DHS Has Taken Rights From Nick Feuntes. They’re Coming For YOU, Too.

DHS Has Taken Rights From Nick Feuntes. They’re Coming For YOU, Too.

I do not care for this kid, Nick Fuentes. I did not care for that idiot, Andrew Anglin, either. However, I have to speak up for these jerks because even though they are moonbats, (in my opinion), they are still citizens. When they come for citizens, no matter what they say, they WILL come for you, also.

The DHS No Fly List and terror watchlist  added dissidents such as America First talk show host Nick Fuentes to them. The DHS also took 500K from Fuentes (just for his viewpoints): See this here.

No, the U.S. does not need European-style hate speech laws

Both Anglin and Fuentes believe EVERY SINGLE THING is the “Jews fault” and even Anglin coined that phrase “With Jews, you lose”… I vehemently disagree with both of these a$$holes. Although, a large percentage of the Jewish people seem to worship evil Leftism, there are many who do NOT. And, I resent people around both of these creeps saying we’re ‘all the same.’

Alejandro Mayorkas the current DHS is a Jew by his mother and father. So, this will just cause MORE Jew hatred. Mayorkas is making things much, much worse for the Jewish people by doing this. Fuentes, although outspoken is not a terrorist. BLM is. ANTIFA is.

Mayorkas’ mother, Anita (Gabor), was a Romanian Jew whose family escaped the Holocaust and fled to Cuba in the 1940s. Mayorkas is doing to Fuentes what the Nazi’s did to his mother. He is the SAME as a Nazi. And is an anti American totalitarian scumbag.

The Leftist Feminist WAR On America & Men~(“REPUBLICAN WAR ON WOMEN” IS B.S.)



Last night I turned on Hannity and much to my dismay, Hannity debated  on the defense with this garbage. There is NO ‘GOP WAR ON WOMEN”, its a lie.  A big, fat, huge BS LIE. (And I am not even a Repub)

Leftists and feminists hate America so much, they have spent close to 100 years undermining this nation. They lie and spin things around so that people are twirling like little toy-tops. So, lets set the record straight.

The left and feminists are the devils that have made divorce ‘easy and speedy’. They  have buried men, predominantly white men with the NAZI courts that rule in favor of women, time and time again, no matter how many times the man is innocent. Men have suffered devastation from the loss of not being able to see their own children. AND- if, God forbid, they miss a child support payment for a child they are not even allowed to see, they get fined and God only knows what else. The war has been against men, NOT women.

The “Liberals and the feminazis have destroyed the family unit. They have turned children against their parents, have stuffed our kids with ritilin and drugs to turn them into zombies. They have desecrated marriage, so that now, men marry men, women marry women. They put shows & commercials on  TV that make men look like dorks, and women are the ‘all powerful’ ones in charge= PROPAGANDA.

Women are in avenue of government. Women are CEOs, Women are Presidents of Cos. The list goes on and on. You start doing the thinking. Why even respond to their bogus, phoney charges? The war, is against MENThey started this LIE because the Catholics do not want to pay for womens contraception and murder of babies. Leftist and feminist women are satans spawn.


This is the truth, they are LIARS. Use this, make your own, I am tired of this BS.

This is their ‘love’ for America:

Watch this show, you tell me the truth.


This is not ‘freedom’, it is TYRANNY, Sedition and Mutiny against our country. PERIOD.

Protesting WI ‘Teachers’ Could Reap $9 Million from Taxpayers to Attend Rallies

Go to fullsize imageIT PAYS TO CALL IN SICK… Back in the day, it was called ‘hookey’, skipping. Now you get paid for it.

  Yes We Can get paid to do NO work.  (If you are a leftist/Communist/Progressive/Liberal/Marxist whatever they call themselves this week…)  From Sweetness & Light:

From Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute

Left Wing Savages Ravage, & Vandalize UK~BUMS-LOUSY NANNY STATE BUMS

Go to fullsize imageI will tell you all. I weep for England.  I do. I have had many English clients when I sold top of the line Vintage Millinery.  England is Americas Mother- this is sick and sad.  All I see coming from UK with these rotten, debaucherous pigs is a mirror of what is coming here.  In these videos, the disgusting leftists are vandalizing Police cars, breaking windows, all while saying ‘peaceful protest’.  This is the typical left.  They are the same here, too: Vandals, naked protesters- just the scum of the earth.

SEE, by Donna:  



Imagine the gall of this leftist PIG. 

 Imagine… you people are FAKE…fake. We are FAKE. I was at a T.P. protest and we are flippin FAKES. 


 BOYCOTT MSNBC, tell this HAG, leftist BITCH to go to HELL!

Yes...this is actually a FEMALE
Yes…this is actually a “FEMALE”