German Nurse Gives 8,600 Saline Shots Instead #Covid19 Killer Vaccine

Heroic German Nurse Gives 8600 Saline Shots Instead #Covid19 Killer Vaccine

The Nurse who did this is a TOTAL hero. It took REAL guts to do this. Probably read the stories of how horrible this shot is. How it has already taken the lives of at least 22K Europeans and 12,500+ Americans.

They are calling this Nurse, “The anti vax Nurse”.

The Nurse probably saved 8,600 lives. Just look at all of these horror stories: CLICK

It’s unknown why the shot-blocker — reportedly a Red Cross nurse — had injected people with blanks; however, she had reportedly broadcast anti-vax views on social media, investigators reported.

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:( Syracuse Man Warned By 6-Yr Old Son “Don’t Get The J&J Shot Daddy,” Dead 9 Wks after J&J Vaccine

Syracuse Man Warned by 6-Yr Old Son “Gon’t Get The J&J Shot daddy,” Dead 9 Wks after J & J Vaccine

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This is so sad. So many people have perished because of this vaccine. It begs the question: Did the ‘powers-that-be’ make this vaccine to kill people off? Or what? We are living in a horrible time. You cannot trust whatever the government & media is pushing.

India Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist To Death For Misleading Over Ivermectin & Killing Indian People

India Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist To Death For Misleading Over Ivermectin & Killing Indian People

There is a lawsuit enclosed is in this link in PDF form.

You know, everyone who refused to take this vaccine warned the people around them about it. But, those victims of the vaccine were running to get the killer shot like chickens without heads. The people who received the injection trust in government over God. And, it’s just going to get worse. It will be a test for all of us. But, those who know their God, our Elohim & his son, Jesus, READ the bible and trust in his word will make it out of this alive and go to live in eternity with the Lord, forever and ever, Amen.

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