Fatty Chris Christie Should Be #SkinnyCow ‘s Next Poster Boy

Chris Christie Should Be #SkinnyCow ‘s Poster Boy

I hear tubby is meeting with GOP elites in the Hamptons.  Puts a whole new meeting to ‘eat the rich!’  Dang.. Why does the GOP come up with the WORST of candidates?  Sighs.. Glad I left the Repubs. No offense to sane GOPers.. I can’t help but make light (I mean fat) of Christies physique.  I seriously struggle with fatso issues myself.  But, truly, a Pres with quad-chins?  Oy Vey.. Be a little more ‘transparent’, Chrissy. 

AND, this lard-ass banned homosexuals from becoming UN-homosexualized?  What the hell is THAT?   Can we all move on from gay, please.  Let’s all start worrying about the country for a change instead of sex.

An art collage from May 2013

Argh.. what a joke our once nice nation has become.

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