The BLM/ANTIFA 2020 Summer “Protests” Were Communist. This 1968 Film Proves It

The BLM/ANTIFA 2020 “Protests” Were Communists. This 1968 Film Proves It

In order to determine the present situation, one must dig into history to discover the roots of any subversive movement.

The summer riots of 2020 were Communist riots and nothing else. The rioters were not for George Floyd nor were they ‘anti fascist’. It was Communists and you’ll see that in this film. The Communist (Leftists) want to overthrow the United states government and its people. Since the 1960’s. The ‘true’ coup is the Left against America.

The Communist Leftists have been using minorities and poor people for over 50 years to achieve the complete overthrow of our nation, our economic system and government. This is why I pay NO mind to the Leftist taunts of Trump’s supporters being ‘terrorists’. This film shows who the REAL terrorists are: THE LEFTISTS. PERIOD. The few that went into the capitol on June 6th have NO roots in ANY movement–ANYWHERE. There is no history of “Trump supporters” seeking to destroy the USA for the last 50 years. Conservative people are not subversive. Being ‘nationalistic’ is not undermining the nation. Being patriotic is NOT subversive.

NOBODY on the majority of the “Trump side” has sought to overthrow the whole nation. Yes, they hate the house and senate and do do I. But to bring 100 Vietnam’s to America as you will see stated in this film? NO, no and NO. It is the LEFT and has always been the LEFT that is subversive. Because Leftism is a FOREIGN ideology.

Over 100 Arrested at School Closures Protest in Chicago (Leftism Closed These Schools)

Over 100 Arrested at School Closures Protest in Chicago (Leftism Closed These Schools)

Anytime you see something like this; It’s the left wing.  Imagine if they started admitting they suck?  That they are the ones that have totally destroyed this country with their dumbing down?  Unions pay too much money to these teachers.  Vacations, T.O., high wages, health care- where tax-payers just can’t afford it any longer.



This is the story of when I had an emotional breakdown in 1989

By: Julianna Albert, Chicago Illinois (written by The Mad Jewess) ©2009

I was young, vigorous and pretty.  I had NO fear of most anything.  My grandmother had just had a heart-attack.. meanwhile, I had just opened an antique shop, I was also working 6 days a week, and Cali had just had a MASSIVE earthquake.. I had also gotten involved in a church, where I led worship, the chuch, although was so sweet and friendly, they became as tyrants over people’s lives.  I am not ‘putting church down’ so, don’t get that idea. I had a lot on my plate, so I lost sleep…try 7 mos. of sleep.  Sleep turned into a massive depression, and I didnt care whether I lived or died.

   One day, I just lost it.  To make it short, I admitted myself into the hospital.  It all began from there.  You see the FIRST thing these maggot COCKROACHES do, is tell you that you are ‘uni-polar’ OR ‘bi-polar’  Or hell, why not a north poler.. They actually tell you ANYTHING but the REAL facts: YOU JUST HAD A BREAKDOWN (emotional) AND YOU MUST GET SLEEP AND REST AND TAKE AN ANTI DEPRESSANT FOR AWHILE.  Thats all that was needed, but noooo….that is NOT what they do.  They tell you: You MUST stay in the ‘system.’  Then they tell you….”Here…you need this pill, and you are to NEVER come off of this pill the REST OF LIFE, because….now…you are a MENTAL PATIENT.” 

   Well, folks, that just IS NOT the case.  I spent a better part of my 30’s fighting the ‘system,’  while the rest of the people around me stayed ON THE SYSTEM. They had little apartments, food stamps, 24/7 care paid for by YOURS TRULY, the tax-payer.  I went back to work ASAP, and I worked HARD.  I was known at the Dr’s office as the ‘miracle patient.’  NOTHING could be further from the truth.  There was NO ‘miracle.’

   I fought the system, AFTER I saw that a year of lithium and depakote gave me 50 extra pounds, and they were TRYING to turn me into a “zombie” like every other American idiot out there now.     They were CONSTANTLY pushing me to just go on disability… What for?? TO MAKE MONEY OFF of YOU, people.

I REFUSED, and I refused time and time again…

Finally, I had a GREAT Dr that said my ONLY real problem was ‘sleep depravation’ with some clinical depression, and if I was CAREFUL to monitor these symptoms, he didnt see any reason why I shouldnt be on very MINIMAL care….So, I went off of all of the BS, and took anti-anxiety meds, because it is just ‘rule of thumb’ that anxiety brings on depression…I began a life FREE of the mind-numbing, mind-altering drugs that is BS in our lives in America… But it NEVER ended, NEVER.  I would get a new Dr and the SOS would start ALL OVER AGAIN… the ‘evaluations’ ETC..

These maniacs would tell you, in this sweet, nicey-nice BS voice that you seem ‘ANGRYYYYY.. todayyyyyy”.  Look, anger is a NATURAL emotion!!!  But these damned VULTURES knew that I was a FIGHTER, and even more than that, a fighter in my town/city, and these FREAKS would do just about ANYTHING to ‘stop my mouth’  & when I stood up to the city powers that were destroying our little town…they would say (ALWAYS)  “You seem OUT OF SORTS!!”  

Many times I would believe that these sh*theads were out for my well-being…..WRONG!!! They wanted YOU to pay for ME., this is the bottom line- people.    The kids nowadays DO NOT have all sorts of MENTAL issues! Just get your kids the HELL off the computer, and STOP giving them MC DONALDS!

So, if any of this sounds like you, and believe you ME, this was 10x WORSE than what is written WILL have a BATTLE ahead against tyrannical leftist militant she-beasts. 

This was an ONGOING TEN YEAR BATTLE with leftist FASCIST TYRANTS that just wouldnt take NO for an answer when you fight the “SYSTEM.”

I am better now, and healed by FIGHTING.  But this IS what leftist DO, to imprison YOU, in their system of HELL on earth.


This is what the LEFTIST FASCISTS have done to AMERICA.  They have made a ‘tolerant’ HELL.  May God—————–DAMN their souls to HELL for ALL ETERNITY.





What is A-mer-i-ca to me?
A name, a map, the flag I see,
a cer-tain word, "De-moc - ra - cy."
What is A-mer-i-ca to me?

The house I live in, A plot of earth, a street,
The groc-er and the butch-er and the peo-ple that I meet,
The chil-dren in the play-ground, the fac-es that I see;
All rac-es, all re-lig-ions, that's A-mer-i-ca to me.

The place I work in, the work-er at my side
The lit-tle town or cit-y where my peo-ple lived and died
The "how-dy" and the hand-shake the air of feel-ing free
the right to speak my mind out, that's A-mer-i-ca to me.

The things I see a-bout me the big things and the small
The lit-tle cor-ner news-stand and the house a mile__tall;
The wed-ding and the church-yard, the laugh-ter and the tears,
The dream that's been a grow-in' for a hun-dred fif-ty years

The town I live in the street, the house, the room,
The pave-ment of the cit-y, or a gar-den all in bloom,
The church, the school, the club house,
The mil-lion lights I see, But es-pec-ial-ly the peo-ple,
That's A- mer - i -ca to me.

THIS is what the LEFT has DESTROYED.




  Listen to this ANIMAL GENERALIZE ALL conservative people.  “Where were the repubs. during Bushs administration…?”  Where was SHE??  Now, this busy B*TCH is busy WORSHIPPING Hussein Obama…….A BIGGER SPENDER than BUSH, who was bad enough.  

 FACE IT, despicible jerk…you HATE your fellow countrymen, and WORSHIP this filthy debaucherous TRAITOROUS congress. 

GO TO HELL lady.


Without becoming FEMINISTS, simply put- CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!

 Did you know that there was a time in AMERICA that blonde women were NOT in pictures, NOT in entertainment?? Look at the silent films sometime. 



When have you had ENOUGH of the slaughterhouse, bloodbath of the LEFT Fem-GESTAPO LIARS?  Can’t you see that they USE you??  They say: “FREE TO HAVE SEX!” Can’t you SEE that they have ABUSED YOU??

And……. There is NO SUCH thing as a ‘platinum blonde’ -WAKE UP MAN!


The only blonde that was HUGE was MAE WEST.  For MANY years it was MAE WEST>   She was tough, she was sexy, but she certainly didn’t let herself get used, she loved men, and it was evident.

  When they DID use you, they USED you blonde ladies as SEXPOTS for ONE reason: to sell SEX. PERIOD.  Do you like this?

 Do you LIKE this abuse?? When will you say: NO MORE! NO MORE? 

  Frankly, I don’t know what it will take before you WAKE UP, and be known to CHERISH yourselves and PROTECT your beauty. 

Just because one is blonde, does NOT mean ‘dumb.’  Indeed, that is a LEFTIST indoctrination that Holly-WARLOCKS made up, and now have the MALE in America thinking you are EASY.  Easy to ABUSE and use, and they SEX you. 

Leftist FEM Gestapo are NOT there for you, indeed they are WIMPS.  Look how the FEM-Gestapo came out and did ZERO for Prejean??

 Look at Hilly the WITCH Clinton? The Fem-GESTAPO is a TOTAL sham!

WHEN IS IT ENOUGH?  I say:  STOP THE MADNESS! Look at Carrie Prejean, for ie.. what did they DO TO HER??  They USED her beauty for some damned dumb lingerie ad that came back to HAUNT. 

Leftists are YOUR enemy, blonde women of AMERICA.  Black women ALSO hate you.  Why?? Because there is nothing that a black man desires more than a white blonde woman for some ‘contrast’  It is SICK.  You need to start thanking God for your beauty, and save yourselves for the right man, NO man wants a white trash slut.

Look what they have done to you over the YEARS:

Monroe thought of as STUPID and SEX. DUMB BLONDE

Monroe thought of as STUPID and SEX. "DUMB BLONDE"




 Even the BARBIE Doll was used for SEXUAL ‘incantations’

Maybe THIS will WAKE YOU UP, but I have STRONG doubts. 😦


compares Obama's logo to

I hope you Obama JACKASSES are happy. You voted in a DICTATOR.  

You stupid ridiculous MORONS.

No time in the history of the U.S.A., has there ever been a President that even went so far as to have his own DEFENSE logo. And, still, you dipshits refuse to wake up.

missile defense logo look{I KNOW that this has been done before, but you MORONS NEED REMINDING until you WAKE THE HELL UP!!}


 Hitlers HAND SIGNAL from the 1930’s.

SEE: NAZI propaganda.

 Obama the KENYANS LOGO.

 Hitler Youth LOGO.

FASCISM: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism<<<<<Hello? Black Panthers, KILL WHITEY? It is a different racism, but racism nonetheless.


Will we be listening to this all the time now?

NUF SED- frankly opinionated.



YOU NEED TO REPENT! ASAP!   (This is NOT for Orthodox or Patriotic Jews that LOVE America)

#1.  You voted in a MARXIST MUSLIM named Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

#2. You are treating Christian people ROTTEN. Who do you think saved you during the Holocaust? IT WAS CHRISTIANS.  You have worked OVERTIME making SURE that this would not be a CHRISTIAN nation anymore- SHAME ON YOU!

#3. Christian people believe that Jesus is the savior, they read the SAME book as US.  What did Jesus personally do you you?? What?? If you bother to LOOK at the New Testament; Jesus was all about LOVE, and CLEARLY the words spoken were for the WORLD and the world NEEDS this type LOVE!! FOR HEAVENS SAKE!


RENOUNCE these ways- NOW, I mean NOW.  The things that leftist Jewish people have done to America is TREASON! Treason against GOD, and you WILL pay for this- my suggestion- or SERIOUS admonishment is: REPENT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

#5. COME PUBLIC in Newspapers and totally RENOUNCE and ask FORGIVENESS from America for NOT leaving your Soviet ways behind, Go to churches, REPENT. Go to schools and REPENT. 

You have brought on EVIL to universities- REPENT at the universities OR you will start seeing such HORRIFYING anti-semitism like you have NEVER seen before… GO OUT TO THE HIGHWAYS AND BY-WAYS AND REPENT LOUD for your SIN against America- ASAP.  This is the LAST warning you will get from me- IF you repent- GOD WILL FORGIVE this ATROCITY.

Word from God:

<< 2 Chronicles 7:14 >>
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.