Guess What I Found.. Being A “RACIST” Is Not Illegal. Whoda Thunk?

Recently, I was linked up at an ‘anti-racist’, Bolshevik, leftist, Nazi website. Yep, oh yeah.. They are proclaiming some insane “Justice for Fakestine.”  They are super, bigtime down on Israel (most left wingers are rabid Jew/Israel-haters,  they love anyone that hates Israel, it’s a prerequisite..)  

  The website is talking about the injustice of the Israelis against the fakestinians. The poor, fat Gazans. Whahh…boo friggin hoo. Who really gives a damn about the Gazans, anyway?  …..This certain website is ranting  how all pro-Israel folks are racists & bigots…. They seem to understand that the only racism is directed at ‘people of color’ (blacks) *or Gazans, now*.  They are in total denial of Pastor Wright, Louis Farrakhan, the summer-long black, terrorist, flash-mobs, geared against white civilians.  See, ‘racism’ only goes one way with these idiots; Against black people.   Now, some phoney, propped up ‘race’  charges are against the poor Muslims.. Wow, some Jews dont like Muslims terrorists! Like Geller, R. Spencer.. WTH! How could this be possible? Maybe because NYC was attacked BY people of the Islamic ‘faith.’?    …..So, there are some Jews and Christians that report, incessively on Islamic terror. I am not one of them. I relentlessly attack leftists and won’t ever stop. They are treacherous, and evil. In my opinion, leftists are genocidal, psycho-maniacs worse than the Muslims ever thought of being.

  I have had my own reasons for my ‘bigotry.’  I choose to be bigoted about things.  That’s my opinion, that is the way I am. I judge a tree by its fruit. If it has no fruit: basta.   My husband has chosen to be bigoted and racist. Why?  Why in the hell would my husband, a Jewish man, also- CHOOSE to be a racist, bigot? Why would I?  The Question is:  Do us evil, mean racists ever converse with ‘minorities?’  Do we fellowship and are we ‘multi-cultural’?  The answer may surprise. 


Just why the hell are we racist and bigots? What audacity….

My husband has had several very bad run-ins with bad black people.  Does he believe that every single black person alive is bad? No.  Does he think that every single Jew is an America-hating, leftist pig? No. Does my husband hate all “Hispanics?” No.  Does he hate all Asians? No. Do I? No.   My husband and I have American friends that are black, Hispanic and Japanese.  He has chosen not to trust black people anymore, at this point (It could change).   I hate illegals and nothing will change this. Mexican, Columbian, Chinese, Venezuelan, Russian-they are ILLEGAL, and this has zero to do with racism. It is legal vs illegal. I am none too fond of Mexican racists. Many Mexican people hate white people’s guts. So, they should expect the natural reaction; We aint gonna like you too much either, then.

  BUT-Lets see why my husband is a bigot -predominantly against blacks.  In the late 1980’s, my husband received a phone call, late at night. It was his cousin (I will call her Felicity, he was VERY close to her) Felicity had been raped.  Felicity was a virgin, saving her soul and body for her soon-to-be-husband.  She went to the hospital, first thing after the violent incident happened.  7 weeks down the road, she found she was pregnant. She was an advocate for life, (pro-life). So, she had to make a decision.  She had a D & C.  Felicity was out of sorts for 3 long years.  After her rehabilitation, she was married to her husband, the same one aforementioned- saw her through this horrific ordeal.  Felicity does well now, and is very successful.  Felicity was raped by a black man.


What is his problem?!

  In some earlier years of my life, my mother was a liberal-type (She is not anymore, not for a long time).  One day as a younger lady, my mother was teaching me about ‘tolerance’.  She noted that ‘one must never pick on a handicapped person in a wheelchair’ (a young girl at school was paralyzed, from the hip down, & in a wheelchair).  The very next day, to my amazement, I saw another younger lady picking on the girl in our school that was in a wheelchair for life. She was relentlessly attacking this young lady. To my shock, I walked right up to this bully and punched her in the face. Right in the face. Justice, school-ground style… The next day, my mother and I were walking across the field.  She saw 2 black girls. She noted ‘One must never pick on the black people because many people had slaves and they fought for their civil rights.’  Ok, fair enough.  BUT, the next day yielded a bad event for me.  I was walking by the woods, and saw 3 young black girls, 2 of these girls were the same girls that my mother pointed out (they didnt see that she pointed them out, they were talking.)  When I passed by them, I made a note to smile.  Did I get a smile back?………………………..NO.  These 3 racist black girls beat the living shit out of me with sticks while they screamed “White Bitch!!”  Why are you hurting me, I cried  over and over.  ‘No reason girl, it’s because “YOU IS WHITE.”‘  End of that story..

  In 1999, God sent 2 American black conservatives in my path, and the healing from that beating begun. They were kind to me. One was a chef, he became a trusted friend of mine. (I’ll call him Jay.)  I was able to land him a job that paid really good money, he was talented and a good man.  The other lady was a strong Christian woman, I was also able to influence (Sandy, I’ll call her) to take a promotion that was offered to her. They blessed and reached out to heal my wound, I returned the blessing.

  People don’t seem to realize that if a person has been hurt, emotionally, or physically, and especially in  racial violence, you don’t just ‘get over it.‘ Some may never get over it..  You probably read my husbands article “Never, ever trust a black man.”    He gave this black man his trust, and this black man trampled all over it.     So, my husband is upset, extremely angry and wished he never stopped being a bigot/racist.  But, he does not have a right to go through this, to talk about it. To be upset, to be irate… Because as much as the leftist-slime piss, moan and groan about feeeeeeeeelingsssssss, they refuse to allow for healing time. They are so full of shit, it’s pathetic.

  This brings me to my conclusion.  I started to look online to see if being a bigot or a racist is illegal. Well, folks, it isn’t.  It is the acting out on racism (physical violence)  that is illegal. Like all offensive violence should be.

 So, where is the justice for my husbands cousin? She never got any. Nope. She was an attractive young woman that ‘enticed’ this innocent black rapist. She didn’t ‘entice’ anyone, she was a very virginal younger lady.

  Here is the deal Leftists: Stop lying about us, and we will stop telling the truth about you.  Racism and bigotry is not illegal.  If you don’t like this, feel free to never visit our blog again.

The rest of you, SHOUT, SHOUT, LET IT ALL OUT!