The Ugly Leftist War Is NOT Against Capitalism, It Is Against White People

  Tonight, I watched “Mother Wore Tights” from 1947. It was beautiful to watch. The costumes, and of course the technicolor. Something suddenly occurred to me.  The leftists are not at war with capitalism at all. They are at war against white people. Yes, its the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. They hate the purdy whitey folk..

The truth, that you left-wing scoundrels and cads don’t want to come to terms with, is that you were born ugly. Not just outside-it is the inside of you is dark , you savage beasts. It has made your outsides look hideous now. The ugly, little glares….the terrible, treacherous, treasonous attitudes you carry with you. The evil that you embrace.  It is all because you are spawns of satan. Its the truth. YOU ARE UGLY.  There is nothing ‘pretty’ about you, neither outside nor inside.

  Take Michael Jackson; He was born a black boy and died an ugly white woman- he was SO JEALOUS of white people…And what about the different races? The races that are different colors that are leftists, like black-libos, Mexican Marxists, MUSLIMS and left wing Erav Rav Jews? They are JEALOUS. It is the truth.         You are so jealous of white people that you can’t see straight.  Its the facts. If you all were such die-hard ‘anti-capitalists’, you would not be movie stars, pop-stars, elites, magazine writers, wall-street moguls, owners of your little coffee shops (that are usually filthy and disgusting). You certainly would not be a Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Soros, OBAMA.

  Face the mirror, you left-wingers are just so damned ugly, its scary. When you were kids, you were insanely jealous of the gorgeous blonde, the brunette gal with the green eyes. You were SICK WITH ENVY over the Mel Gibsons, the Tom Sellecks.  Meanwhile, you had to look at your ugly ass self: Whoppi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Winehouse, Kelly Osbourne, Janine Garofela (<Whatever..UGH) Rosie O’Donnell, ETC.  You hate these whiteys, because they have been successful, AND pretty.. Makes ya sick, huh? LOL!!!

  So, you figured out a way to love your ugly selves and make yourselves feel better; Make the white people feel some FAKE guilt.  You know WHY you wanted to make them feel guilty? Do you?  It is not because of slavery 150 yrs ago, it is not because of civil rights; It is because you cant change the fact that you are HIDEOUS. Ugly inside and out.  A true beauty is a person in the heart, but even moreso, is the gorgeous white person with the brains.    

  And, then…What really made you nuts, are people with REAL talents in the arts, because you leftists have NO talent, NONE.  Placing a jar of urine with a cross in it, is what you pigs call ‘art’.  You are disgusting people.  Truly talented singers & actors never make it either-because the leftists HATE people that are truly gifted by God, and they hate them even more if they are WHITE AND PRETTY TO BOOT. HA HA HA HA.

  Tell ya, I was never jealous. Nope. I have almost black hair and hazel green eyes, and what a body I STILL have, with a fab voice to sing with 😀 .  I LOVE that you all hate me and hate 100% whitey folks. It proves to me that I AM RIGHT. HA HA HA.  Nah…Mrs. O aint jealous…lol:

**Look how gorgeous these people look in this movie, and then tell me you aint JEALOUS !!! LOL!!**

  People that are patriotic, love God, and are good Jews or good Christians are not jealous.  Nope. They may not all be gorgeous, thats truth…But thats ok, because they have more heart and soul than you leftist slimes will EVER have.  Their beauty shines, even on the outside, because of their love for God, and their country– while you are dark…dark like the deepest soil in Salinas, California. Dirty, ugly, dingy and dark-souled, black-hearted varmits from the pits of hell.  LOOK AT YOUR UGLY SELVES!!