Suddenly, Streisand “Cares” About The Pledge & Constitution..

Suddenly, Streisand “Cares” About The Pledge & Constitution..

I remember reading Streisand’s website one time… claiming she was pro Socialism.  Socialism is EUROPEAN.  Leftism is EUROPEAN.

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Our founding fathers escaped Socialism and leftism. Escaped the state telling them WHO and HOW they could worship.  Yet, Streisand is for these things.  That is NOT obedience to the flag OR Constitution.

Streisand, you are a big, fat, dirty liar.  You don’t give a rats ass about the Constitution OR the Flag.  Stop the damned hypocrisy.  IF you cared about these things, you would accept the FACT that your ‘team’ lost.  You would put your big girl panties on and shut the hell up, deal with the FACT that we live in a REPUBLIC and the REPUBLIC decides who they want as President.  

We the PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC, not the Democrat control freak land we’ve been for over 40 years decided we were finished with you Leftists.

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HER quote:

‘But in America, we pledge allegiance to the flag, not one particular person. And the president swears to uphold the Constitution, which sets out the rules of law that every citizen, even the president, must obey.’

This I find totally amazing… Streisand..has worked for over 50 years undermining this country.  Yet, she is now crying that we must ‘obey’ the Constitution?  What a lying bitch.  Undermining the elected President at EVERY turn, (usually for hyped up, leftist reasons) is NOT obeying the Constitution at all.  It is called undermining.  Not free speech–undermining.  She links up LEFT WING AND ONLY LEFT WING articles on her harridan ranting website.

Right here on this link, she’s crying about “impeachment” of GWB.  Leftists only care about impeaching Repub Presidents because they are leftist dummies who think their Democrat Kings can do NO wrong: A Case For Impeachment, 2007.

There is absolutely nothing on her site standing up to Obama’s 26,000 plus bombs all over the middle east. NO crying over ‘dead children’ etc.. Only crying over Bush doing it. 

Hypocrite, lying skank.  Go to a Nursing home and let some Jew hating Jihadists change your depends undergarments.  

Leftist Terrorist Group DHKP/C Behind US Embassy Attack In Turkey?

You be the judge.  The left has always been a terrorist. Think Bill Ayers.

The suicide bomber who detonated an explosive device at the entrance of the US Embassy in Ankara on Friday, killing at least two people, including himself, was a member of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), according to initial findings of the police shortly after the explosion.

Bill Ayers, radical leftist bomber:

“Forward” Into Obama’s Dream-Bolshevik Russian Revolution In Art, Circa 1917-1925

I have been telling people about this Communistic, Nazi style government war that the leftists and phoney conservatives have been waging against America for years. Sadly, nobody in my direct family listened. Friends did not listen (told me to shut up) and most of America does not listen.  “Forward” is going to become a reality in our lives.  

Take a look at this website:  Click here Hat tip, Marshall.  

Thanks Marshall 😀

Here is one picture:

aaaThis picture is the Bolsheviks stealing from the ‘haves’, the upper middle class and moving into the city.  

Does Obama know what he is doing??   You be the judge…

PELOSI CONDONES ANTI-SEMITISM & VIOLENCE~Astro-Turf Bitch, Nazi Pelosi: “Bless Occupy Wall St”

This bitch ought to be arrested and hung.  Obama with her.  I cannot believe this absolute INSANITY.  This scum-bitch said that the ‘tea party was astro-turf’,  but this slezoid skunk can’t give one reason WHY these IDIOTS are ‘protesting’.  They are ‘protesting’ as they did in Bolshevik Russia; They took homes, murdered those who did not go along with the Bolsheviks. Demanded that people who didnt even know each-other move into houses together; THAT IS what we are up against, people.

She condones the upcoming blood-shed. She condones the Jew hate. She condones the violence. She is an enemy of the state and should be tried for treason and shot.  That’s my opinion.


Pelosi on ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters: ‘God bless them’


Hitler Was A Leftist~He Fought For “Peace & Equality”, Just Like Obama & The “Progressives”

Click Here: Hitler Campaigned on “Peace” and “Equality” too, just like ‘liberals’ and this is why I HATE liberalism, it is ANTI AMERICAN TO THE MAX. My Grandfather and his father fought this fascist CRAP

I tell people over and over that Hitler was a leftist.  National Socialism, the same thing the ‘liberals’ want to impose on us.  Bunch of NAZIs.  This is why the ‘liberals’ and the Nazis are madly in love with each-other.  When you see these Nazis, just know this; They AINT Christians.  They use Christians.  In fact, they do what evil Jews do with Christians.  Bolsheviks+Nazis=SAME. 

IF they agree on Israel-hate & God-hate, they will join together on ANYTHING.