“Societal Safety?” Leftists Have DESTROYED Every US City, Let Foreigners W/ Illness Come Here At Will & Now Lecturing Abt “Societal Safety?” LIARS

“Societal Safety?” Leftists Have DESTROYED Every US City, Let Foreigners W/ Illness Come Here At Will & Now Lecturing Abt “Societal Safety?” LIARS

Leftists, aka Commies are the biggest liars on Gods green earth. NOBODY lies as much as a pathetic, activist Leftist. In this case, it’s “Dr” Fauci-gele: Dr. Fauci: ‘There is a Misplaced Perception About People’s Individual Right to Make a Decision that Supersedes the Societal Safety’ (VIDEO)

Take a good look at ANY city USA (All Democrat/Left run) and then tell me that the lying Left cares one iota about ‘societal safety’. Please. Gimme a break.

Here is a huge Leftist destruction trophy, Detroit:

The Ruins Of Detroit - Photo by Csmcm
Detroit Receives Less Federal Money Than All Of These ...
Detroit Links: Ruin porn as tourism industry, video game ...

A Democrat run city looks close to being a bombed out middle eastern city….After all, it’s basically the Leftists who bomb the middle east now AND the American Muslims keep voting em in!

Syria, after Obama destroyed Damascus and Aleppo:





#ERICHOLDER Lied Under Oath B4 Congress. He Is ON Video LYING. He KNEW About F&F And “Gunrunner” In 2009 & BOASTED About It In DOJ Letter To Mexico, Then, LIED To Congress In 2011.

 Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder repeatedly denying knowledge of Project Gunrunner over the years, Obama approved and signed the stimulus funding for its operations back in 2009. And during that same year, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder bragged about Project Gunrunner at the arms trafficking conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico – as documented (2009 Screen Capture) of the Department of Justice website.

Listen to this, 2011:

He stated he knew nothing. Holder said he never received Fast and Furious memos with his name on them in 2010. Lies. He SENT OUT this letter from the DOJ:

He walked away, no problem. No biggie. If he can walk away from lying under oath, then Steve Bannon should walk a free man for doing nothing wrong.

I covered the Communist hater, Eric holder at length in the BO years: SEE HERE.

#Facebook ‘Whistleblower’, Democrat Donor. LOL. Lying Media, Lying Democrats.

#Facebook ‘Whistleblower’, Big Democrat Donor. LOL. Lying Media, Lying Democrats.

The Democrat, Communist, Satanic Liars want their “James O’keefe”. But, they know they can’t do it because the ‘right wing’ is not out there undermining the nation. The Commie-Crats do that every day.

The National Pulse has thus far identified 36 donations from Haugen during her time as an employee of Facebook, Pinterest, and Gigster.  National Pulse.

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White Hating, Jew-Hating Marc Lamont Hill Suffers ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS (CLOTTING) From The KILL SHOT, #Covid Vaccine.

White Hating, Jew-Hating Marc Lamont Hill Suffers ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS (CLOTTING) From The KILL SHOT, #Covid Vaccine.

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Marc Lamont Hill is in bed at the hospital after suffering from a heart attack and clotting after a surgery on his foot/heel. What a crock of crap. This bigot is suffering from the kill shot. I watch what pro-vaxxed sick people go thru every single day regarding Covid. Clotting is one of the biggest symptoms as are heart attacks. He’s a LIAR.

This cat goes into the hospital with foot surgery and comes out suffering from a heart attack and clotting and he says ‘this is normal for a surgery on the foot’ ………Bla, bla bla jerk off.


Shame on this lying crock of crap.

BTW: This is how Lamont Hill feels about white people: Marc Lamont Hill: All White People Are Inherently Racist

He hates Jews, too: Marc Lamont Hill: BLM’s goal is to ‘dismantle the Zionist project’ I don’t know wth ‘project’ he is talking about.

CNN Commentator Praises Convicted Cop Murderer.

I can’t pray for this person. He makes me sick. Imagine living in a nation that you despise. He hates whites but they built the nation. Pffftt.. I have nothing to say.

Someone let him have it…

Liz Harrington: OBAMA, Not Sick, Old Joe “Illegitimately” Took Over The Presidency.

Liz Harrington: OBAMA, Not Sick, Old Joe “Illegitimately” Took Over

Give Us Liberty: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: 100% EVIL...

We are in a war and people just wont name the enemy.

They NEVER do here in the states. We pride ourselves in being courageous but we just cant seem to name an enemy. The truth is, corporately, we are COWARDS. That’s the damned facts.

For years on this blog, I have always called the ‘Liberals’ what they are: COMMUNISTS. Yet, for being in the top 2% of political blogs in America in my first 4 years on this website, naming the enemy just never caught on to us witless Americans.

Obama, the EVIL had his ‘legacy’ of filthy, faggy Communist policies tossed in the ashcan by Trump (many of those policies). Anyone with a brain can see this is OBAMA, Holder, Hillary, Jarrett and the God hating pukes running the show.


save a few Conservatives over the last few months.

And ‘saying’ it means repeating it over and over. When you fight, you hit your opponent – over and over. Not here in USA!! NOPE!! We do things one time and expect things to change.

As long as you people will not NAME the real issue–which is OBAMA running this sh’t show…. you remain on defense. And, you friggin deserve it. Liz knows it but won’t say it. That’s like lightly punching Andre the giant. “Joe Biden Illegitimately Took Over” – President Trump’s Spokeswoman Liz Harrington

The Grand Illusion

A very grand illusion, indeed….

That’s where we are and there is a magician in charge. The chief of illusionists: Barack Hussein Obama. Think not? Well, here ya go: Bust of Winston Churchill removed by Obama is back in the in the WH hours after Trump takes charge…….And, now it’s gone again: “Good riddance” to Winston Churchill bust in the Oval Office. Obama’s “Gotcha” moment to Trump..

The last time it was removed was by Barack Hussein Obama: Obama admits he removed bust of Churchill … – Mail Online

Obama made sure to remove the bust from the office to give a que to Conservative people–NOT Leftists that he is baaaaccckkkkk. Obama is a mocking, conniving devil. Almost all of “President” Biden’s appointee’s are from Obama’s former cabinet. Biden didn’t appoint them, Obama did. Biden can’t remember what he said 5 minutes ago.

Here’s another ‘in ya face’ action:

‘New photos of Biden’s newly decorated Oval Office shows the flags removed. Another item Biden ditched was the portrait of former President Andrew Jackson, who was the first Democrat to hold the office, but has been criticized recently for ties to slavery.’

Why would any Democrat remove a Democrat President’s portrait? Joe Biden didn’t do it, Obama did.

Joe Biden can’t even harldy speak without assistance from his wife.. Can you honestly tell me that Biden can run a nation? Politico Is First Fake News Mainstream Outlet to Hint at Joe Biden’s Obvious Dementia


Biden is NOT running this nation. Obama is. Its a Grand Illusion AND Delusion. Don’t believe any photo’s or video’s that come out of the white house, either. Its smoke and mirrors. Lying ‘signs and wonders’ to deceive.

I know Joe Biden is a corrupt, old man…. But, the way the DEMS are using this man (who is sick) is disgusting. They’re abusing him–this is elderly abuse. And, Jill is right there with him. She should be a good wife and get him out. This is sad and horrible. I actually feel sorry for them. Can you believe that? It’s SAD!!!

‘Jewish’ Professor Teaching GOP Is Nazi Bcz She’s A….COMMUNIST. #HUACNow

‘Jewish’ Professor Using Nazi Canard Bcz She’s A……..COMMUNIST. #HUACNow

Ugly Professor indoctrinating students that the GOP is ‘Nazi’. Why? Because she is a COMMUNIST.

We need the HUAC NOW. Absolutely. We cant have these people screaming Nazi anytime they are questioned about their insanity in college by students that are misinformed by her anti Republican rhetoric. This looney-toon “Professor” who happens to be Jewish HAS to call Republicans Nazis because she is a Communist. Communists are ALWAYS screaming “Nazi” (even though this is a huge insult, considering our Grandfathers fought the Nazis). They scream “Nazi” because they think that shuts down the debate. They know its a LIE. If they didn’t know it’s a lie, they would not be moving to RED states, en mass.

Here is how to debate the Communist Professors in College:


Stop playing games with these Communists, Jewish or not. Use the above words. Get them memorized. Do not allow them to bully you with these lies.

Unhinged UMass Professor Ester Shapiro Caught on Video Calling Trump a Nazi and Child Molester — Then Belittles Student Who Disagrees (VIDEO)

John Boehner Is Gonna Sue Obama… Bull Crap!

John Boehner Is Gonna Sue Obama… Bull Crap!

Or should I say ‘bird crap?’  I can’t stand this windbag..

An art collage from January 2014

I just heard the news….Boehner is going to sue Obama. Sure, he is…And, bridges in Brooklyn are for sale.  He is doing this because it’s an ELECTION YEAR.  Who’s kidding who!

And, The OSCAR Goes To….. Jay Carney.

And, The OSCAR Goes To….. Jay Carney.

I am sure you all watched Jay Carney LIE yesterday regarding Benghazi, the emails, the cover-up.  The deal is…it’s not enough to be a good liar…You have to be so conniving that people will believe you.

An art collage from November 2013

I can almost guarantee that the 40% who still think that Obama is a great President believed every word that Carney said yesterday.  And, because of this, I have given him the Oscar.  Lawrence Olivier has nothing on Carney.  The Oscar statue should have Carney’s head on it.  

Liar, Abe Foxman Accuses Putin Of Playing “Anti Semitic Card”

Liar, Abe Foxman Accuses Putin Of Playing “Anti Semitic Card”

Abraham H. Foxman,  National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote that Putin is playing the Anti Semitism card. What bullsh-t! The rest of us know that Organised Jewry under America’s Robert Kagan and that bitch Victoria Nudelman do not give a damn about the well-being or safety of the average NON-POLITICISED JEW. America has many, many juderat Rabbis who malign Israel and arselick Palis.

History records more Jews get assaulted or killed as direct results of the criminally reckless policies of the leaders of leftist organized Jewry – the better for the latter, from 135Ad to the present time. It is not surprising to learn from history the German Jewish elite cut a deal with the Nazis to exterminate “Slavic” Jews in order to save themselves.   Similarly, Bleich, Zissels & other “VPs” in Ukraine are a bunch of judenrat, kapo traitors who sold Ukrainian Jews. No jew-hate? They stabbed jews, nazi marches, terror, swastikas & SS insignia by armed thugs is nothing???  Replace fake rabbis & self-proclaimed imposter “leaders” who lick neo-nazis’ boots!!! These judenrats condemned Putin for speaking out against AntiSemitism and branded Ukraine’s new authorities as fascists backed by anti-Jewish militants.

In today’s Russia one of the most popular TV show host is Vladimir Soloviev (here) who not only is Jewish, which he always reminds his audience of, but who even was a member of the Executive Council of the Russian Jewish Congress. And yet, he is a proud and outspoken Russian patriot, he fully supports Putin and, which is far more important, Russian policies, especially in the Ukraine. He categorically denies that there is anti-Semitism in Russia (except for the few, always inevitable, psychos) and he has immense respect for the Orthodox Church.

In his Passover greetings, Putin praised the Jewish community for its contribution to strengthening inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue in Russia, cementing trust and understanding between people, promoting civil peace and accord and helping to instill mercy and charity in younger generations.

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