Lady Gaga Is Deeply Rooted In Systemic Satanism

Lady Gaga Is Deeply Rooted In Systemic Satanism

Today, Kooky Lady Goof-Off opened her stupid mouth again saying America is systemically waycist.  Gee, like we haven’t heard this a hundred million times..Most of us are too young to have been thru the whole civil rights ordeal & have watched black Americans enjoy the same rights as whites, Asians, etc..  

At any rate:  Almost any video one would watch performed by Lady Goof-Off is satanic and disgusting.  She is  a filthy shape-shifting lunatic.  

A Cancer which afflicts Hollywood and the entertainment business is systemic satanism that has been part of the Hollywood modus operandi since it’s inception.  See the movie: “Out of Shadows (2020)

Racism, schmacism.  A supposed Racist has nothing on Lady Cuckoo-bird. 

Gaga just assume eat black babies as well as white or any ‘ol baby out there.  If she’s not eating the babies, she certainly encourages sucking blood.  This wack job is a real vampire.  No wonder she has dreams of demons.  Thats what happens when you worship the devil.

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LADY GAGA: Deep Rooted, Satanic freak 

Go chomp on your little alien toddlers crazy b’tch.

Lady Gaga Applause music video (plus animated gifs!)

Tommy Mottola LIES About Beyonce’ Being “Worlds Greatest Singer”-He Just STILL Has The Ass At Mariah Carey

Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey’s Ex-Husband, Said the other day:  ‘Marrying Mariah was the biggest mistake he ever made’.  Evidence is in this link.. which is PROOF he is just lying and still has the ass at Mariah Carey.. Why didnt he just marry a nice Italian lady or just stay with his 1st wife??? 

At any rate…Last night, I was watching Bill O’Reilly.  You all know WHY I watch him?  Because I love yelling at the television.. Anyway, he had Motolla on his show.  Mottola said that “Beyonce’ is the worlds greatest singer”.  This is a 100% LIE.  Motolla knows that Beyonce’ is medicore at best.  He did this to hurt Carey’s feelings.   OK, why do these things even bother me, you will ask.  Because I am sick and damned tired of leftist animals propping up no-talents as being talented.   It’s all part of the grinding-down of America insanity.

Let’s give the devil-ette her due:  Beyonce’ is a pretty good actress.  She was so good in “Dreamgirls” that she even had a nasty skeptic like me convinced  that she was actually Diana Ross.  Beyonce’ has a great body (when she controls her weight and her ass is not bigger than the length of her legs…..  I can say this because I have been through ‘fat stages’, myself)  Beyonce’ is a leftist idiot that worships Obama.  So, there’s your honest, fairness.   But, the ‘worlds greatest singer??’  She is not.  America does not possess great singers anymore.  Mottola knows this–Anyone with TASTE knows this.  We produce smut & sleaze, but talent?  We do not put out talent, anymore-we used to.

Now, back to square 1:  Mariah Carey could bury Beyonce’ in singing and Motolla is aware of this fact.  Carey lost her confidence after no-talent, left-wing, loser, has-been reviewers tore her apart in 1992 after a concert in the big apple.   She gets her feelings hurt too easily & now she just can’t really sing well, anymore.  Carey should come and take lessons from The Mad Jew bitch on how to NOT let evil, FAR, left-wing filth get to you…

You do the comparison, yourselves (below is Mariah Carey)  –I really don’t like this type music, but anyone with a BRAIN can see that I am right.

Christian Aguilera is 1000x better than Beyonce’ (Yeah, she’s a lib, albeit, not a far left-wing-nut.)  She is adorable in this clip:

Even the loser-bitch, CHER, is better singer/vocalist than Beyonce’

Lady Goof-off is 10x better than Beyonce’ (in this song, only.  This song shows her vocal talent, below) But, Gag is a Marxist pos & sells out for fame and harlotry: blue hair, pink hair, militant queer insanity– anything over just acting normal:

Now, you just listen to Beyonce below-and you tell me this BROAD can sing. She can’t!! She is not even OK!  Mottola is a LIAR.  Stop lying.  Stop saying things like this just to ‘get at’ someone.  You know the truth, so stop the bs, Tommmmyyyy.  I grabbed 2 Beyonce’ songs that are popular…(BARF, gag me..)

NOW: Compare the classless ‘black voice’ noise pollution of Beyonce’ to powerhouse talent, Della Reese in 1959:


Back in the day, none of these current vocalists above would have even made it to the bigtime.   Need proof? Listen to the longing, the unfulfilled belonging in the voices of Jo Stafford 1st and Patsy Cline, 2nd they SING:

There was no reverb or echo enhancers.  They had to sing over and over again until they got it right, sometimes up to 50 takes in one day while recording.

These LADIES were top notch singers.


That’s all…

Gaga Not Gaga For Weird Al Tune

Read at AL’S BLOG

I love Weird Al Yankovick. He does great parodies. When he decided to do a cover on Gaga’s “Born This Way”, he practically had to go through a LOT of hoops for Gaga, even cut his family vacation short, spent endless hours working hard on this song track to appease Gaga, but it was all for naught when the Lady disapproved of it. Here is an account of all the extremely hard word and dedication Weird Al did, including the rejected tune .

Like Al said, the proceeds would have went to the Human Rights Campaign, should Gaga would have green lighted the song; however, since the song didn’t meet with Gaga standards, it’s not going anywhere. However, after hearing the song, I really love it. I have heard Gaga’s and then Al’s and I feel the song was done very well. If Gaga approved of this song, I am sure that folks would be lining up and buying this tune and the Human Rights Campaign would be getting some funds; yet, they are now not. However, since Al’s a nice guy, he urges people to donate anyway.

UPDATE (Daily What): Looks like things could be changing.

UPDATE: from Al’s blog

Lady GaGa~An Evil, Dark, Satanic Person That Needs Help

I dont know what to say to implore people that love God to pray for this person to change her ways.  This is evil, personified.  This is the person that Harry Reid was so happy with regarding her appeal for DADT, and ‘gays’ to serve openly in our now, paganistic military.

See for yourself.  This is dreadful and people need to call out to GOD for these atrocities that are taking place.  Young girls listen to her madness and evil. She IS evil. Her soul is dark and satanic. Not just this ‘costume’, but these are the eyes of a demented person that has given over to satanic forces..



Lady Gaga dons weird horns for Jay Leno TV show - Mirror Online



REAL Pentagon Poll: 91% Of Military Officials Would Reject “Gay” Leaders, But Lady Ga Ga Gets HER Way

Go to fullsize imageLady Ga Ga now dictates military policy, because she really, really, really gives a shit who is in the Military, which we all know is a lot of horse-dung.  Look at this link below, it is the REAL news on big brass Military polling on what they want and do not want at their job (you know, the job that none of the rest of us will ever do)

After reading this (Found By Donna)   Take a look at who won the ‘gay’s to be allowed to serve openly.  Yes We Can allow a debaucherous, satanic little slut dictate Military policy…. Click here: THE REAL PENTAGON POLL: 91% OF SERVICE MEMBERS REJECT HOMOSEXUAL LEADERS – 1 IN 4 WOULD QUIT

Diseased Crumb~Lady GOO GOO Talks On “Gay” Marriage To Senate-How FAR We Have SUNK

Coming from a long line of Military… I will say what I am going to say, and frankly I dont give a damn.  “Gays” in the military are a bad thing.  I have known more than a few ‘gays’ that have been in the military-simply put: When the going gets tough, for many ‘gays’, they work for discharge in any way possible.  “Gays” that are men-especially– are networked with more emotions and feelings than that of regular, testesterone-filled men.   Most men that are MEN do not want to be around ‘gays’ in the Military, it is THEM that we should be focused on.

Lady Ga Ga, does not know what the hell she is talking about- AT ALL. She is a dumb kid that thinks she is a ‘gay’ man.  Is there any way possible that the people in Hollywood can shut the hell up with their agenda, and forcing this shit on our kids, using other kids like Ga Ga?  People that listen to Ga Ga are what? 13-19/20?  Does anyone EVER get tired of this indoctrination of crap from people that don’t know WTF they are talking about??

This bitch cannot even respect the American Flag, far be it from this scum to lecture military policy.

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From The Doggie In The Window ~To Ga Ga Grotesque FILTH

Poodle SkirtsRecently, I had the misfortune of someone sending me a very tasteless, disgusting, debaucherous video of Lady Ga Ga.  America used to have such class. Now, it is even worse than the Roman Empire, because of the Internet. I just dont understand why people would want to destroy what this place was. What it could become, if we changed our ways. Why would they want Lady Ga Ga’s “Alejandro” over “How Much Is that Doggie In The Window?”  It is obvious that everything that is old is new again, why the regression, then?

I want you to please open your heart, and take a good look and listen to what things were, and how things are now, and ask yourself why any sane human would want the ‘grunge’ now, vs. the goodness then. Call me sentimental, but I would like to see some normalcy outside the parameters of my home, which, incidently is 50’s retro style, my husband being a young boy in the 50’s.

 Baby Gaga Video: 57902169 Lets skip ahead to present day. PLEASE, ask yourself if there is any sane reason why things have to be so vile.  Look how the people are dressed in this insane awful video.  Look how a MAN has on fish-net stockings. It is absolutely REPULSIVE.  It is like Madonna on steroiods, as if we needed anymore of that. She even gives the finger to an AUDIENCE. Sickening.  Even the so-called music sounds like La Isla Bonita in the Alejandro video. Men kissing men in filthy, debaucherous scenes, violent sex acts, orgies, etc. These videos have over 145,000,000 views. THIS is what our young people listen to now and ‘love’.  She is mocking the Catholic faith, which she was brought up in. I just dont get it. I never will.

What Do Lady Gaga & Margaret Hamilton Have In Common?

My Goodness! Lady Gaga looks like Margaret Hamilton, The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of OZ! HOLY MAKAREL!

 No wonder she hates God so much. Did you all see this total gasbags recent video against the Catholic church–as IF she first started that crap


This is her Donatella Versace look: