Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret. Letter to the Editor about Independence Day, Prayer for Our Country and Flying the U.S. Flag in Distress

Letter to editor:

Which is the right approach during this Independence Day – …celebrate or pray?

There is reason to celebrate based on the God fearing sacrificial efforts of our Founding Fathers, their Declaration of Independence and follow on US Constitution, and the willing sacrificial blood of millions of patriots over 235 years which knitted a fabric of freedom and liberty unknown in the human world.

There is also urgent reason to pray given America is now under a despotic thumb, the moral compass guiding America is without conscience, aliens are devouring our strength, idol worship in the forms of wealth and power, corruption and immorality abounds throughout, and preying on one another is without apology.

Hypocritical political leaders have shredded our constitution, divided our nation with “smooth, tricky, treacherous, slippery, deceitful, unreliable speech” and done so with unabashed fervor that reflects evil of the worst dimension. The solemn oath leaders take is a meaningless Proforma exercise for most, and neglected without guilt by practically all.

American government has sanctioned the killing of our helpless, abandoned God to the point of forbidding the word God or Jesus during burial services of our warriors in a veterans cemetery. America today should take note of Israel’s sad past experience and the high price paid for forsaking God.

Our American flag symbolizes our nation, it’s strength, freedom and liberty.

During times of right direction it is flown with the 50 stars in the upper left corner. In times of ‘distress” and “grave danger” the US flag is flown with the 50 stars in the lower left corner. …This Independence Day I will pray and fly my flag in “distress” mode.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

This Last July 4th Was Hypocrisy OUT OF CONTROL..

An American flag buntingPeople whose flags have been M.I.A. for years, had the audacity to hang their American flags, then come to tell me about it.  A member of my own family, all excited, had bought flag bunting for his/her deck. “Isnt that great” she/he said…

July Fourth holiday patriotic  In 1992, I moved into my own little cottage in Salinas, CA. The neighborhood I lived in was mostly Mexican, and I didn’t know that when I moved in there, that there were drug dealers that were a cancer in the neighborhood.  In a word- I was oblivious.  The very first thing I purchased was an American flag.  (Who knew these people had such hate for this nation with their drugs infesting the neighborhoods they live in?)

A lot of  A few months later, I had slept over a friends house, I forgot to take my flag inside. I came home to find my flag in a tree down the street (This is how much most Mexicans like our flag, BTW) Anyhow, I took the flag, hung it again. The Mexicans on my block continued to take my flag down, even during the day. I just kept hanging it on the side of the house. What the hell is the meaning of this story, anyway?  The meaning is that I have ALWAYS been a patriotic American, in fact, this is the first year that I DIDN’T have a flag hanging. WHY?  WHAT FOR?! 

 Dunce Cap For Datuk Dr Abdul Are these newly found patriots happy with their new-found love of country? These same new patriots are so unhappy with the election of the Moslem from Kenya, while I was telling them, BEFORE  the 2008 election, to wake the hell up.     I have had a “Dont Tread On Me” flag since 2005.  I have been standing against this Moslem from Kenya since 2004, when he was at the DNC, and everybody thought he was a ‘wonderful speaker’ (GAG)…..  I will tell ya, quite frankly…We deserve this evil, dictator wannabe tyrant. Yes we do.  My family is not the only family that has sat around for over 20 years in blatant ignorance, while this nation has been rotting to the core.  I wrote about how I felt right here back in 2007:

My America, and little Hampton Bays.

 He worked in the California When I was 17, I was in a history class, the teacher was teaching about the California bear flag.  I raised my hand, and said “Who cares about the bear flag., you need to teach about the Revolutionary War, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, not some junk about a bear on a flag!”  Many little shits protested, even then when I said that.

American flag upside down

WE DO NOT DESERVE A COUNTRY. WE HAVE SHIT ON THIS NATION, allowed our tax dollars to go to EVERY other nation, and taken care of the world, while our nation has been rotting from Communist indoctrination.  Abortion in the 10 millions, fag marriage being thrust on us, loss of religious freedoms, helmet laws, seat belt laws, laws, laws, laws, but no law that says;





Things I Miss In America

I know.. I can’t get ‘up with the times’, but I implore you, what times are ‘good’ now? What is so wonderful? Computers, that have turned us all into reclusives? I miss America, very badly. The continued left wing assault on this nation has left me baffled, confused, and very angry.

When I was a kid, we played in forts, we were outside for hours at a time, playing baseball, running, walking to the bay- I lived in the Hamptons, L.I… Maybe it is childhood that I long for, however, I don’t think so. When you see the things I remember, you will also remember…

Sunday Mornings. Remember all of the kids getting dressed for church on Sunday Morning? I sure do, and secretly VERY envious. I went to a church a handful of times as a kid, and was only allowed to go if it was my best friend Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s.  The kids all dressed up, everything was closed on Sunday, and if it was not closed, it would close at 1 PM sharp. I loved the fact that people went to church.

Easter Sundays. I loved watching all of the little girls in new bonnets, in pinks, pastels, yellow, etc. We didnt have anything on Easter Sundays in my home, just a big dinner, or we went out to eat, because we were very involved with our communites and friends. So, at least when we got to go out, I got to dress cute 😉 I loved hearing the church bells chime on Easter Morning.

I miss the Soda Fountains in town. We had one called the “Tuck Shop”, I always had a butter pecan cone, sugar cone. I remember this one am, we were with my Mom and we were having a 25 cent Hot fudge Sundae. Yummy. You all remember the Woolworths? Remember they had the Soda fountains, and you could get a hot dog for 50 cents? Sitting at the coffee bar? Fun….

The Ol chicken on Sunday night and Fish on friday night. Classic.. Always trying to find a way to make the chicken taste better. I remember when Shake-n-Bake came out, oooo, Yummy! There were NO chicken Mc Nuggets back then, you had to use your cooking imagination.

I LOVED Christmas around the block, lights everywhere! Gorgeous. My Nana couldn’t care less if we were a bunch of Jews, we always had a great tree. We celebrated just about every single holiday- it just didn’t have the same meaning, probably as the other kids, BUT, we had Christmas nonetheless! People seemed to be more into the spirit of the holiday, it was an American thing.  It was not about who had the biggest ‘toy’, it was about sharing, singing, etc..

FireworksFireworksJULY 4. July 4 on Long Island was MAGNIFICENT. It was not just a light show, and noise as it is now, it was plain old patriotism. Kids dressed in red, white and blue. People weeping out of love of country. Crying when we heard the National Anthem. It was not about “BBQ” It was about REMEMBRANCE of a great nation, and the price our ancestors paid for it.  YES, we waved the flag, YES we had parades that were awesome, YES it was great.  Southhampton had an exceptional parade when I was a young gal.

Remember getting that new car in your family? It was exciting watching the adults picking out the best car they could find. We had so many cars, but only one at a time. We had a 57 Thunderbird, Novas- remember the Nova? HA! How bout the Etsel? In 1974, My Nana had gotten a Granada. We all pretended it was a Mercedes Benz laugh

The DIME STORE.  I LOVED the Five And Dime! All kinds of cheap little toys. You could get really cheap jax, Cracker Jacks, candy, etc. The only Dime store they have now is that crappy Dollar Store, which is NOTHING like the Dime Stores of the old days.

Well, jot YOUR memories, I have too many to count!




HEY Hussein Obama! Take a B*tchslappin’ for OUR 4th of JULY-NOT YOURS

We’ll give your ass independence alright…….. You SICK, MORONIC Dictator EXCREMENT…..straight back to KENYA, where your illegal ASS BELONGS.


HalloweenHangingObama.jpg image by basilsblog 

^^THIS is what you’ll get once the PEOPLE see the REAL B.C. FROM KENYA, that is on EBAY!!