Google.Com Petitions Against China But Protects the Left Wing In America

GOOGLE- Power meter may measure home compliance with Obama carbon caps   Nothing makes sense to me anymore.  Right here, Google ‘apologizes’ To Obama’s ugly wife: Google apologizes for results of ‘Michelle Obama‘ image search …  I dont get it.  These ugly pictures were never apologized for re. Laura Bush, and I hate Former Pres.Bush, but Mrs. Laura was a lady. One cant help but find ugly pics of Obamas wife, because she looks mean and mad most of the time.

  Support Google’s Stand Against China – The Petition Site   You know, the left never supports America, but advocates against China censoring. Left Wing-FASCISTS Against America, but–Freedom For China? Please…I could have had a V-8, the left wing is soooo predictable now..

  BEIJING — Google’s surprising decision this week to abandon cooperation with Chinese government censors — and, possibly, its four-year effort to do business here — is galvanizing an unusually broad coalition of foreigners who hope for a fresh chance to rein in the conduct of an emerging great power. Far-Ranging Support for Google’s China Move –  Google Internet Freedom Stance with China.Gets Little Support from U.S. Corporations Google Stance Against China Gets Minimal Support from U.S. … 


Left Wing Stalinists Planning To Infiltrate Tea Parties With SLANDER & DECEIT

Crash the tea parties!

   The INSANE Diatribe of BS found on a left wing Kommie site: On April 15th thousands of right-wingers will attend rallies in cities and towns across the United States. The organizers of this nationwide day of protest call it a tea party. This tea party movement that emerged only a year ago is a coalition of conservatives, anti-Semites, fascists, libertarians, racists, constitutionalists, militia men, gun freaks, homophobes, Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones conspiracy types and American flag wavers.

   If the tea party movement continues to grow in size and strength there is a big chance they will dominate this country in the near future. If the tea party movement takes over this country they will really hurt poor people by getting rid of social programs like food stamps, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, student aid, free health care, etc. The tea party movement will say these programs must be gotten rid of because hard-working taxpayers cannot afford to pay for these things especially when the economy is in a depression. The rest here:   See this previous post I made of proof of their violent ways; MMFA Boehlert’s Diatribe Of BS, Built On GUILT From STALINIST PAST


    Just so you all know, it is the LEFT WING that is the racist, the Jew hater, the FASCIST- just look at who is in charge of the YES WE CAN Brigades; B.H.O./Confirmed MARXIST Revolutionary, and ALL of his admin are 60’s RADICALS that started race-riots, fires, out of control demonstrations..

REMEMBER who these people REALLY are, and to call us ‘fascists’ is a joke, a real joke, when it is them that are trying to dictate OVER OUR lives, what g’d hypocrites. It is amazing to me. Remember, it is them that are violent. Conservatives are self-defense, and they are always OFFENSE, as seen here by their lies, and websites like MMFA who is inciting a bloodbath..See the hype THEY are creating: WATCH: A Saturday On The Fringe: Scenes From The Right’s Rallies In Nevada And Florida & LIE to incite on this diatribe of Stalinist instigation:

REMEMBER these ENEMIES of America, our troops, freedom: