They Arm the Taliban & Take OUR Guns: They SHOULD BE Hanging. Red Flag Gun Confiscation Passes House Committee

They Arm the Taliban & Take OUR Guns: They SHOULD BE Hanging

Thomas Massie issues warning… Red Flag gun legislation passes House committee…

Why are these bastards not hanging? They arm terrorists and take the arms of Veterans. They force you to get inoculated 3 and 4X. When you say NO VAX, they take your job away. They teach your children to be little sexualized homo’s, then call you terrorists as you protest. Now, they pass red-flag confiscation laws and they are not hanging????? Someone put a fork in Nadler…

“We don’t allow them to have opinions so why would we allow them to have guns?
– Joseph Stalin

Braveheart — ANDERS DAHL


  Go to fullsize imageI was looking at HAPPY videos this morning, and came across the treachery of these ill-bread, white trash, false ‘do-gooder’, Communist students from UCLA.  They are pushing for the nitemare act, which you and I know will just open the doors for ALL of the illegals from MEXICO to come in and bring THEIR war into this nation.


  This is the bottom line with these g’damned fking Commies: There are no rules, borders, language, culture, just nothing-ness.  They are zeros just floating around. I suppose that the life of the little 7 year old girl who refused to be raped, and then got her head chopped off by an illegal does not mean jack shit to these ‘human rights’ activists.  They talk about all of this ‘social justice’ what an absolute crock of horse shit.  LIARS. Where is the justice for the THOUSANDS of Americans that have been MURDERED by illegals!?

IF THERE IS A HELL, GOD, PLEASE, Send these people there ASAP.

See this below, you fking leftists and choke. JUST FKING DIE!!! 


These are not the only stories of these ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS that have done these things, this is one of THOUSANDS of horror stories.