One Of The Most Wonderful Pictures I’ve Ever Seen On Facebook

Had left-wingers not messed up this nation with their constant racial-baiting, think what it would be like….

Via facebook:

But, we have this, instead:


Things must change.


USA’s Society Of Black & Brown Privilege: NAZI Wristbands Worn By Teens In Wisconsin To Show They’re White

USAs Society Of Black & Brown Privilege: NAZI wristbands worn By Teens In Wisconsin To Show They’re White

What is the difference, people???? I see NO difference from  left-wing “Americans” and the NAZI’s of the 1930’s. they are progressing, alright. “Progressing” into NAZI ism.

I just read: EAG News. In Wisconsin, white teens must wear bracelets to show that they are ‘privileged’  just for being white…Have you ever heard of such  insanity?  I have..  In NAZI-Germany, they made the Jews wear yellow stars for being Jews..Jehovah Witness’s had to wear purple triangles.. You know the deal.

So, let us examine the real issue;  Black and brown privilege.  If you are black, you have affirmative action and you can be the prez without showing a single bit of identity.  NO white can get away with this..  Be a crappy, horrible prez or congress-person and you are a winner in the eyes of the left .  You can be a traitor like Luis Gutirrez and slam white people on a daily basis in America.  It’s a privilege to be brown or black aint it??   I think it is, bigtime.. If you want to go to a big College like Harvard, and you are smart, but do not have a lot of money.. Sorry, we can’t help you if you’re white.  But, don’t worry Black Americans, affirmative action will get you through college. And the tax-payer foots the bill.. “Evil” white, tax-paying dummies.

In Colored dark (black) America, you can have your own shampoo’s, the black people do.  They actually have large space for their own shampoo in stores.. And their shampoo is great.  It has none of the poisons that ‘evil’ whitey shampoos have…    In Brown America, you have 2-3 aisles in the grocery store that cater to YOU… IF you are Hispanian.  But, if you are a Portugee-Jew like me, there are not many places one can buy Linguisa (a Portuguese meat sausage)  but, the Hispanians can buy any food they desire.  Even the Asians, here do not have that much of a variety..

If you are a brown person and can’t speak one word of English, don’t you worry, all the banks, stores (whatever you wish) have everything translated to Spanish for you.  Its a privilege to be Hispanian. Isn’t it?    If you need food and you have only been in the good ‘ol USA for a day or so, don’t worry.. We will feed you, ‘evil‘ whitey will pay for it.  Can’t afford your rent?  Not an issue: go to govt.  Housing Authorities.. You can have a swell apartment and the American Caucs will foot the bill. You are privileged, blacks, browns, Hispanians.  We are not, we must pay, you just receive..


AND, you can hang our flag upside down in our own country–NO PROBLEM!

The music we have, (for the most part), is black music.  It caters to black ‘culture’, even though black culture music was originally great: blues and Jazz. Now, it is violent, noise pollution & insanity. Black people wear their pants on the ground, and hat turned side-ways and white people just follow what the black people do like they’re God.  White people can’t really have the music they like, because that might be racist against the ‘African-Americans’  It is a privilege to be a black youngster in America….

In our society, if you are black, you can beat the hell out of a white/Spanish/Peruvian like Zimmerman and people will stick up for you. You can’t defend yourselves, if you are a Zimmerman, only blacks are allowed to do that.    If you are white and you do something like this to a black or brown individual, you will go to prison and be labeled a hater, racist, wear the white bracelet…..You can rape, rob, pillage and plunder if you are a dark-skinned individual in America with NO questions asked, and NO justice will be served on behalf of the (usual) white victim.   Hell, you can even make posters against white people saying “KILL WHITEY!, KILL CRACKAS!”  NO problem, we love it…

Make me wear a bracelet to show that I have ‘white privilege?’

Nope, I live in reality.  In my opinion, this is sick what they are making these white teens do. Labeling them as ‘evil’.   They will be raised to be oppressed as soon as they come out of the womb.  White are hunted, now.  Watched by the left-wing, Gestapo.   Anything a white does, (in the name of free-speech) it’s practically a crime, now.   Just read the SPLC ‘hate’ map….

I can see it coming, my friends, the crime for being white:


The white people must pay for 1861 & 1963. 

Is white rights, white supremacist ‘hero’ David Duke talking about this issue?  Nope, he is worried about Israel, as usual.

(*This post of course excludes black and brown conservative people who are patriots, but I didn’t really have to say that, you know…)

HOW Does La Raza Founder, JOSE ANGEL GUTIERREZ Get Away With His Genocidal Remarks?

You Might Be A Racist If..When ‘evil’ whitey says the holier than thou “N” word, the world falls apart. If ‘evil’ whitey dissents that he is against the illegal occupiers, it is practically a cause for federal crime.  But when Gutirrez says “We will kill all white people” ITS OK.  Can someone please help me to understand this insanity? See this, this Youtube was removed, this blog is heavily monitored by fascists and Nazis:

Youtube On RACIST La Raza, Gutirrez- REMOVED FOR NOTHING! « T.M.J. Says:

  I remember working at a hospital in their finance department. The only ‘whites’ there- were me, and this other young lady.  We would sit amongst 20+ Hispanics.  These same Hispanics would go on and on about how they are ‘oppressed’ by whites. All the while, they are making $20- an hour with monthly bonus if they hit their quota, they had nice cars, and most owned homes.  Did they think for one minute  how they were going on and on about how ‘evil’ the white people are, and WE WERE THE MINORITY sitting there amongst themNo, because calloused, racist, nasty individuals that ARE the real racists never see the truth.

  These Hispanics reminded me of the movies, when they portrayed the white southerners as bigtime haters and racists.  These Hispanics were oppressing us, and didnt give a rats ass. Thank you very much, you insane, filthy white liberals for screwing us so terribly. Hope you are happy.

Black Panthers New T-Shirt: “KILL WHITEY” (CAFE PRESS)

Dunce Cap For Datuk Dr AbdulThis is what ‘oppression‘ looks like.. The “Kill Whitey T-shirt”

Buy yourself one of these, and show the world, you dumb, white leftists, that you are willing to commit suicide for these lovely creatures, the Black Panthers, black supremacists….. Prez Hussein O., wants America to have a convo about race… Why not talk about this: ‘The black Israelites’, the segregated black colleges etc?? Eh, Prez? How ‘evil’ whitey has NO ACLU, NAACP, ADL, etc.


Kill Whitey Dark T-Shirt