SECESSION NOW! Scalia; Nothing In Constitution That Says States Can’t Secede. Leftists Calling For “EXILE” Of American Patriots

Obama is a divider, a destroyer. His filthy treacherous pigs that follow him are petitioning for OUR EXILE.  Some g’d-damned nerve. They hate America, have ALWAYS hated America-they need to get the f’k out and go to Siberia. They hate this Christian nation and have done nothing but destroyed it. It is time for THEM to GET OUT.  I AM indigenous, here.  I want these f’ers OUT. Get out or we start throwing your asses out.

HOW DARE YOU PUT IN A MUSLIM!!!!!  Not just once, but 2 f’n times.


 I figured this would happen if the Muslim usurper from Kenya got re-elected…  Just so that you all know: Obama LOVES drones.  So, you had better prepare for this.  Obama IS a Stalinist and Stalinists are murderers.  So, better have plenty of ammo.

There are 2 new petitions ask the federal government to deal with the secessionists by either deporting them, or stripping them of their citizenship and exiling them.

How bout we are tired of this government forcing every regulation under the sun down our throats? How bout we are sick and damned tired of you statist fascists?  We are tired of wars all over the map for NO reason. We are sick of your baby-murdering ways. Sick of your sodomy. We are sick of Bolshevism/Marxism and want to go be Americans, again. 

As More Secession Petitions Appear, Petition to Deport Signers of Secession Petitions Gains Steam

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“Deport Everyone that signed a petition to withdraw their state from the united states of America” see below:


KENTUCKY: 92 Yr Old WW 2 Vet & Farmer Shoots Dead An Intruder!

BRAVO SIR!! BRAVO!  I keep telling QV that the only real hope in America is the ELDERLY.  I am right! God bless America’s elderly.  Who many Americans despise. GOD BLESS this man!!  HOORAY!


Jones told The Kentucky Enquirer that he sat in a chair with a clear view of the door, saying he fired when the intruder burst in.

Earl Jones, a 92-year-old farmer in Boone County, Kentucky, said in an interview that he had no fear of the man and aimed “right for his heart.”

“These people aren’t worth any more to me than a groundhog,” the pensioner said

“They have our country in havoc. We got so many damned crooked people walking around today.”

July 4