Australia Offers To Pay Up To $600,000 Compensation (To Victims) For Severe Vaccine Side Effects:

Australia Offers To Pay $600,000 (To Some Victims) For Severe Vaccine Side Effects:

But, but, the vaccines are PERFECT and hurt nobody... (even though over 300 athletes have perished after getting the vax.)

More here: Australia offers to pay $600,000 for severe Vaccine side effects…

BioNTech CEO, Ugur Sahin Has Not Taken The Killer Vaccine

BioNTech CEO, Ugur Sahin Has Not Taken The Killer Vaccine

Truth is: Why would he take a vaccine that is making people ill and killing many? That’s for us stupid serf’s


He claims he is ‘not allowed’ to take the kill shot….

German Nurse Gives 8,600 Saline Shots Instead #Covid19 Killer Vaccine

Heroic German Nurse Gives 8600 Saline Shots Instead #Covid19 Killer Vaccine

The Nurse who did this is a TOTAL hero. It took REAL guts to do this. Probably read the stories of how horrible this shot is. How it has already taken the lives of at least 22K Europeans and 12,500+ Americans.

They are calling this Nurse, “The anti vax Nurse”.

The Nurse probably saved 8,600 lives. Just look at all of these horror stories: CLICK

It’s unknown why the shot-blocker — reportedly a Red Cross nurse — had injected people with blanks; however, she had reportedly broadcast anti-vax views on social media, investigators reported.

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Vaccinated Lady Warns UnVaccinated: “DO NOT Take The Vaccines”

Vaccinated Lady Warns Others DO NOT Take The ‘Vaccines’ generated Image

I won’t take the vaxx. I know too much about it now. It’s making people gravely ill or flat-out killing them. It’s murder. It’s genocide. It is a Holocaust. It’s 1000x worse than Covid 19 because it is a shot that EXTERMINATES humans & was engineered to do just that.

If you’re OK, you should get on your knees and thank God. If you’re sick, please tell people to NOT get this killer shot. Get your testimony out there.


Anti KILLER Vaccine Protests Outside Israeli PM Home

Anti KILLER Vaxx Protests Outside Israeli PM Home

The fascist dictator of Israel has proclaimed people who are ‘unvaccinated’ as ‘a danger to everyone around them.’

How is this not anti semitic?

Katy &
Joey my @KatyCoppens· I have been saying this whole vaccine thing will turn into a witch hunt for months and I am right. For now they are at the stage of a vaccine passport, soon one will not be allowed in supermarkets without. How human. Virusses change e.g. flue, why do we need a new jab every yr.‘……….

Hat tip: Protests outside home of Israel prime minister…

New Report From #Singapore Shows COVID-19 Shots Offer NO Protection From COVID-19.

New Report From #Singapore Shows COVID-19 Shots Offer NO Protection From COVID-19.

The liars in government and the media keep pushing the Luciferase, Covid19 kill shot to ignorant sheep who line up to basically 1. Get Covid19 after the shot, 2. Get very ill with Bells Palsy, heart conditions, etc (after the shot) or 3. DIE from the kill shot.

Straight-laced Singapore submits their report, via New report from Singapore shows COVID-19 shots offer no protection from COVID-19.

Smoke and Mirrors face mask. Face Mask Conspiracy image 1

Murderous Slut, Kamala Pushes Vaccine By Using The BIBLE. EVIL Witch

Murderous Slut, Kamala Pushes Vaccine By Using The BIBLE. EVIL Witch

The whore of Babylon has spoken… and look at her countenance of animosity when she brings up the bible. We all know this skank HATES God…Yet, here she is, a profane slut, using the bible to affirm her position on the kill shot.

God, PLEASE destroy these reprobate, God-hating tramps.

Vid hat tip: Bren

Dick Durbin Admits “Millions Have Died From Vaccine”

Dick Durbin Admits “Millions Have Died From Vaccine”

Dick Durbin admits in the video linked below that millions have died from the CV19 vaccine. Its not a ‘slip’, he is telling the truth. Take heed and do not take the vaccine.

Senate Leader Dick Durbin Sides With Progressives, Breaks With Biden on  Ending Filibuster