Even Though A.G. Eric Holder IS In Contempt, He Addresses National Council of La Raza~RIGHT NOW

Even Though A.G. Eric Holder IS In Contempt, He Is Addresses National Council of La Raza~RIGHT NOW. 

This is totally un-be-friggin-lievable. This bastard should have been thrown 3 sheets to the wind, but he is meeting with LA RAZA?  LA FRIGGIN RAZA.  Where is that Huckleberry Hound-dog-looking wack job, John Boehner? What does Issa say about this?  I cannot believe this. And, honestly.. I have to say..If Eric Holder was white….You know the rest.

Immigration Watchdog Video Of SERIOUS Mexican-Supremacists Pushing Around, & Threatening Whites In The South-West

Immigration Watchdog Video Of SERIOUS Mexican-Supremacists Pushing Around, Threatening Whites In The South-West


Excuse me…while I go blow up the $&^#’n Computer. I am SICK of these illegals. I am SICK of these Mexican-Marxists and I SO want to throw every damned ‘liberal’ the frig out of America.  Watch this video at 2 minutes, whitey is getting ANGRY. And I say….About damned time.  I cant even watch all of this. I am so f’n angry that my BP went up and I am breathless.. YOU will be too. Leninists, Marxist, Communists polluting this land.  I dont know just what the HELL it is going to take before good men rise up and do something. And..my patience is wearing thin.  NOT GOOD.

Hispanic Racist From My Old Home-town: “White People Are The Cancer, Must Be Reduced To A Minority”

Hispanic Racist From My Old Home-town  “White People Are The Cancer, Must Be Reduced To A Minority”.

(The post in that link above, was written late, 2009.. but-you must see it.) 

  The piece,  is written by a man from Salinas, CA.  His name is Mr. Pena.  Pena is in total denial, blinded by the hatred of Marxism, an anti-American ideology that should be treason in America, and proper punishment enforced; Think the Rosenbergs…. If I was in charge, ALL Marxists would cease to exist.  It has nothing to do with racism, either.. 

Please give me the liberty of explaining to you what Salinas, CA is all about: Salinas is a sanctuary city FOR illegal, occupying, criminal aliens.  Salinas had the highest murder rate–per capita in the USA in 2009, 2010-2011.  I lived in Salinas, CA.  It is a gutter now.  The town was a nice haven at one time.  Its residents were “Arkies and Okies” (Folk from Arkansas and Oklahoma.)  Many of these residents moved to Salinas to escape the dust bowl in the 1930’s.  The valley  of Salinas was the town my grandmother grew up in, and graduated High School -Circa 1943. 

Salinas was a bustling city.  None to match it, including San Jose in its day.  Many of the men that were KIA at Pearl Harbor were from it.  They were stationed at FT ORD, 7th Infantry Division, light fighters brigade, (same place where The Mad Jewess used to entertain many soldiers in musicals and won FORSCOM awards.) In its day, Salinas boasted of 3 movie theaters in 3 blocks alone; The Crystal Theater, the Fox Theater and the Cinema. This was a big thing for a town to have 3 Art Deco Theaters.  Salinas had many department stores.  The 2nd largest rodeo in America is in Salinas, CA. The outskirts of the Salinas Valley is rich in farm-land.  Grown there; Lettuce, artichokes, strawberries, spinach, etc..  My own family owned 30 acres on River Road for 30 years.

Salinas is no more.  It is like Tijuana, now.  The problem is not the ‘evil’ whites in Salinas, the problem is MR. F*CKING PENA.   White people are the total minority in Salinas, CA:  27%.   And, because of that, the town is…excuse me, a shithole, thanks to Ms. Anna Caballero, (Mexican Marxist) and once Mayor of Salinas, now State Assembly.  Salinas fared far better with Arkies and Okies that were ‘evil’ whites..

This is Salinas now-28 different gangs from the Nortenos to the Sorenos to the MS 13, you name it.

La Raza Calls For Black-Latino Alliance Against Whites-They Must Have Thrown HISPANIC, Zimmerman Under The Bus


La Raza Calls For Black-Latino Alliance Against Whites-They Must Have Thrown HISPANIC Zimmerman Under The Bus

We need to kick these people out.  I dont know what more to say.  Let em bring the war, then.  LET THEM. Thank you very f*cking much, Kennedy brothers. No wonder there is a Kennedy curse.  If you all do not understand what a race war is, I will tell you briefly: If you are white, you are dead. Got it?  Now do you GET why I have to do what I am doing??

Nobody Cares About White People; White People Dont Even Care About Themselves


Many years ago, a black person or a minority was not allowed to talk bad about white people.  To call a white person a ‘cracker, honkey, etc’ was NOT allowed.  Now, you can say anything against a white person.  A minority can even say they are going to KILL white people.  A minority can even beat or rape a white person and no ‘hate crimes’ or charges will even be brought against the perpetrator, in many racial hate crimes. Need more proof?  Just look at Eric holders decision to allow the Black Panthers case to go scot free.   If a white person, out of frustration or anger speaks out about this injustice, or, God forbid, uses the term ‘nigger’, his/her life is OVER.  If a white person even defends his/herself against a minority, they will be in trouble with the law and end up in jail.  The situation is reversed, now.  Can’t you see this??  It is time to stop the madness before the madness stops….and kills YOU, white person.

It is almost 3 years since the slime, Hussein O got inaugurated into our White House.  And nothing has ‘changed.’  What has not changed? White people have not changed. They are still the same. On defense all the time, worrying about if someone calls them a racist. Its true, and this is why the leftists still use “Thats racist” every single week.  They know that it gets to white people. Specifically Conservatives/Christians/right wing Jews.

It is not even against the law to ‘be’ a racist. It is against the law to ACT OUT on racism.

  Well, its time to wake the hell up, Whites.  What is it going to take? Huh?  Just because Obama got in, does not mean that racism just ‘showed up’ against you.  Whites have been going through at least 25 plus years of racism.  But, all that they are concerned about is if the left-wing thinks they are racists.

  Recently, in the last 4 mos, we have had all sorts of people calling us racists here on this site, and other sites that I am a member of. Why? Because we decided YEARS ago to start tackling the racism directed AT us.  You see, if you take up for white people, you are also considered a racist.  Last year, OUR SITE, (Not Megan Kelly, Great Van Sustern, Beck, ETC) was the first one to report that the Black Panthers wanted to ‘kill white people and their babies.‘  We put that video up MONTHS before they reported it on FAUX News… What, I ask you is: What is the difference in the Panthers saying that compared to the KKK saying “I’m gonna kill me some niggers?”  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing is different. Both are racially motivated.

  So, here it is: White people; You are the ‘nigger.’  Do you understand that?  Do you GET this?  You are the hunted. What will it take before you GET it?  Napolitano’s DHS report didn’t wake you up, just what in the hell will?  You are the target.  Mexican/Illegals/La Raza call you all sorts of vicious names.  They murder, rob, rape, and torture white people.  Bad black people are constantly targeting you in flash mobs, beatings, robbings, rapes all across this nation.  There are more racial crimes against white people than you can shake a stick at.  Most, if not all of the racial crimes are perpetrated against whites. Yet, still, the white people think that this is OK. It is NOT ok. 

   This makes me think about MLK and the Civil Rights marches that Beck showed consistently when he was on Fox.  He always showed that one picture of how the black people were arm-locked and afraid, but they did it-they marched and fought for their civil rights.  That was in the 1960’s.  It is the year 2011, and we cannot seem to get white people to lock arms and realize that they are being oppressed, beaten, targeted, raped, mobbed and murdered.  They are too busy worrying if someone uses the holy grail ‘N’ word and being labeled a racist.  Beck showed these Civil rights history lessons, yet lacked the courage to show what WE are going through as Caucasians/whites. WORLDWIDE.

You had better start caring about yourselves, because this is YOU, below and it is COMMONPLACE NOW, because you do NOTHING about it:



The author and the injuries he suffered.

There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of these videos, folks. 


It is not me that lacks the courage to be on the ‘moral high-ground’.

IT IS YOU–too afraid of being labeled a racist, & stand up for yourselves for a damned change.

La Raza Thugs Threaten To Kill Little Kids @ Foster Home In Tuscon, AZ

Murdering savage bastards.

View Image

TUCSON, AZ  –  At least two suspects are still on the loose after a bloody home invasion Monday night on Tucson’s southwest side.




AZ Rep Giffords Border Security PDF -Did this LEFTIST Loughner Act Alone?

Go to fullsize imageThis is sick and sad. Obviously, I must recant that I believe her to be a ‘real Democrat’.  She voted Obamacare. One of her own turned on her, which is what happens in a Marxist revolt. However, she was for closed borders. Which I agree with 100%.
 READ this report of the action she DEMANDED from our Moonbat-Messiah El Presidente’….  Sad news also, of Federal Judge shot and MURDERED.
PDF FILE, Border Plan:  Rep Giffords Border Plan.pdf,
It is unbelievable that this MURDERER acted alone…


Terroristos LA RAZA Threaten (R) LeMieux/Florida For His Vote Against “Dream Act”


 “The most immediate repercussions are that — particularly those members in states where the Latino population has political influence — they’d better watch out,” said Clarissa Martinez, NCLR’s director of immigration and national campaigns. “I am talking about persons like (Kay Bailey) Hutchison and (John) Cornyn of Texas, LeMieux in Florida, (Mark) Kirk in Illinois.”

Go to fullsize image So, there ya have it. Unless you allow the criminal, occupying invaders to come in and murder, rape, pillage, etc… You will NOT get the brown supremists, LA RAZA (Mehican version of the NAZI party’s) nod, and YOU BETTER WATCH IT. 

  So, what is that supposed to mean, BITCH? Are you going to murder a candiate in broad daylight?  Come on, Clarissa, come and take me on, you trashy whore, you vile piece of shit. Lets see how far your threats go against Americans, when you have a wet noodle plowed up your brown supremist LA RAZA ASS.  F**K THESE ANTI-LEGAL SOBS. So YOU BETTER WATCH IT, Pro-Illegal BITCHS AND BASTURDS.



Es Stupido Gringo! Ees No Racism When WE Do IT!