Constant Craving Hillary Urges Huma To Leave Her Weiner. Only In America, Folks

Constant Craving Hillary Urges Huma To Leave Her Weiner. Only In America, Folks

Q: What do you call a lesbian with fat fingers?   A: Well hung.

Q: What do you call two lesbians floating down a river   A: Fur Traders

Q: How can you tell if a lesbian is butch?   A: She kick starts her vibrator and rolls her own tampons. 

Do you think countries outside of America don’t watch our sick society, militant LGBT love fest with pure disgust?  They do.  Just because the Benghazi-Bitch advises Huma leave her Weiner does not mean that Hillary suddenly got a case of morality.  She didn’t.  She is still a sleazy, Lesbian, bi-sexual, freak who wants to be the first gay Prez.

ONLY IN AMERICA do we see such filthy smut.  Even fiction mags sold in the street corner markets cannot come up with stories this disgusting if you read between the lines.

Top Hillary Clinton aide has been given an ultimatum, according to New York magazine: Leave sexting husband Anthony Weiner or leave the Clinton camp.

I’m SO SICK of Liberal debauchery.  God, please destroy this insanity..

Napolitano: Proof FEMINIST/Leftist-Women In Office FAIL During Americas 2nd Alamo


 She-devil America is in the middle of our 2nd Alamo. We have villages and towns devastated by the illegals, just like town  of San Anton’.. America, bloodied from battle all across the S.W. from invasion ~ We have enemies, domestic, inside of our government that are enabling this agressive, Marxist-“Hispanic”, militant invasion:  Namely, Janet Napolitano. This is more proof that leftist/feminist women absolutely fail during invasion, and war–they are not protecting this nation against illegal occupiers that rape, behead, pillage, plunder and murder. Feminist/Left wing females are weak. They are appeasing and prove over and over that they cannot and should not EVER be in charge. 

  Napolitano, who looks like a very ugly, little man, wishes to possess a penis.  Yet this carpet~munching, butch-woman does not even try to have any testosterone. She must be the feminina/submissive in her relationship.. This pathetic, wuss-girl is as fluffy as a female can get with her cowardice, snivelling, & sucking up to the illegal occupiers.  Which brings me to this point: Is this how she ‘protects’ her own home, backyard, acreage? 

This is precisely why I am 100% against women in high office, almost all women.

   Yes, I respect Jan Brewer. Yes, I believe that some women can hold congressional seats, but the security of a nation? NO.  Jan Brewer is the only woman that is tough enough to stand up to this invasion and SAM-Bama why? She is older, experienced, she has MEN with her, leading her. Real men, like Arpaio- she needs our heartfelt prayers, because the leftists are soul assassins, and she is, after all:  woman.

Coopting Feminism for theSpeaking of Jan Brewer, she is our “Colonel Travis” right now-referencing the Alamo. Our Sam Houston is Obama, but Obama is not with Americans, he is with the domestic invading enemy, Mexican-Marxist Militants.  Sheriff Joe is our Jim Bowie, and our Davy Crocketts are the volunteers.

We need to ditch the CIC of this nation. We have war on the borders:  Bring in Sheriff Arpaio and Sheriff Paul Babeau to stop this madness. NOW is the time for MEN, I am SICK of women. MEN fight wars- NOT women, they do not possess the cohones to kill the enemy and send them packing. WHAT war has a woman EVER won?  It is what it is. (Sorry, ladies that blog here, I cannot, and will NOT change my mind on this.)

SEE this: Senators say DHS, Napolitano, the WEAK, feminist, lesbo, feminina allows backdoor amnesty –  Washington Times