Israel-Hating Jews Align With Nazis To Fund Anti-Jewish/Israel, Soros-Run Website: Media Matters

The “Jews” at Media Matters have worked for 80 years (their parents and grandparents before them) to destroy America, using the Communist Goals.

They are never content, and  these treacherous ‘Jews‘, are helping fund the Neo-Nazi/Communists @ Media Matters.  These same “Jews” are for ‘gays’, ‘gay’ marriage, black worship & multi-cult insanity.  Yet have the f*cking audacity to call people that support Israel with moral support (because it is BIBLICAL) “Israel-firsters”. They have *NEVER* been patriots of America-EVER.  NAZI talk….from ‘JEWS’.  Un-be-friggin-lievable. I guess this would make Nathaniel Kapner one of them. Israel hatred is key in Nazi-ism and Communism.

Israel haters that call themselves “Christian” have got to think at some damned point… “Am I in the wrong direction?”  Yes, you are. WHERE in the Bible does it call on Jews OR Christians to ‘just hate Israel?’ It doesn’t. Separating the wheat from the chaff is all any good person is supposed to do. Hating Israel is hating ALL of Israel.

“See Something, Say Something?” YES, Steve Lerner Is Encouraging VIOLENCE Ms Napolitano, Demanding Crisis

This is a “Jewish” m’f’er. This is why the Jewish people (as a whole) are hated.

This bastard has already been arrested. He needs to be arrested and put in a damned straight jacket.

So, What Does The Jewish S.H.I.T. List Say About George Soros?

George Soros is the Neo-Nazis,  & severe, rabid, Jew haters dream come true. So when you see people like the INCOGMAN.NET write up all this crap about the Jews. Know this; He is WITH left wing Jews that are like Pelosi and Obama=Evil Jews in name only. 

From the Jewish S.H.I.T. List: (Self-hating, Israel Threatening)

Go to fullsize imageSoros, George-   This billionaire is the 28th richest person in the United States and funder of some of the most radical left-wing causes and people.  His “Open Society Society” even contributed $20,000 for the defense of National Lawyers Guild lawyer, Lynne Stewart! Lynne Stewart is the radical attorney and former partner of Stanley Cohen, was been indicted for enabling her client, the famous blind terrorist Sheik, Omar Abdul Rahman, to carry out his murderous agendas while in prison by helping him to communicate with his terrorist organization in Egypt. Rahman was the spiritual leader of a cell that carried out the first World Trade Center bombing and was planning to blow up the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels. 
    During his career, Soros has orchestrated some extremely risky, ethically questionable deals. For instance, in a $10 billion 1992 deal whose success was contingent upon the devaluation of the British Pound, he earned himself a $1 billion profit and the title, “the man who broke the Bank of England.” Over the years, he has amassed a personal fortune of some $7 billion.George Soros... BILLIONaire self-hating Judenrat
   During the Bush-Kerry presidential election campaign, Soros gave $5 million to (youth wing of the Shadow Party, organized by, among others, Hillary Clinton,  catering to the MTV generation ), the group that has produced political ads likening Bush to Adolf Hitler.
    Soros makes no bones about the fact that he’s a self-hating Jew. And he backs up his words with action… or, rather a lack of action when it comes to donating to Jewish causes.  Billionaire George Soros. Soros is an anti-Zionist Jew with a troubling past. Specifically, by his own admission in interviews with 60 Minutes in 1998 and PBS in 1993, Soros collaborated with the Nazis in seizing Jewish property in Budapest in 1944.
   It’s not often that George Soros, the billionaire financier and philanthropist, makes an appearance before a Jewish audience. So when Soros stepped to the podium Nov. 5, 2003 to address those issues at a conference of the Jewish Funders Network, audience members were listening carefully.  When asked about anti-Semitism in Europe, Soros said European anti-Semitism is the result of the policies of Israel and the United States.
“If we change that direction, then anti-Semitism also will diminish.” That same point is often made by Israel’s most vociferous critics who use anti-Zionism as a guise for anti-Semitism!  What Soros fails to understand (or admit) is that anti-Semitism is not caused by Jews.  It’s caused by anti-Semites who are all to often abetted by  Self-Hating Israel-Threatening Judenrats like him!
   In mid-March, 2007, George Soros wrote his latest broadside against the “Israel Lobby” — calling for the Democratic Party to “liberate” itself from the influence of the pro-Israel lobby and stating that America should be dealing with Hamas. 
    Between 2008 and 2010 George Soros and his family funded
J Street to the tune of $750,000 and has given to Arab groups, but not to Israel.
See the list from A-Z on the MARXIST/Bolshevik Jews in name only that hate America, and the only thing they hate more than America, is Israel:

Know Thine Enemy~ Bloomie’s Mosque, “I Have A Dream”

angry man.jpg

Bloomie’s Mosque – “I Have a Dream”

The average Goyishe nimrod is too stupid to fathom, “why would NY Mayor Bloomie and dozens of Jewish groups and Rabbis join Muslim fiends and demand the building of a Victory Mosque at the 911 site?” Why Jewish groups with the ACLU leading the way, spent 30 years ripping from their moorings and littering the landscape of America with the symbols of our faith and flag. Why the annual jihad on  “Merry Christmas” and banishing it from our lives and the public square – and, why they are rallying around the building of a Mosque at the 911 site. They think we are stupid, they are right. They think that the Muslims will come for our heads first. They are stupid, so much for their chest thumping about their  intellectual superiority. You figure it out…  The rest:

My stance:

I will tell you left-wing insane Jews something: You have caused the Jew-hatred.  This nation has NEVER needed anti-semitic laws. God forbid, now, that they would pass any. That would give you faithless, dishonorable, disloyal, feinds more lee-way to screw things up further.  You have made life absolutely unbearable for right wing and religious Jews that believe in morals, ethics and law.  What you see above, is now becoming the ‘norm’, and when this nation turns postal on you evil ‘tolerent’ drek, I will join the Christians and righteous gentiles in pointing you out, count on it, you absolute abominations.

Jewish Traitors:

Kagan: “Speech Should Be Censored…..” TY LIBERALS.

‘Obama has great looks, brilliance, integrity, decency, commitment and ‘heart’. She goes on and on about Barack HUSSEIN Obama, he gives us hope, hope in the future, la la la.  Yeah Right, he gives hope to you COMMUNISTS.

“Speech should be censored if it goes against the ‘society’ or GOVERNMENT”

-Elena Kagan


Thanks to DONNA for the Youtubes on this Capo-Judenrat.