TAQQIYA IS EASY on Jews & Christians!

  It sure is! Why??   Jews are NOT studying the TORAH.  When they are NOT in their TORAH, they are without God.  Many Jewish people have left their glorious faith, the father and mother of Christianity also, the beginning and the end, the ALPHA AND THE OMEGA

  The Jewish people holding office in the USA are dead wrong.  They are HORRIBLE politicians, and should ONLY take office in Israel.  They take office in the USA ANYWAY, and mess EVERYTHING UP, and this is a FACT.  Taqqiya is EASY on Jews, because they are NOT walking with GOD.  They make the lives of their FELLOW Jews HORRIBLE by NOT keeping the Sabbath.  Taqqiya is EASY on them, because they do NOT know the TORAH, and have went in the ways of BAAL.  GOOD Jews get SLAUGHTERED because of what UNRIGHTEOUS Jews have done to their brethren, it is a SHAME! A WOE!

 Christians MISQUOTE the Bible CONTINUALLY.  They believe that the Torah- or if you want to call it “O.T.” Fine, but TORAH MEANS “WORD OF GOD”  -is NON EXISTENT, and they do not enter the promises of the Torah, and this is a SHAME!  They are even to the place where they call their OWN Jesus a “PHILISTINE!!” 

Taqqiya IS EASY on Christians because they RENOUNCE their blessings of Judaism in their OWN BOOK!  They can be HAD for NOT knowing the WORD OF GOD, NUF SED.

   Recently, I was in a chat-room, and a supposed “Christian” said that “No-one knows the time, date and hour”   What this FRAUD MISSED is that it does NOT say this.  It says: “No one knows the day or the HOUR that the son of man cometh.”   They MISQUOTE.  Signs are ALL around us- everywhere.  I fear for Christians even MORE than Jewish people, because  AT LEAST God-fearing Jewish people SEE that the MESSIAH IS COMING.  They see and are READING the SIGNS in the book of DANIEL and OBADIAH.  Christians now, TOO BUSY with RENOUNCING their Judaic heritage, and calling Jews MURDERERS of Jesus. 

   REALITY CHECK:  THE WHOLE WORLD MURDERED AND CRUCIFIED Jesus.  And an even more SHOCKING Scripture from the Christian Bible: Luke 18:  32 He will be handed over to the Gentiles. They will mock him, insult him, spit on him, flog him and kill him. 33 On the third day he will rise again.”NOBODY was ‘innocent’ that day.. They even go so far now, to say that the 12 “disciples” were ALSO not Jewish- THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HITLER DID, AND HE MURDERED JEWS AND CHRISTIANS in the name of JESUS.  If you do not believe me, GO AND LOOK AT HIS SPEECHES.  THEN ask yourself why a Jew would EVER want to come to Jesus & believe in him.  What Christians have done to the Jews throughout history- GOD WILL PAY BACK, and he ALWAYS DOES.   Whether you like it or NOT…. The Jewish people have a COVENANT with GOD.  You may read this in the N.T., I dont care… but this CRIMINAL act or RENOUNCING that Jesus was NOT A Jew is BLASPHEMOUS.   They called Jesus: RABBI, he read from the TORAH… he was born in ISRAEL, he was crucified at GOLGATHA.

Taqqiya IS EASY on the UN-Jew and even EASIER on the pseudo-Christian, because the iZlamos show more devotion to the moon’g’od, allah than Jews and Christians EVER show to the REAL ONE!

   Simply PUT from a Marrano Jew that believes in the teachings of Jesus: 

   IF YOU DO NOT know your TORAH/ Bible, PUT UP OR SHUT UP.


Wake up- Wake UP, WAKE THE HELL UP!   WDC is NOT paying attention to what is happening.  We fought Sharia before in 1803- and it is baacckk.

27 Islamic “Charities” are TERRORIST organizations in the USA. 

 9-11 was financed by SHARIA FINANCING.

Wall street is so corrupt that they WILL SELL US OUT.   Make NO mistake: He who has the $$$ controls the WORLD.  People keep saying that Israel is the one ‘controlling things’ -But, tell me stupid KAFFIR… WHO HAS THE OIL?  It AINT Israel. 

 Blue dog democrats have been WARNING WDC that this IS taking place, but NOBODY is listening.

WE ARE SELLING OUR SOUL FOR MONEY– bad money, unrighteous money.

MUST C video for the FIGHT against SHARIA financing.