Lib Loses Job: Called Black Conservative “Aunt Tom”. When Racial Slurs Are Said Against White People, Nobody Cares

You can say anything racist about a white person.  You can even call for the murder of white people and they babies.  Blacks murder, rape and rob white people on a daily basis and thats OK.  Its open season on the white man.  Why is it that the only racism is against black people?   I have been a victim of serious racism; beaten, robbed, a family member raped and its all OK.  

Racism is racism. Black on white, white on black.  It is a subject close to my heart because I have been a victim and have seen the injustice.  But, I guess whites deserve it for 140 plus years ago with slavery n all… Whatever. My family didn’t own slaves.  Now, the white is the slave to the black Gestapo in the White House.  Enjoy Yo’MeriKa.

Click: Liberal Loses His Job For Using Racial Slur Against Black Conservative

HT: theconmomblog