The Red Witch Meets The RINOs At The Benghazi-Gate!

From The Lampoonist American


At the Bengjazi hearings, it was, de ja vu all over again, ever since the Gipper vacated the scene, we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and then, and then a big nothing. The frustration associated with watching the Red Witch Hillary at the Benghazi Hearings was eerily similar to that which we endured at the McCain and Romney presidential campaign appearances…With guns at the ready, and in both instances, enough paint ball ammo to white wash Obama and redden Hillary the Witch Red, as usual, on Benghazi Gate, Obama and the Regime got white washed.

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It would be funny if it wasn’t tragic.


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Reality Check: This Is What Mitt Romney Won’t Say At Tomorrow Night’s Debate

We have a Chicken in the White House ripe for plucking, but sadly, these will not be Romeny’s opening remarks at the debate..

Theme Mr. President, “the abysmal & desperate state that this nation is not about me.”

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McRomney – McCain Redux By The Lampoonist American

“The LampoonistAmerican

 Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity…
The geniuses orchestrating ‘fail safe‘ Romney non-campaign have the Obama’s masters of propaganda, his commie attack brats licking their chops…
Can’t blame them, they have fashioned a [McCain] campaign portraying him as the gutless, one dimensional, smarmy phony that he is…Seriously folks, anybody calling the America-hating Obama “a patriot who just has the wrong ideas and failed policies” is a phony.
We all remember the master stroke when the McCain non-campaign brought the charismatic Palin on board and his numbers sky rocketed…McCain could have rode her coat tails into the White House..
Then Palin made the uber-mistake, she attacked Obama and was flayed, eviscerated, assassinated turned into a buffoonist by the pacifist Rovist’s master campaign strategists…And ruined her career and her massive popularity.
The cabal of razor sharp psychopaths running Obomo’s propaganda machine have found their formula, they have succeeded in flaying and cutting Romney ribbons.
How you ask? When the opposition, in this case Romney is out on the campaign acting like the gutless one dimensional fop that he is, Obama’s attack brats are all too happy to help…..
In any event, as long as Romney continues to portray the criminal rogue administration and their circus carnival barker, the jackass Obama, as benign failures, it McCain all over again…
db C. 2012

A Rare Christmas Edition Of The Lampoonist American, DAVE BAKER

By Dave Baker© 2010 ~Happily, the time of year when Christians turn the world into a wonderland of lights, color, music and pageantry, is with us again. Unfortunately, the air electrified with the spirit of good will and brotherhood energizes an evil force to whom the joy and happiness of Christmas trees and colors, American flags, Christian families and our little kids, are an anathema.   

 Last weekend, during their annual fund drive, the president of the Albany, NY chapter of The People’s Commie TV Network, Robert Altman, looked into the camera, with a wooden smile on his face and concluded his shilling for funds with a terse, “Happy New Year.” It was as cold and clammy as Chanukah night in Moscow’s Red Square. And, red lights started flashing and they were not, Christmas lights.  The rest here: