israel and Hamas went into effect at 9 p.m., according to police. No injuries or damage were reported in the attacks.

See  AFP – Twelve rockets fired from the Gaza Strip hit Israel on Wednesday in the first hours that followed a ceasefire agreement ending hostilities in the week-long Gaza conflict, a police spokesman told AFP.

-David Ben Moshe, formerly of the Cable TV show, JTF.ORG, Queens, NYC.

Cleopatra Jefferson…

Cleopatra Jefferson…  IF you want to laugh your ass off, this vid is funny…my husband is on the left. This is probably a 7 yr old video.   David Ben Moshe was formerly of the cable TV show in NYC…Hurry and watch it, they take these down ASAP…We dont want to hurt the sweet lib-blacks in AmeriKa…

Photos of HOT RODS~David Ben Moshe & My Trip To Lead East 50’s Car Show

Me and David Ben Moshe LOVE 1950’s cars and 50’s Music, we hope that you will enjoy these photos. This was some show at Lead East in N.J., September- Let me tell you, I am BLESSED to have a husband that remembers when America was great.  He is a little older than I, but why the hell not? Any man my age is brainwashed, and my David is NOT brainwashed, and is the most wonderful soul in the planet. 

(I will upload more, there are probably 100 pictures. ENJOY!)

The Mad Jewess Sings “Burn The Qu’ran” In Concert For Bare Naked Islam

  911 Flag  Thanks BNI for all of your hard work.  You are the bravest soldier on the net against the modern day ‘religion’ of HATE & terror.  Unlike other bloggers, you dont give a damn if people wanted to burn the damned Qu’ran.  Burn Baby BURN. So, I did it in concert for you & dedicated this parody song to you.  If the libo-CREEPS can make sicko art about Jesus and hurt Christians feelings, and the Muslims can try to build a mosque 2 blocks from G. Zero, terrorize Americans- we can get angry and sing songs that hurt nobody.

Anyway,  Bare Naked Islam’s Weblog – Blessings and THANK YOU, Love me.

BURN THE QU’RAN, Dedicated To BNI:

(We edited in CHER, to protect me) 😀

Jewish Task Force: “Vote Every Single Left Wing Jewish Traitor OUT”

If Chaim Ben Pesach was a richHe is 100% right.  Except for Eric Cantor, they are all disgraces to the Jewish people.  America is supposed to have Christians and righteous gentiles in charge. NOT minorities that only care about their own self-interests.  If you have an issue with this, you are just a traitor. You hate America, and whats even more sickening,  (if you are a Jew) you sell your blood-brothers in Israel out to dry as well.

Thank You Chaim. 

Please, anyone that is tired of these horrible people, including Boxer, Feinstein, Feingold, any of them, please fill these boards up, like Chaim Ben Pesach is suggesting and get these beasts OUT.  See the rest, if you choose: What To Do In The Upcoming Colorado Midterm Elections (2 Part Video)