Wonderful, Glorious, Victorious Dream I Had

  Wow, I had a supernatural, spiritual dream this AM. Before I had this dream, this AM, I had picked up a prayer book, maybe from the 1940’s late last night. It is a Jewish singing and prayer book, it is in Hebrew and also English. The singing and prayers were so glorious, I could almost taste the goodness of God. It was talking about the Messiah, and the kingdom of God, a beautiful heavenly host of saints, patriarchs of the faith and many “Glory To God” quotes, so heavenly was this prayer book and words, so spiritual. Too many times, you hear the worst about the Jews and nothing about our faith in God, and yes, even Messiah. But, these beautiful 2 pages were FILLED with the glory of GOD Almighty.

Here is the dream;

  My husband and I were getting ready to go sing. As we were preparing, I had such a good feeling. (BTW: I bless many people with song all over this nation, the most in AZ right now, but I have been all over, entertaining elderly, WW2 vets, WW2 nurses, etc) Onward: I could tell that so many people were getting excited of my upcoming presentation.

  As we prepared, there was a detour road, somehow. I began to panic, and day turned into night. Before it was dark, and I knew that it was too late to get where we were supposed to be…I looked to the left-hand side of the road. To my amazement, there was a BRILLIANT royal-blue sphere of light, moving south. I could not figure out what it was. But it was BEAUTIFUL. AND, to even more amazement, I pointed it out to the group I was with, and EVERY ONE OF THEM SAW IT. It was a HUGE heavenly presence! HUGE!! I said “LOOK AT IT!!” Everyone saw it! Inc my doubting husband, David Ben Moshe (that is a miracle in itself!) He was flabbergasted by this light of awesome blue. The light/sphere moved onward toward the south/Arizona. I followed it with my eyes.

  THEN: A HUGE rainbow, like the brilliance you have never seen came right after it. It was so serene and beautiful. EVERYONE saw it, even my husband. Everyone KNEW that it was a heavenly presence. It flew by through the night-sky without any effort.

The next time I looked up, there were 2 LARGE Angels in the sky. I said to everyone; LOOK AT THAT!! DO YOU SEE IT!? Even my doubting-type husband saw it. The more we looked, the angels became more life-like, and our size. Then, one of the angels asked 4 people to come with her (yes, she was an angel, it was a she) she asked us to come sit in the car, she needed to pray with us, and touch us with encouragement. My husband was allowed. That made me happy. She then proceeded to tell us that terrible times were coming upon this earth, and in America. BUT, to take heart. Because GOD has heard our prayers, God has seen the pain of many patriots, saints and those that fear his name. She held my hand in prayer (it was so natural) I wept. I told her that I was so afraid because my husband is such a doubting Tom. She looked at me with compassion and love, advised me to continue prayer and supplication on his behalf. He needs to believe more is what she advised me. She prayed for the 4 of us (my husband was totally awestruck by the heavenly presence of the angel) I was not. I know that angels are messengers. She stayed with us for a time, not a long period of time, minutes- but it seemed long. She then advised that she was happy she was an angel, because it will take a lot of courage to go through what is coming on the earth. I asked her; Madam, is there going to be this thing called a ‘rapture?’ She smiled at me and said something like this:  the Messiah, will ‘meet us all‘.   

(Incredible, huh?) As she smiled and then took leave, she said, “Events are here, prepare!” She said, the Messiah is coming. That is what she said.


  THEN, she hugged me, and said that she would see me soon. As soon as she said that, I looked in the direction of the south to where the heavenly presences were headed, before. I saw rockets and bombs, hitting America. I said, IT IS HERE, NOW! Lets go, NOW! As we began driving up the mountain to where we live, another warrior-war type angel stopped us. He said: “Let me see the itinerary  where you are going to sing.” I gave it to him. It was a show for MSN (oddly, I hate MSN) He told me; “DO NOT GO THERE, THERE IS DANGER. YOU WILL SURVIVE IF YOU DO NOT GO THERE”.  So, My husband and I did not go, we moved up toward the mountain….Pretty soon, we were there, away from the war that had started.. I got out of the car, and went to the safe place and there I saw ABRAHAM (the father of our faith) he had on jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt, he was older, a nice, kind face.  He looked at me and said; “I know, you are worried about the doubt of your husband, and you just need to be in constant prayer to God on his behalf”  I could not believe that I was sitting with Abraham, but it seemed so natural.

Then, I woke up. 



Christians must return to their faith, full force, Jews must return to the synagogue, Torah and Tanakh.

YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE what is coming without faith and GOD, PERIOD.