Your Tax $$ @ Work- 2 Gay Men Fighting @ Public Assistance Ofc.

I just want you ALL to know, that these are the people you will be providing Obama-Care for, to take care of their nasty asses.  Don’t say us ‘right wing crazies’ didn’t warn you. 

 You jerk-Soviet leftist whores have made our hell, you’ll pay…Soon.. 


OH HEY Sugar! I

 Oh, BTW: its not being anti-‘gay’, it is the lack of decency that has been coming from this community for over 15 years- (Which Conservative gays knows very well about) You can stand for your beliefs and still love a person, does not mean you have to agree with the ‘life-style.’ Homosexual friends of ours love my brassiness, but not my anger.. So? Agree to disagree.